2022_WK31 Top Losers

Stock market Data of India from NSE/BSE.
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2022_WK31 Losers

29-07-2022_Fri — to — 05-08-2022_Fri

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Akash Infra-Projects Ltd59.1-22.5 %45.8Akash Infra-Projects Ltd
Future Ent2.85-17.5 %2.35Future Ent
Future Retail6-17.5 %4.95Future Retail
Neuland Lab1301.25-15.8 %1096.15Neuland Lab
Gulshan Poly294.85-15.4 %249.3Gulshan Poly
Shyam Telecom9.95-15.1 %8.45Shyam Telecom
Akg Exim Ltd43.8-14.8 %37.3Akg Exim Ltd
Usha Martin Edu Sol5.65-14.2 %4.85Usha Martin Edu Sol
C C Constructions3.2-14.1 %2.75C C Constructions
Inditrade Capit34.7-13.8 %29.9Inditrade Capit
Pro Fin Capital1.9-13.7 %1.64Pro Fin Capital
Suumaya Indu Ltd57.2-13.4 %49.55Suumaya Indu Ltd
Madhya Bharat Agro Products Ltd767.8-12.9 %668.6Madhya Bharat Agro Products Ltd
Phyto Chem21.5-12.6 %18.8Phyto Chem
Patel Integrate17.65-12.5 %15.45Patel Integrate
Vineet Laboratories Ltd67.45-12.2 %59.2Vineet Laboratories Ltd
IMP Powers9.55-12 %8.4IMP Powers
Moksh Ornaments Ltd18-11.9 %15.85Moksh Ornaments Ltd
Balrampur Chini395.1-11.3 %350.65Balrampur Chini
Ginni Filaments39.55-11.1 %35.15Ginni Filaments
Manugraph Ind18.5-11.1 %16.45Manugraph Ind
India Glycols943.6-11 %839.65India Glycols
Systematix Corp404.85-10.9 %360.9Systematix Corp
Gayatri Project14.55-10.7 %13Gayatri Project
DHP1151.65-10.4 %1031.45DHP
Triveni Eng Ind253-10.4 %226.65Triveni Eng Ind
Krsnaa Diagnostics Ltd553.8-10.4 %496.45Krsnaa Diagnostics Ltd
Lumax Auto Tech258.55-10.2 %232.3Lumax Auto Tech
Optiemus Infra269.7-10.1 %242.45Optiemus Infra
Venus Remedies235.9-10.1 %212.1Venus Remedies
Radaan Mediaworks1.5-10 %1.35Radaan Mediaworks
Invest and Prec235.9-9.7 %213.05Invest and Prec
Oriental Aromatics Ltd573.8-9.7 %518.25Oriental Aromatics Ltd
Nagreeka Capital Infra14.3-9.4 %12.95Nagreeka Capital Infra
Arshiya14.9-9.4 %13.5Arshiya
GAIL146.6-9.3 %132.9GAIL
Jeevan Scient81.25-9.3 %73.7Jeevan Scient
Arman Financial1290.95-9.2 %1171.85Arman Financial
Shyam Century Ferr22.6-9.1 %20.55Shyam Century Ferr
Amber Ent India2493.7-9.1 %2268Amber Ent India
Onelife Capital15.6-9 %14.2Onelife Capital
Godrej Prop1507.6-8.9 %1373.85Godrej Prop
Bloom Dekor12.23-8.8 %11.15Bloom Dekor
Globe Textiles (India) Ltd8.65-8.7 %7.9Globe Textiles (India) Ltd
Welspun Corp226-8.7 %206.45Welspun Corp
Auto Stampings453.35-8.6 %414.4Auto Stampings
Sanghvi Movers242.8-8.6 %221.95Sanghvi Movers
Nahar Industrial Ent124.05-8.5 %113.45Nahar Industrial Ent
Jayant Agro-Org234.2-8.5 %214.4Jayant Agro-Org
Garware Tech Fibres3298.7-8.4 %3020.25Garware Tech Fibres
Maral Overseas73.45-8.4 %67.25Maral Overseas
Dwarikesh Sugar117.35-8.4 %107.5Dwarikesh Sugar
Bhageria Indu181.85-8.4 %166.65Bhageria Indu
J Kumar Infra335.7-8.3 %307.95J Kumar Infra
Sarda Energy953.9-8.3 %875.05Sarda Energy
Dalmia Sugar375.55-8.2 %344.6Dalmia Sugar
Hind Constr13.4-8.2 %12.3Hind Constr
Garware Poly889.5-8.2 %816.8Garware Poly
Indo Thai Securities185.6-8.1 %170.55Indo Thai Securities
Fino Payments Bank Ltd270.85-8.1 %249Fino Payments Bank Ltd
Wheels723.9-8 %665.65Wheels
Lancor Holdings27.4-8 %25.2Lancor Holdings
Peninsula Land11.25-8 %10.35Peninsula Land
Sandu Pharma71.9-8 %66.15Sandu Pharma
Shalibhadra Fin174.4-8 %160.5Shalibhadra Fin
VST Tillers2654.95-7.9 %2444VST Tillers
Shree Pushkar242.7-7.9 %223.45Shree Pushkar
Genesys Int641.55-7.8 %591.35Genesys Int
Triton Valves1294.25-7.8 %1193.05Triton Valves
MCX India1396.9-7.8 %1287.7MCX India
KEC Intl459.95-7.8 %424KEC Intl
PCS21.2-7.8 %19.55PCS
DB Realty63.35-7.7 %58.45DB Realty
Valiant Organics Ltd670-7.7 %618.55Valiant Organics Ltd
TeamLease Ser.3500.25-7.6 %3232.6TeamLease Ser.
Sikko Indu Ltd57.05-7.6 %52.7Sikko Indu Ltd
North Eastern Carry26.9-7.6 %24.85North Eastern Carry
GMR Infra37.5-7.6 %34.65GMR Infra
Valiant Organic669.4-7.6 %618.85Valiant Organic
Smartlink Net137.6-7.5 %127.3Smartlink Net
Avadh Sugar Ene562.65-7.4 %521.1Avadh Sugar Ene
Krebs Biochem119.95-7.4 %111.1Krebs Biochem
Jubilant Ingrevia Ltd529.85-7.4 %490.9Jubilant Ingrevia Ltd
Meghmani Finechem Ltd1511.25-7.3 %1400.85Meghmani Finechem Ltd
Bhartiya International219.2-7.3 %203.3Bhartiya International
Reliance Home Fin3.5-7.1 %3.25Reliance Home Fin
Tips Industries1883.75-7.1 %1749.55Tips Industries
Angel One Ltd1366.8-7 %1270.6Angel One Ltd
Gokul Agro Resources88.2-7 %82Gokul Agro Resources
Mold Tek Tech97.55-7 %90.75Mold Tek Tech
Cartrade Tech Ltd697.85-6.9 %649.55Cartrade Tech Ltd
Surana Telecom Pow12.3-6.9 %11.45Surana Telecom Pow
Rolex Rings Ltd1891.5-6.9 %1761.1Rolex Rings Ltd
Future Life16.05-6.9 %14.95Future Life
Aspinwall and Co226.75-6.8 %211.25Aspinwall and Co
Aavas Financiers Ltd2385.5-6.8 %2222.75Aavas Financiers Ltd
Macrotech Developers Ltd1144.5-6.8 %1066.45Macrotech Developers Ltd
OnMobile Global131.4-6.7 %122.55OnMobile Global
Sawaca Fin1.64-6.7 %1.53Sawaca Fin
Apcotex Ind569.6-6.7 %531.45Apcotex Ind
Mawana Sugars96.5-6.7 %90.05Mawana Sugars
Kuantum Papers Ltd88.4-6.7 %82.5Kuantum Papers Ltd
Supreme Engineering Ltd2.25-6.7 %2.1Supreme Engineering Ltd
Simbhaoli Sugar21.15-6.6 %19.75Simbhaoli Sugar
Kaushalya Infra3.8-6.6 %3.55Kaushalya Infra
Iris Business Serv Ltd87.65-6.5 %81.95Iris Business Serv Ltd
IVP157.1-6.4 %147IVP
Balkrishna Ind2311.25-6.4 %2162.8Balkrishna Ind
Artemis Medicare Serv Ltd54.6-6.4 %51.1Artemis Medicare Serv Ltd
Kuantum Papers88.45-6.4 %82.8Kuantum Papers
Orient Bell656.6-6.3 %615.4Orient Bell
Cheviot Company1378.2-6.3 %1292.05Cheviot Company
Bartronics India5.65-6.2 %5.3Bartronics India
Cerebra Integ Tech57.4-6.2 %53.85Cerebra Integ Tech
Capital Trade10.22-6.2 %9.59Capital Trade
Guj Heavy Chem644.1-6.2 %604.45Guj Heavy Chem
Esab India3311.85-6.1 %3110.15Esab India
Bkm Ind1.65-6.1 %1.55Bkm Ind
Vascon Engineers24.85-6 %23.35Vascon Engineers
OK Play31.5-6 %29.6OK Play
TCI Express1770.1-6 %1663.75TCI Express
Integra Engg60.2-6 %56.6Integra Engg
Pritika Auto Indu Ltd14.25-6 %13.4Pritika Auto Indu Ltd
PVP Ventures7.55-6 %7.1PVP Ventures
Competent Auto185.5-6 %174.45Competent Auto
Fluidomat164.55-6 %154.75Fluidomat
Poddar Housing207-5.9 %194.85Poddar Housing
Ansal Housing6.85-5.8 %6.45Ansal Housing
Chembond Chem168.25-5.8 %158.45Chembond Chem
India Pesticides Ltd295.95-5.8 %278.85India Pesticides Ltd
Lloyds Steels Ind15.65-5.8 %14.75Lloyds Steels Ind
Firstsource Sol111.55-5.7 %105.15Firstsource Sol
IndiaNivesh88.2-5.7 %83.15IndiaNivesh
Jindal Stainless(Hisar)237.85-5.7 %224.25Jindal Stainless(Hisar)
Unitech1.75-5.7 %1.65Unitech
India Home Loan33.45-5.7 %31.55India Home Loan
HOEC174.5-5.7 %164.6HOEC
Omaxe108.05-5.6 %101.95Omaxe
Chembond Chem Ltd168.15-5.6 %158.75Chembond Chem Ltd
Steel Exchange17.05-5.6 %16.1Steel Exchange
Repro India436.05-5.5 %411.95Repro India
Marathon Realty222.4-5.5 %210.2Marathon Realty
Rossell India221.25-5.4 %209.2Rossell India
Britannia3900.4-5.4 %3688.1Britannia
Indian Metals294.3-5.3 %278.6Indian Metals
Lumax Inds1511.6-5.3 %1431.4Lumax Inds
United Drilling Tools Ltd413.85-5.3 %392United Drilling Tools Ltd
Mcleod23.7-5.3 %22.45Mcleod
Carnation Ind4.75-5.3 %4.5Carnation Ind
Vikas Proppant & Granite Ltd0.95-5.3 %0.9Vikas Proppant & Granite Ltd
MM Forgings976.3-5.2 %925.15MM Forgings
Escorts1733-5.2 %1642.6Escorts
CG Consumer Elec394.4-5.2 %373.85CG Consumer Elec
Elecon Eng362.2-5.2 %343.35Elecon Eng
Sukhjit Starch540.2-5.2 %512.1Sukhjit Starch
NOCIL276.65-5.2 %262.3NOCIL
Nath Bio-Genes185.4-5.2 %175.8Nath Bio-Genes
DCB Bank89.1-5.2 %84.5DCB Bank
V2 Retail119.75-5.1 %113.6V2 Retail
3i Infotech Ltd43.05-5.1 %40.853i Infotech Ltd
Uttam Sugar290.95-5.1 %276.1Uttam Sugar
Ganga Forging Ltd6.9-5.1 %6.55Ganga Forging Ltd
LG Balakrishnan703.3-5 %667.8LG Balakrishnan
Fortis Health278.45-5 %264.4Fortis Health
Industrial Inv Trust78.6-5 %74.65Industrial Inv Trust
Kanoria Chem137.35-5 %130.5Kanoria Chem
Raj Television54.25-5 %51.55Raj Television
Batliboi40.65-4.9 %38.65Batliboi
Apollo Micro Syst144.1-4.9 %137.05Apollo Micro Syst
Jupiter Infomed20.45-4.9 %19.45Jupiter Infomed
Sandur Manganes1058.9-4.9 %1007.2Sandur Manganes
Craftsman Automation Ltd2797.65-4.8 %2663.25Craftsman Automation Ltd
Techindia Nirman11.45-4.8 %10.9Techindia Nirman
Indo Amines99-4.8 %94.25Indo Amines
Pioneer48-4.8 %45.7Pioneer
GPT Infra90.85-4.8 %86.5GPT Infra
Stove Kraft Ltd583.4-4.8 %555.55Stove Kraft Ltd
WH Brady210-4.8 %200WH Brady
Lypsa Gems6.3-4.8 %6Lypsa Gems
Caprihans147.15-4.8 %140.15Caprihans
Pradeep Metals113.55-4.8 %108.15Pradeep Metals
Aro Granite46.35-4.7 %44.15Aro Granite
Texmaco Rail43.25-4.7 %41.2Texmaco Rail
Flex Foods95-4.7 %90.5Flex Foods
Nahar Capital394.25-4.7 %375.7Nahar Capital
DLF385.95-4.7 %367.8DLF
Salona Cotspin224.45-4.7 %213.9Salona Cotspin
ZF Steering Gea521.2-4.6 %497.05ZF Steering Gea
SPML Infra41.2-4.6 %39.3SPML Infra
Max Financial860.25-4.6 %820.7Max Financial
Artson Engg78.7-4.6 %75.1Artson Engg
Shree Hari Chem62.45-4.6 %59.6Shree Hari Chem
Ortel Comm1.1-4.5 %1.05Ortel Comm
Kajaria Ceramic1176.05-4.5 %1122.7Kajaria Ceramic
Marine Electricals (India) Ltd28.7-4.5 %27.4Marine Electricals (India) Ltd
JBM Auto430.6-4.5 %411.2JBM Auto
Par Drugs And Chem Ltd181.15-4.5 %173Par Drugs And Chem Ltd
NK Ind32.25-4.5 %30.8NK Ind
Dishman Carbogen126.6-4.5 %120.95Dishman Carbogen
Indo Tech Trans217.75-4.5 %208.05Indo Tech Trans
Sterling Tools271.65-4.5 %259.55Sterling Tools
Cummins1226.85-4.4 %1172.4Cummins
Laxmi Cotspin Ltd24.9-4.4 %23.8Laxmi Cotspin Ltd
Satia Indu Ltd118.85-4.4 %113.6Satia Indu Ltd
Jindal Worldwide215.85-4.4 %206.4Jindal Worldwide
Meghmani Organics Ltd127.85-4.3 %122.3Meghmani Organics Ltd
Kohinoor Foods84.5-4.3 %80.85Kohinoor Foods
Arvind SmartSpaces190-4.3 %181.8Arvind SmartSpaces
Baid Leasing24.5-4.3 %23.45Baid Leasing
Asahi Songwon317.7-4.3 %304.1Asahi Songwon
Indian Hume155.25-4.3 %148.65Indian Hume
Parsvnath8.35-4.2 %8Parsvnath
Alembic Pharma702-4.2 %672.65Alembic Pharma
Arihant Capital Markets Ltd74.2-4.2 %71.1Arihant Capital Markets Ltd
Electrosteel St36-4.2 %34.5Electrosteel St
Goa Carbon444.8-4.1 %426.45Goa Carbon
SML Isuzu714.1-4.1 %684.85SML Isuzu
BHEL53.85-4.1 %51.65BHEL
IIFL Holdings346.05-4.1 %332IIFL Holdings
HOV Services54.8-4 %52.6HOV Services
KPR Mill588.35-4 %565.05KPR Mill
Modison Metals Ltd65.8-4 %63.2Modison Metals Ltd
Lasa Supergenerics39.3-3.9 %37.75Lasa Supergenerics
Manaksia80.15-3.9 %77.05Manaksia
Magadh Sugar Energy340.25-3.9 %327.15Magadh Sugar Energy
Religare Enterp135.15-3.8 %130Religare Enterp
Ashok Alco-Chem84-3.8 %80.8Ashok Alco-Chem
Foseco India1830.6-3.8 %1761.55Foseco India
Godrej Agrovet509.15-3.8 %489.95Godrej Agrovet
Vardhman Poly25.2-3.8 %24.25Vardhman Poly
Container Corp712.75-3.8 %685.9Container Corp
Narayana Hruda658.95-3.8 %634.2Narayana Hruda
Asahi India593.8-3.8 %571.5Asahi India
Tarapur Transformers4-3.8 %3.85Tarapur Transformers
Vikas Lifecare Ltd5.35-3.7 %5.15Vikas Lifecare Ltd
Satin Creditcare Net116.4-3.7 %112.05Satin Creditcare Net
Anupam Rasayan India Ltd796.75-3.7 %767.3Anupam Rasayan India Ltd
Quess Corp590.2-3.7 %568.4Quess Corp
Surya Roshni384.75-3.7 %370.6Surya Roshni
Mastek2100.95-3.7 %2023.9Mastek
Modison Metals65.6-3.7 %63.2Modison Metals
Astra Microwave283-3.7 %272.65Astra Microwave
Hemisphere Properties India Ltd105.55-3.6 %101.7Hemisphere Properties India Ltd
Computer Age Mgnt Serv Ltd2457.65-3.6 %2368.05Computer Age Mgnt Serv Ltd
NIIT365.75-3.6 %352.45NIIT
Voltamp Trans3495.7-3.6 %3368.7Voltamp Trans
Bharat Forge733-3.6 %706.4Bharat Forge
Ndr Auto Components Ltd389.95-3.6 %375.95Ndr Auto Components Ltd
Mercator1.4-3.6 %1.35Mercator
JM Financial63.6-3.5 %61.35JM Financial
India Motor Parts770-3.5 %743.05India Motor Parts
Alkem Lab3225.15-3.5 %3112.8Alkem Lab
Swarnasarita20.2-3.5 %19.5Swarnasarita
MRO-TEK Realty61.35-3.4 %59.25MRO-TEK Realty
Sahyadri Ind434.05-3.4 %419.3Sahyadri Ind
Oswal ChemandFe26.5-3.4 %25.6Oswal ChemandFe
Nahar Poly Film358.6-3.4 %346.45Nahar Poly Film
STC India91.9-3.4 %88.8STC India
Geojit Fin50.5-3.4 %48.8Geojit Fin
Selan Explore179.85-3.4 %173.8Selan Explore
Nahar Spinning328.1-3.3 %317.15Nahar Spinning
Saregama India417.6-3.3 %403.7Saregama India
India Cements196.85-3.3 %190.3India Cements
Subros341.3-3.3 %329.95Subros
Sobha700.15-3.3 %676.95Sobha
Bharat Road Network34.75-3.3 %33.6Bharat Road Network
Sakthi Sugars16.65-3.3 %16.1Sakthi Sugars
Loyal Equip33.35-3.3 %32.25Loyal Equip
Metalyst Forgin4.55-3.3 %4.4Metalyst Forgin
Keerti Knowledge and Skills Ltd21.25-3.3 %20.55Keerti Knowledge and Skills Ltd
AksharChem290.85-3.3 %281.3AksharChem
Wall Street Fin29.3-3.2 %28.35Wall Street Fin
Ganges Securities111.75-3.2 %108.15Ganges Securities
DCM Shriram Ind80.8-3.2 %78.2DCM Shriram Ind
Sarla Performance Fi49.85-3.2 %48.25Sarla Performance Fi
Guj Themis531.25-3.2 %514.3Guj Themis
Bharat Seats81.7-3.2 %79.1Bharat Seats
Kwality Pharmac303.3-3.2 %293.65Kwality Pharmac
Walchand People129.1-3.2 %125Walchand People
Equitas Holding100.9-3.2 %97.7Equitas Holding
Clean Science and Technology Ltd1687.35-3.2 %1633.85Clean Science and Technology Ltd
Voltas1004.75-3.2 %972.95Voltas
Johnson Control1566.7-3.2 %1517.15Johnson Control
Vipul17.4-3.2 %16.85Vipul
Linde India3639.3-3.2 %3524.35Linde India
Glenmark Life Sciences Ltd463.9-3.2 %449.25Glenmark Life Sciences Ltd
Adani Green En2174.7-3.1 %2106.2Adani Green En
Jamna Auto126-3.1 %122.05Jamna Auto
Windsor37-3.1 %35.85Windsor
Godavari Drugs69.25-3.1 %67.1Godavari Drugs
Navkar Corp74.7-3.1 %72.4Navkar Corp
Bata India1961.65-3.1 %1901.5Bata India
IFB Agro599.15-3.1 %580.8IFB Agro
LKP Finance81.85-3.1 %79.35LKP Finance
Indsil Hydro62.25-3.1 %60.35Indsil Hydro
INEOS Styrolution Ind844.65-3 %818.9INEOS Styrolution Ind
Intellect Desig630.4-3 %611.2Intellect Desig
Genus Power77.35-3 %75Genus Power
Titagarh Wagons126.15-3 %122.35Titagarh Wagons
Rajdarshan Ind38.2-3 %37.05Rajdarshan Ind
Revathi CP712.7-3 %691.25Revathi CP
Remsons Ind224.2-3 %217.5Remsons Ind
Datamatics Glob304.95-3 %295.85Datamatics Glob
Inani Marbles20.15-3 %19.55Inani Marbles
Ultracab India21.95-3 %21.3Ultracab India
Innovative Tech17.05-2.9 %16.55Innovative Tech
Praj Industries394.8-2.9 %383.25Praj Industries
HDFC Std Life Ins Co555.5-2.9 %539.25HDFC Std Life Ins Co
Ahluwalia470.95-2.9 %457.2Ahluwalia
Iris Clothings Ltd192.15-2.9 %186.55Iris Clothings Ltd
Sasta Sundar300.45-2.9 %291.75Sasta Sundar
Sun Pharma943.2-2.9 %915.95Sun Pharma
Superhouse232.3-2.9 %225.6Superhouse
Pansari Developers Ltd92.65-2.9 %90Pansari Developers Ltd
Bharat Bijlee1746.15-2.9 %1696.35Bharat Bijlee
Pix Transmis949.6-2.8 %922.6Pix Transmis
Procter & Gamble Hyg14488.9-2.8 %14078.25Procter & Gamble Hyg
SVP Global Ventures Ltd37.25-2.8 %36.2SVP Global Ventures Ltd
HCL Info17.8-2.8 %17.3HCL Info
LT Foods90.95-2.8 %88.4LT Foods
VEDAVAAG System50-2.8 %48.6VEDAVAAG System
Blue Chip Tex141.3-2.8 %137.35Blue Chip Tex
National Fittin51.9-2.8 %50.45National Fittin
Samtex Fashions2.89-2.8 %2.81Samtex Fashions
Compucom Software21.75-2.8 %21.15Compucom Software
Alpa Lab67.45-2.7 %65.6Alpa Lab
The United Nilgiri Tea328.65-2.7 %319.7The United Nilgiri Tea
Ashok Leyland149-2.7 %144.95Ashok Leyland
Raunaq Auto561.4-2.7 %546.15Raunaq Auto
DCW Limited38.7-2.7 %37.65DCW Limited
Dai-Ichi Karkar303-2.7 %294.8Dai-Ichi Karkar
Future Consumer1.85-2.7 %1.8Future Consumer
Apex Frozen Foods330.25-2.7 %321.4Apex Frozen Foods
Yash Chemex54.2-2.7 %52.75Yash Chemex
Suryaamba Spin197.9-2.6 %192.8Suryaamba Spin
Poddar Pigments262.5-2.6 %255.75Poddar Pigments
Kerala Ayur76.25-2.6 %74.3Kerala Ayur
Reliance Chemo225.85-2.5 %220.1Reliance Chemo
Sunteck Realty518.25-2.5 %505.1Sunteck Realty
Gufic Biosciences205-2.5 %199.8Gufic Biosciences
Deep Indu Ltd199.45-2.5 %194.4Deep Indu Ltd
PPAP Automotive220.1-2.5 %214.55PPAP Automotive
Shrenik Ltd2-2.5 %1.95Shrenik Ltd
Alok indu Ltd20-2.5 %19.5Alok indu Ltd
NACL Ind74.35-2.5 %72.5NACL Ind
Roto Pumps465.15-2.5 %453.6Roto Pumps
Piramal Enter1770.05-2.5 %1726.1Piramal Enter
ADC India Comm336.3-2.5 %327.95ADC India Comm
NGL Fine Chem1732.4-2.5 %1689.55NGL Fine Chem
Tasty Bite Eatables11752.2-2.5 %11461.75Tasty Bite Eatables
Allcargo307.7-2.5 %300.1Allcargo
Suven Pharma Ltd478.35-2.5 %466.55Suven Pharma Ltd
The Motor General Fin28.6-2.4 %27.9The Motor General Fin
Mukta Arts57.5-2.4 %56.1Mukta Arts
Kothari PetroChem80.35-2.4 %78.4Kothari PetroChem
Shree Renuka49.45-2.4 %48.25Shree Renuka
MTNL24.75-2.4 %24.15MTNL
VRL Logistics624.5-2.4 %609.4VRL Logistics
Hindustan Composites283.75-2.4 %276.9Hindustan Composites
Chennai Petro276-2.4 %269.35Chennai Petro
KNR Construct263.6-2.4 %257.25KNR Construct
Orchid Pharma321.85-2.4 %314.1Orchid Pharma
De Nora India710.2-2.4 %693.1De Nora India
Hindustan Motors16.7-2.4 %16.3Hindustan Motors
MEP Infra18.9-2.4 %18.45MEP Infra
MMTC Ltd40.15-2.4 %39.2MMTC Ltd
Dynamic Ind67.95-2.4 %66.35Dynamic Ind
Dynacons Sys Sol310.15-2.4 %302.85Dynacons Sys Sol
Rel Ind Infra981.95-2.3 %958.9Rel Ind Infra
Ador Fontech76.75-2.3 %74.95Ador Fontech
Greenlam Ind357.25-2.3 %348.95Greenlam Ind
Avantel278.2-2.3 %271.75Avantel
Surana Solar23.85-2.3 %23.3Surana Solar
Nureca Ltd1024.3-2.3 %1000.75Nureca Ltd
Mittal Life Style Ltd13.15-2.3 %12.85Mittal Life Style Ltd
Patels Airtemp218.6-2.2 %213.7Patels Airtemp
TIL96.6-2.2 %94.45TIL
Monte Carlo743.5-2.2 %727Monte Carlo
BN Rathi Sec34-2.2 %33.25BN Rathi Sec
VBC Ferro34-2.2 %33.25VBC Ferro
Oswal Agro Mills38.65-2.2 %37.8Oswal Agro Mills
KPIT Technologies Ltd547.95-2.2 %535.9KPIT Technologies Ltd
Kilitch Drugs162-2.2 %158.45Kilitch Drugs
Guj Amb Exports302.75-2.2 %296.15Guj Amb Exports
GTL Limited9.2-2.2 %9GTL Limited
PBM Polytex132.15-2.2 %129.3PBM Polytex
SBI Life Insurance Co1294.4-2.1 %1266.65SBI Life Insurance Co
Visaka Ind506.25-2.1 %495.4Visaka Ind
Bambino Agro277.65-2.1 %271.7Bambino Agro
BGR Energy77.1-2.1 %75.45BGR Energy
MPS703.45-2.1 %688.5MPS
Responsive Ind141.6-2.1 %138.6Responsive Ind
SMC Global Securities Ltd87.6-2.1 %85.75SMC Global Securities Ltd
Aarey Drugs & Pharma Ltd35.85-2.1 %35.1Aarey Drugs & Pharma Ltd
Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd1165.55-2.1 %1141.25Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd
Easun Reyrl2.4-2.1 %2.35Easun Reyrl
Morepen Laboratories36.05-2.1 %35.3Morepen Laboratories
Banaras Beads75.1-2.1 %73.55Banaras Beads
Essar Sec5.34-2.1 %5.23Essar Sec
Albert David571.05-2.1 %559.3Albert David
The Anup Engi Ltd868.45-2.1 %850.6The Anup Engi Ltd
Symphony938.9-2.1 %919.65Symphony
Allied Digital124.45-2 %121.9Allied Digital
Radico Khaitan940.75-2 %921.5Radico Khaitan
Globus Spirits1055.7-2 %1034.5Globus Spirits
Camlin Fine117.85-2 %115.5Camlin Fine
Medicamen Biotech Ltd782.1-2 %766.55Medicamen Biotech Ltd
Geekay Wires Ltd75.5-2 %74Geekay Wires Ltd
Akzo Nobel India1945-2 %1906.8Akzo Nobel India
Soma Textiles Ind7.7-1.9 %7.55Soma Textiles Ind
Taneja Aerospac106.65-1.9 %104.6Taneja Aerospac
Ador Welding784.6-1.9 %769.55Ador Welding
Action Const224.25-1.9 %219.95Action Const
Ahlada Eng Ltd88.7-1.9 %87Ahlada Eng Ltd
Graphite India426.2-1.9 %418.05Graphite India
CL Educate130.95-1.9 %128.45CL Educate
Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd568.35-1.9 %557.65Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd
Tejnaksh143.65-1.9 %140.95Tejnaksh
Sical Logistics8-1.9 %7.85Sical Logistics
Jayaswal Neco Ind24.05-1.9 %23.6Jayaswal Neco Ind
Petronet LNG219.95-1.9 %215.85Petronet LNG
PNB Housing Fin351.8-1.8 %345.3PNB Housing Fin
Pennar Inds38.45-1.8 %37.75Pennar Inds
Delta Corp198.15-1.8 %194.55Delta Corp
Arvind Fashions Ltd295.15-1.8 %289.8Arvind Fashions Ltd
Jindal Stainles118.85-1.8 %116.7Jindal Stainles
NESCO593.8-1.8 %583.1NESCO
LIC Housing Fin386.15-1.8 %379.2LIC Housing Fin
Kirloskar Oil164.05-1.8 %161.1Kirloskar Oil
Precot Meridian238.3-1.8 %234.05Precot Meridian
BSE Limited678.5-1.8 %666.45BSE Limited
Banka BioLoo Ltd73.25-1.8 %71.95Banka BioLoo Ltd
Bigbloc Construction119.3-1.8 %117.2Bigbloc Construction
ABB India2736.15-1.8 %2688.2ABB India
STL Global28.75-1.7 %28.25STL Global
Kanpur Plastipack Ltd123.8-1.7 %121.65Kanpur Plastipack Ltd
Sun Pharma Adv227.5-1.7 %223.55Sun Pharma Adv
Gillette India5201.3-1.7 %5111.55Gillette India
Hariyana Ship69.7-1.7 %68.5Hariyana Ship
Edelweiss58.2-1.7 %57.2Edelweiss
SNL Bearings285.5-1.7 %280.6SNL Bearings
Tata Coffee221.3-1.7 %217.55Tata Coffee
Varroc Engineering348.4-1.7 %342.5Varroc Engineering
Isgec Heavy Engineering Ltd467.95-1.7 %460.05Isgec Heavy Engineering Ltd
Sequent Scienti127.75-1.7 %125.6Sequent Scienti
Hero Motocorp2818.05-1.7 %2770.7Hero Motocorp
Megasoft44.65-1.7 %43.9Megasoft
Gravita India290.45-1.7 %285.6Gravita India
Gujarat Gas Limited445.15-1.7 %437.75Gujarat Gas Limited
National Plasti45.55-1.6 %44.8National Plasti
Zee Media Corp15.2-1.6 %14.95Zee Media Corp
ICICI Lombard Insuran1219.9-1.6 %1199.85ICICI Lombard Insuran
Diligent Media Corp3.05-1.6 %3Diligent Media Corp
Indian Terrain52.75-1.6 %51.9Indian Terrain
Milkfood344.95-1.6 %339.4Milkfood
Man Infra85.05-1.6 %83.7Man Infra
ICRA3897.85-1.6 %3836.1ICRA
KDDL794.05-1.6 %781.5KDDL
Niraj Cement Structurals Ltd28.85-1.6 %28.4Niraj Cement Structurals Ltd
PVR2144.25-1.6 %2110.85PVR
Jain Irrigation35.45-1.6 %34.9Jain Irrigation
Birla Cable129.75-1.5 %127.75Birla Cable
Pritish Nandy Comm42.3-1.5 %41.65Pritish Nandy Comm
PG Electroplast937.25-1.5 %922.9PG Electroplast
Zydus Wellness1617.9-1.5 %1593.2Zydus Wellness
Sangam India266.7-1.5 %262.65Sangam India
Bengal Tea79.2-1.5 %78Bengal Tea
Prakash Ind52.8-1.5 %52Prakash Ind
EID Parry559.85-1.5 %551.45EID Parry
Ion Exchange1823.2-1.5 %1796Ion Exchange
ISGEC Heavy Eng467.15-1.5 %460.2ISGEC Heavy Eng
Airan Ltd20.2-1.5 %19.9Airan Ltd
Swan Energy209.65-1.5 %206.55Swan Energy
Metropolis Healthcare Ltd1578.25-1.5 %1555.05Metropolis Healthcare Ltd
PNC Infratech255.5-1.5 %251.75PNC Infratech
Indo Borax126.25-1.5 %124.4Indo Borax
Oberoi Realty910.15-1.5 %896.85Oberoi Realty
Supreme Ind1897.1-1.5 %1869.5Supreme Ind
Shalimar Paints169.3-1.4 %166.85Shalimar Paints
Ashapura Mine111.75-1.4 %110.15Ashapura Mine
H.G. Infra Eng594.5-1.4 %586.05H.G. Infra Eng
Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Eng Ltd257.2-1.4 %253.55Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Eng Ltd
Valiant Comm106.5-1.4 %105Valiant Comm
Country Club Hos7.1-1.4 %7Country Club Hos
KIOCL Limited200.8-1.4 %198KIOCL Limited
Future Sup Chain Sol28.85-1.4 %28.45Future Sup Chain Sol
Solara Active Pharma382.55-1.4 %377.25Solara Active Pharma
Hindustan Aeronautics2025-1.4 %1997.3Hindustan Aeronautics
Ramco System278.15-1.4 %274.35Ramco System
NELCO647.55-1.4 %638.75NELCO
Page Industries48873-1.4 %48211.6Page Industries
Anant Raj73.9-1.4 %72.9Anant Raj
Thyrocare Techn639.1-1.3 %630.5Thyrocare Techn
Hind Aluminium37.45-1.3 %36.95Hind Aluminium
Coal India211.25-1.3 %208.45Coal India
Exide Ind158.5-1.3 %156.4Exide Ind
Yuken India Ltd457.45-1.3 %451.4Yuken India Ltd
Trigyn Tech105.9-1.3 %104.5Trigyn Tech
Timken2971.5-1.3 %2932.35Timken
Insecticides1032.45-1.3 %1018.85Insecticides
Gokaldas Export349.9-1.3 %345.3Gokaldas Export
Kiri Industries477.15-1.3 %471.05Kiri Industries
Zee Entertain247-1.3 %243.85Zee Entertain
Sandhar Technologie244.6-1.3 %241.5Sandhar Technologie
Shriram Trans1379.75-1.3 %1362.45Shriram Trans
B and A263.5-1.3 %260.2B and A
Kridhan Infra4-1.3 %3.95Kridhan Infra
SMS Lifesciences Ind695.4-1.2 %686.8SMS Lifesciences Ind
MRPL72.8-1.2 %71.9MRPL
Cineline India149.9-1.2 %148.05Cineline India
Can Fin Homes596.1-1.2 %588.75Can Fin Homes
Zodiac Clothing93.35-1.2 %92.2Zodiac Clothing
KELTECH Energ636.85-1.2 %629.1KELTECH Energ
Shri Dinesh Mil660.05-1.2 %652.05Shri Dinesh Mil
TARC Ltd37.3-1.2 %36.85TARC Ltd
Music Broadcast25-1.2 %24.7Music Broadcast
Novartis India722.75-1.2 %714.1Novartis India
Max Ventures and Ind104.45-1.2 %103.2Max Ventures and Ind
Shiva Mills101.3-1.2 %100.1Shiva Mills
Gallantt Metal73.8-1.2 %72.95Gallantt Metal
Kaveri Seed485.1-1.1 %479.55Kaveri Seed
Larsen1808.05-1.1 %1787.45Larsen
Aditya Birla Cap106.35-1.1 %105.15Aditya Birla Cap
Elegant Marble125-1.1 %123.6Elegant Marble
TTK Prestige887.65-1.1 %877.8TTK Prestige
Indian Bank176.5-1.1 %174.55Indian Bank
Worth Peripherals Ltd100.35-1.1 %99.25Worth Peripherals Ltd
Foods & Inns Ltd64.85-1.1 %64.15Foods & Inns Ltd
Onward Tech250.9-1.1 %248.2Onward Tech
Vimta Labs390.35-1.1 %386.15Vimta Labs
Amal356.8-1.1 %353Amal
DFM Foods213.95-1.1 %211.7DFM Foods
Agro Tech Foods788.35-1 %780.1Agro Tech Foods
Indo Rama Synth62.75-1 %62.1Indo Rama Synth
Indiabulls Real72.6-1 %71.85Indiabulls Real
Seamec852-1 %843.2Seamec
Auto Corp Goa998.25-1 %988Auto Corp Goa
Hindalco415.05-1 %410.8Hindalco
Sunshield Chem497-1 %491.95Sunshield Chem
Control Print460.35-1 %455.7Control Print
Jain Irrig (D)19.95-1 %19.75Jain Irrig (D)
Ashoka Buildcon75-1 %74.25Ashoka Buildcon
Lyka Labs131-1 %129.7Lyka Labs
Sintercom India Ltd85.95-1 %85.1Sintercom India Ltd
PTL Enterprises30.55-1 %30.25PTL Enterprises
Suryoday Small Fin Bank Ltd92.2-1 %91.3Suryoday Small Fin Bank Ltd
Sharda Motor743.55-1 %736.4Sharda Motor
HDFC2377.8-1 %2355.2HDFC

Indian stock market 2022_WK31 Top Losers Stock market Data of India from Nifty – NSE, Sensex – BSE. * Data is Only for educational purpose, not for trading. Please verify Data with latest sources.
* Consult your financial advisor before trading or investing in any stock.


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