2023_WK06 Top Losers

Stock market Data of India from NSE/BSE.
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2023_WK06 Losers

03-02-2023_Fri — to — 10-02-2023_Fri

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Adani Green En935.9-22.6 %724.3Adani Green En
PC Jeweller43.3-22.5 %33.6PC Jeweller
JTEKT India 132.1-17.7 %108.7JTEKT India 
Timex Group Ind144.3-17.7 %118.8Timex Group Ind
Vikas Proppant & Granite Ltd0.7-15.4 %0.6Vikas Proppant & Granite Ltd
ABM Int Ltd55.0-15.2 %46.7ABM Int Ltd
Adani Trans1396.1-15 %1186.7Adani Trans
SEL Manufacturing Co Ltd407.4-14.5 %348.4SEL Manufacturing Co Ltd
Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Ltd634.0-14.5 %542.3Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Ltd
Adani Power192.0-14.5 %164.2Adani Power
TataTeleservice77.6-14.4 %66.4TataTeleservice
Patel Eng17.3-14.2 %14.8Patel Eng
Shah Alloys63.4-13.8 %54.6Shah Alloys
Everest Kanto Cylin83.2-13 %72.4Everest Kanto Cylin
Sri Adhikari2.0-12.5 %1.8Sri Adhikari
Fairchem Organics Ltd1117.4-12.5 %977.9Fairchem Organics Ltd
Kohinoor Foods70.5-12.3 %61.8Kohinoor Foods
Vippy Spinpro207.4-12 %182.4Vippy Spinpro
SREI Infra2.6-11.8 %2.3SREI Infra
Garnet Intl70.3-11.7 %62.1Garnet Intl
Mold-Tek Pack1092.9-11.6 %966.3Mold-Tek Pack
Shradha Infraprojects Ltd48.3-11.4 %42.8Shradha Infraprojects Ltd
Xpro India630.9-11.4 %559.2Xpro India
Maral Overseas59.2-11.2 %52.6Maral Overseas
Centum Electron659.0-11.2 %585.5Centum Electron
Vadilal Ind2920.2-11.1 %2594.8Vadilal Ind
Gayatri Highways0.9-11.1 %0.8Gayatri Highways
Indo Thai Securities423.5-11 %376.7Indo Thai Securities
Prakash Woollen25.0-11 %22.2Prakash Woollen
Goldiam Inter167.5-10.9 %149.3Goldiam Inter
Manali Petro76.8-10.9 %68.5Manali Petro
Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd869.4-10.8 %775.8Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd
Titan Bio-Tech266.0-10.6 %237.8Titan Bio-Tech
Coral Labs292.6-10.3 %262.3Coral Labs
Sintex Ind2.6-9.8 %2.3Sintex Ind
Rajesh Exports946.9-9.7 %855.2Rajesh Exports
Noida Toll7.8-9.7 %7.0Noida Toll
Ujaas Energy2.6-9.6 %2.4Ujaas Energy
Tata Steel120.4-9.6 %108.8Tata Steel
Scanpoint Geo10.0-9.5 %9.1Scanpoint Geo
Gala Global Prd9.1-9.4 %8.2Gala Global Prd
BDH Industries142.7-9.3 %129.4BDH Industries
TVS Srichakra3197.9-9.2 %2904.6TVS Srichakra
Tinplate347.8-9.2 %315.9Tinplate
Premier3.3-9.1 %3.0Premier
Intrasoft Tech138.9-9.1 %126.3Intrasoft Tech
Tata Metaliks828.6-9 %753.7Tata Metaliks
TRF179.0-8.9 %163.0TRF
Orient Paper44.8-8.9 %40.8Orient Paper
TIL184.9-8.9 %168.5TIL
Aarti Drugs419.3-8.8 %382.5Aarti Drugs
GTL Limited6.9-8.7 %6.3GTL Limited
Future Ent DVR7.0-8.6 %6.4Future Ent DVR
Mahindra Logistics445.5-8.6 %407.4Mahindra Logistics
Reliance Chemo164.1-8.5 %150.2Reliance Chemo
Beryl Drugs13.3-8.4 %12.2Beryl Drugs
Ansal Prop Infra14.3-8.4 %13.1Ansal Prop Infra
Ratnamani Metal2351.1-8.4 %2154.2Ratnamani Metal
Bella Casa132.7-8.1 %122.0Bella Casa
SVP Global Ventures Ltd31.0-8.1 %28.5SVP Global Ventures Ltd
Yash Chemex82.1-8 %75.5Yash Chemex
Rubfila Intl73.4-8 %67.5Rubfila Intl
Tasty Bite Eatables9976.0-8 %9181.4Tasty Bite Eatables
PPAP Automotive223.1-8 %205.3PPAP Automotive
Nila Spaces Ltd3.2-7.9 %2.9Nila Spaces Ltd
M.D. Inducto77.4-7.9 %71.3M.D. Inducto
Force Motors1457.2-7.8 %1342.9Force Motors
Lloyds Steels Ind22.0-7.7 %20.3Lloyds Steels Ind
Khaitan (Ind)49.1-7.7 %45.3Khaitan (Ind)
Archidply Ind62.3-7.5 %57.6Archidply Ind
ILandFS Engg14.6-7.5 %13.5ILandFS Engg
Future Life6.7-7.5 %6.2Future Life
Bharat Dynamics900.1-7.5 %832.6Bharat Dynamics
BLB Limited25.6-7.4 %23.7BLB Limited
Gati141.6-7.4 %131.1Gati
Kaushalya Infra4.8-7.4 %4.4Kaushalya Infra
Bhagiradh Chem1263.2-7.4 %1170.3Bhagiradh Chem
Omkar Special12.3-7.3 %11.4Omkar Special
JK Tyre & Ind167.7-7.3 %155.5JK Tyre & Ind
Sukhjit Starch426.0-7.3 %395.1Sukhjit Starch
Dynacons Sys Sol499.3-7.2 %463.3Dynacons Sys Sol
Future Ent1.4-7.1 %1.3Future Ent
Intl Combustion393.1-7.1 %365.3Intl Combustion
Milkfood693.4-7 %644.5Milkfood
Amal259.6-7 %241.5Amal
Sahyadri Ind341.5-7 %317.7Sahyadri Ind
Balaji Amines2331.2-6.9 %2169.3Balaji Amines
IIFL Holdings507.0-6.9 %471.8IIFL Holdings
Country Condo's4.4-6.9 %4.1Country Condo's
Panama Petro325.3-6.9 %302.9Panama Petro
Lux Ind1439.2-6.9 %1340.6Lux Ind
Prince Pipes And Fittings Ltd616.4-6.8 %574.2Prince Pipes And Fittings Ltd
Visaka Ind412.0-6.8 %383.9Visaka Ind
Caprihans125.8-6.8 %117.2Caprihans
Rossell India282.6-6.8 %263.4Rossell India
Sadbhav Infra5.3-6.7 %4.9Sadbhav Infra
Nahar Industrial Ent99.3-6.6 %92.7Nahar Industrial Ent
IMP Powers6.1-6.6 %5.7IMP Powers
ISMT Limited70.4-6.6 %65.8ISMT Limited
Servotech Power Systems Ltd46.3-6.6 %43.2Servotech Power Systems Ltd
Skipper108.5-6.5 %101.4Skipper
United Brewerie1583.8-6.5 %1480.8United Brewerie
Guj Themis655.8-6.5 %613.2Guj Themis
Transformers70.9-6.5 %66.3Transformers
Maan Aluminium220.6-6.5 %206.4Maan Aluminium
Ndr Auto Components Ltd676.3-6.4 %632.8Ndr Auto Components Ltd
Landmark Property7.0-6.4 %6.6Landmark Property
Bilcare61.8-6.4 %57.8Bilcare
Pudumjee Paper Prod44.6-6.4 %41.8Pudumjee Paper Prod
Bhagiradha Chem & indu Ltd1266.8-6.4 %1186.0Bhagiradha Chem & indu Ltd
Sharda Motor699.8-6.4 %655.2Sharda Motor
Onelife Capital13.4-6.3 %12.6Onelife Capital
Mcleod24.5-6.3 %22.9Mcleod
Angel One Ltd1213.4-6.3 %1136.7Angel One Ltd
V-Mart Retail2729.7-6.3 %2557.6V-Mart Retail
Jaypee Infra1.6-6.3 %1.5Jaypee Infra
Paramount Comm37.7-6.2 %35.3Paramount Comm
V B Industries6.3-6.2 %5.9V B Industries
Suvidhaa Infoserve Ltd4.9-6.2 %4.6Suvidhaa Infoserve Ltd
SMS Lifesciences Ind599.1-6.2 %562.1SMS Lifesciences Ind
Alankit9.9-6.1 %9.3Alankit
Radha Madhav1.7-6.1 %1.6Radha Madhav
Kanani Ind8.3-6.1 %7.8Kanani Ind
Mirza Intl240.4-6 %225.9Mirza Intl
OnMobile Global85.2-6 %80.1OnMobile Global
Ajmera Realty275.0-5.9 %258.7Ajmera Realty
Sikko Indu Ltd96.6-5.9 %90.9Sikko Indu Ltd
Forbes Gokak675.2-5.9 %635.4Forbes Gokak
Century Enka395.0-5.9 %371.8Century Enka
Eros Intl30.7-5.9 %28.9Eros Intl
Jayant Agro-Org183.5-5.8 %172.8Jayant Agro-Org
Sarda Plywood140.0-5.8 %131.9Sarda Plywood
Palred Technologies168.7-5.8 %158.9Palred Technologies
Hindalco459.7-5.8 %433.2Hindalco
Bharat Road Network34.9-5.7 %32.9Bharat Road Network
LT Foods115.4-5.7 %108.8LT Foods
Digjam Ltd98.1-5.7 %92.5Digjam Ltd
D P Wires Ltd377.7-5.7 %356.3D P Wires Ltd
Pioneer Invest39.1-5.6 %36.9Pioneer Invest
Deepak Fert658.9-5.5 %622.9Deepak Fert
Astral Poly Tec2053.8-5.5 %1941.7Astral Poly Tec
Thyrocare Techn515.0-5.5 %486.9Thyrocare Techn
LIC Housing Fin399.7-5.5 %377.9LIC Housing Fin
The New India Assur108.4-5.4 %102.5The New India Assur
Confidence Petroleum India Ltd70.8-5.4 %66.9Confidence Petroleum India Ltd
MCX India1509.0-5.4 %1426.9MCX India
APM Industries58.9-5.4 %55.7APM Industries
Raymond1387.1-5.4 %1312.8Raymond
Vishnu Chemical279.5-5.3 %264.6Vishnu Chemical
Avon Life4.0-5.3 %3.7Avon Life
Vishal Fabrics Ltd20.8-5.3 %19.7Vishal Fabrics Ltd
Alkali Metals131.4-5.3 %124.5Alkali Metals
Natural Capsule432.9-5.3 %410.1Natural Capsule
Genus Power92.4-5.2 %87.6Genus Power
Phyto Chem62.0-5.2 %58.7Phyto Chem
NFL60.3-5.2 %57.2NFL
Kaya Limited292.3-5.2 %277.1Kaya Limited
Bambino Agro344.5-5.2 %326.6Bambino Agro
Gold Line0.6-5.2 %0.6Gold Line
Industrial Inv Trust95.2-5.1 %90.3Industrial Inv Trust
Sutlej Textiles55.5-5.1 %52.7Sutlej Textiles
Tube Investments2689.8-5 %2554.6Tube Investments
Coromandel Engg37.9-5 %36.0Coromandel Engg
Indo Tech Trans213.6-5 %202.9Indo Tech Trans
Monte Carlo633.1-5 %601.4Monte Carlo
Walchandnagar68.2-5 %64.8Walchandnagar
Kirloskar Ferro395.0-4.9 %375.5Kirloskar Ferro
Swaraj Engines1660.0-4.9 %1578.2Swaraj Engines
Vipul16.3-4.9 %15.5Vipul
Suumaya Indu Ltd31.6-4.9 %30.1Suumaya Indu Ltd
Karnataka Bank152.1-4.9 %144.6Karnataka Bank
Gillanders Arbu77.9-4.9 %74.1Gillanders Arbu
Sab Eve Gov Now Me4.1-4.9 %3.9Sab Eve Gov Now Me
Pondy Oxides341.4-4.9 %324.7Pondy Oxides
Praxis Home Retail25.7-4.9 %24.4Praxis Home Retail
Pradeep Metals194.0-4.9 %184.6Pradeep Metals
Tejnaksh122.2-4.9 %116.2Tejnaksh
Century682.6-4.9 %649.4Century
Sunteck Realty346.8-4.8 %330.0Sunteck Realty
Navneet110.6-4.8 %105.2Navneet
Samkrg Pistons153.0-4.8 %145.7Samkrg Pistons
Mercator1.1-4.8 %1.0Mercator
Dharamsi Morarj282.5-4.7 %269.1Dharamsi Morarj
Hind Zinc346.3-4.7 %329.9Hind Zinc
ICICI Securities489.6-4.7 %466.5ICICI Securities
Samtex Fashions2.8-4.7 %2.6Samtex Fashions
RKEC Projects Ltd69.1-4.7 %65.9RKEC Projects Ltd
Kirloskar Ferrous Indu Ltd394.3-4.6 %376.0Kirloskar Ferrous Indu Ltd
Virat Crane36.8-4.6 %35.1Virat Crane
Shri Dinesh Mil574.8-4.6 %548.2Shri Dinesh Mil
Max Ventures and Ind141.4-4.6 %134.9Max Ventures and Ind
Visagar Polytex1.1-4.5 %1.1Visagar Polytex
Subex Ltd34.2-4.5 %32.6Subex Ltd
Lakshmi Prec5.6-4.5 %5.4Lakshmi Prec
Duke Offshore9.0-4.4 %8.6Duke Offshore
Sunshield Chem513.7-4.4 %490.9Sunshield Chem
Indiabulls Real67.7-4.4 %64.7Indiabulls Real
Rishiroop105.2-4.4 %100.5Rishiroop
Matrimony.Com578.5-4.4 %553.2Matrimony.Com
Country Club Hos8.0-4.4 %7.7Country Club Hos
Vimta Labs336.8-4.3 %322.2Vimta Labs
Honeywell Autom39870.8-4.3 %38142.8Honeywell Autom
Modison Metals65.8-4.3 %63.0Modison Metals
IFGL Refractory259.8-4.3 %248.5IFGL Refractory
Divyashakti75.3-4.3 %72.1Divyashakti
Shaily Engg1544.8-4.3 %1478.4Shaily Engg
JagranPrakashan72.2-4.3 %69.1JagranPrakashan
Ginni Filaments30.4-4.3 %29.1Ginni Filaments
Ashok Leyland153.9-4.3 %147.4Ashok Leyland
Vakrangee26.2-4.2 %25.1Vakrangee
TPL Plastech36.0-4.2 %34.5TPL Plastech
DCM Nouvelle Ltd153.5-4.2 %147.1DCM Nouvelle Ltd
Aptus Value Housing Fin India Ltd274.9-4.1 %263.5Aptus Value Housing Fin India Ltd
Shyam Century Ferr19.4-4.1 %18.6Shyam Century Ferr
MRF92853.4-4.1 %89070.9MRF
Sun Pharma Adv196.5-4.1 %188.5Sun Pharma Adv
Ujjivan Small Fin Bank Ltd29.5-4.1 %28.3Ujjivan Small Fin Bank Ltd
Morarjee Text20.9-4.1 %20.1Morarjee Text
Asahi Songwon238.4-4 %228.8Asahi Songwon
Compuage Info18.8-4 %18.0Compuage Info
Zee Learn6.3-4 %6.0Zee Learn
Tijaria Polypipes7.6-4 %7.3Tijaria Polypipes
Suryaamba Spin194.0-3.9 %186.3Suryaamba Spin
Websol Energy91.4-3.9 %87.8Websol Energy
KG Denim29.3-3.9 %28.1KG Denim
Richa Ind2.1-3.9 %2.0Richa Ind
Rollatainers1.3-3.8 %1.3Rollatainers
PanasonicCarbon387.0-3.8 %372.2PanasonicCarbon
Dollar Ind383.2-3.8 %368.6Dollar Ind
Inani Marbles21.1-3.8 %20.3Inani Marbles
Warren Tea69.0-3.8 %66.4Warren Tea
Haldyn Glass65.2-3.8 %62.8Haldyn Glass
Metalyst Forgin4.0-3.8 %3.9Metalyst Forgin
CCL Products569.1-3.7 %547.8CCL Products
GE Shipping643.6-3.7 %619.6GE Shipping
Nahar Capital287.5-3.7 %276.8Nahar Capital
Shrenik Ltd1.4-3.7 %1.3Shrenik Ltd
Pritika Auto Indu Ltd17.8-3.7 %17.2Pritika Auto Indu Ltd
Damodar Ind50.9-3.6 %49.1Damodar Ind
Ind-Swift Labs64.9-3.6 %62.6Ind-Swift Labs
Lypsa Gems5.6-3.6 %5.4Lypsa Gems
Megasoft30.6-3.6 %29.5Megasoft
Ducon Infratech9.8-3.6 %9.4Ducon Infratech
Ircon International57.2-3.6 %55.2Ircon International
ALLSEC Tech520.5-3.5 %502.0ALLSEC Tech
Madras Fertilizers59.3-3.5 %57.2Madras Fertilizers
Simbhaoli Sugar24.0-3.5 %23.2Simbhaoli Sugar
Shiva Global98.9-3.5 %95.4Shiva Global
Rupa and Comp261.5-3.5 %252.3Rupa and Comp
Automotive Axle2592.0-3.5 %2500.4Automotive Axle
Freshtrop Fruit110.5-3.5 %106.6Freshtrop Fruit
MRO-TEK Realty66.7-3.5 %64.4MRO-TEK Realty
GP Petroleums39.8-3.5 %38.4GP Petroleums
Fino Payments Bank Ltd243.7-3.5 %235.1Fino Payments Bank Ltd
Viji Finance Limited2.9-3.5 %2.8Viji Finance Limited
JB Chemicals2059.7-3.5 %1987.5JB Chemicals
Birla Tyres Ltd4.3-3.5 %4.2Birla Tyres Ltd
S.J.S. Ents Ltd447.6-3.5 %432.0S.J.S. Ents Ltd
Khaitan Chem & Fertilizers Ltd66.1-3.5 %63.8Khaitan Chem & Fertilizers Ltd
Silgo Retail Ltd24.5-3.5 %23.6Silgo Retail Ltd
Waterbase75.1-3.5 %72.5Waterbase
Thomas Cook69.4-3.5 %67.0Thomas Cook
Prakash Ind64.0-3.4 %61.8Prakash Ind
Ambuja Cements373.6-3.4 %360.8Ambuja Cements
Remi Edelstahl43.9-3.4 %42.4Remi Edelstahl
Raj Television48.6-3.4 %47.0Raj Television
Coal India218.9-3.4 %211.5Coal India
Indian Railway Fin Corp Ltd31.2-3.4 %30.1Indian Railway Fin Corp Ltd
Aegis Logistics367.2-3.4 %354.9Aegis Logistics
HB Stockholdings Ltd49.3-3.3 %47.7HB Stockholdings Ltd
Orient Green PowerCo9.0-3.3 %8.7Orient Green PowerCo
Rolta3.0-3.3 %2.9Rolta
Jindal Stainles266.2-3.3 %257.4Jindal Stainles
Endurance Techn1424.8-3.3 %1377.5Endurance Techn
A.K.Capital Ser456.7-3.3 %441.5A.K.Capital Ser
Parsvnath7.6-3.3 %7.4Parsvnath
Accelya Kale1272.6-3.2 %1231.3Accelya Kale
Filatex India41.8-3.2 %40.5Filatex India
Kiran Vyapar146.0-3.2 %141.3Kiran Vyapar
SPML Infra28.1-3.2 %27.2SPML Infra
Nureca Ltd380.0-3.2 %367.9Nureca Ltd
DB Corp106.4-3.2 %103.0DB Corp
Tree House15.7-3.2 %15.2Tree House
AksharChem229.3-3.2 %222.0AksharChem
Jindal Worldwide350.4-3.2 %339.3Jindal Worldwide
Avadh Sugar Ene466.9-3.2 %452.1Avadh Sugar Ene
Triton Valves1844.4-3.2 %1786.0Triton Valves
Solar Ind3911.5-3.2 %3787.8Solar Ind
Rajdarshan Ind34.9-3.2 %33.8Rajdarshan Ind
Eicher Motors3316.7-3.1 %3212.4Eicher Motors
Ahluwalia496.1-3.1 %480.5Ahluwalia
Mukta Arts55.8-3.1 %54.0Mukta Arts
KRBL397.7-3.1 %385.2KRBL
Austin Eng116.6-3.1 %113.0Austin Eng
Vikas EcoTech3.2-3.1 %3.1Vikas EcoTech
Brooks Labs102.7-3.1 %99.5Brooks Labs
EngineersInd83.7-3.1 %81.1EngineersInd
Ganges Securities119.1-3.1 %115.4Ganges Securities
Tokyo Plast96.3-3.1 %93.3Tokyo Plast
Jamna Auto108.2-3.1 %104.9Jamna Auto
Pioneer39.4-3 %38.2Pioneer
UCAL Fuel119.8-3 %116.1UCAL Fuel
Bafna Pharma Ltd97.0-3 %94.1Bafna Pharma Ltd
Unitech1.7-3 %1.6Unitech
Eastern Silk Ind3.3-3 %3.2Eastern Silk Ind
Clariant Chem (Ind)332.0-3 %322.0Clariant Chem (Ind)
Shilp Gravures95.4-3 %92.5Shilp Gravures
Mastek1641.5-3 %1592.5Mastek
Manaksia Steels47.4-3 %46.0Manaksia Steels
Kothari Sugars40.8-2.9 %39.6Kothari Sugars
Kolte-Patil277.4-2.9 %269.4Kolte-Patil
Ugro Capital Ltd153.6-2.9 %149.2Ugro Capital Ltd
Tamilnadu PetroProd87.1-2.8 %84.6Tamilnadu PetroProd
Sheela Foam1229.8-2.8 %1195.2Sheela Foam
Surana Telecom Pow10.8-2.8 %10.5Surana Telecom Pow
Alpa Lab66.5-2.8 %64.6Alpa Lab
Inditrade Capit30.6-2.8 %29.8Inditrade Capit
Gufic Biosciences224.0-2.8 %217.8Gufic Biosciences
Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd743.5-2.8 %722.9Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd
BLS Int Services182.5-2.7 %177.5BLS Int Services
Moksh Ornaments Ltd11.0-2.7 %10.7Moksh Ornaments Ltd
Genus Paper16.6-2.7 %16.1Genus Paper
Roto Pumps585.6-2.7 %569.7Roto Pumps
Mysore Petro115.2-2.7 %112.1Mysore Petro
Nandan Denim22.3-2.7 %21.7Nandan Denim
HUL2648.8-2.7 %2577.5HUL
Eveready Ind331.1-2.7 %322.2Eveready Ind
Remsons Ind236.6-2.7 %230.2Remsons Ind
Sagardeep Alloys Ltd26.1-2.7 %25.4Sagardeep Alloys Ltd
Hero Motocorp2654.3-2.7 %2583.3Hero Motocorp
Mangalore Chem80.5-2.7 %78.4Mangalore Chem
Kilitch Drugs148.2-2.7 %144.3Kilitch Drugs
HCL Technologies1146.2-2.7 %1115.7HCL Technologies
Kalpataru Power508.2-2.6 %494.7Kalpataru Power
Tainwala Chem104.0-2.6 %101.3Tainwala Chem
Nandani Creation Ltd96.5-2.6 %94.0Nandani Creation Ltd
Bharti Airtel792.9-2.6 %772.0Bharti Airtel
Next Mediaworks5.7-2.6 %5.6Next Mediaworks
Reliance Comm1.9-2.6 %1.9Reliance Comm
Bal Pharma82.4-2.6 %80.3Bal Pharma
JBF Industries7.7-2.6 %7.5JBF Industries
Page Industries39815.8-2.6 %38786.2Page Industries
Interglobe Avi2097.7-2.6 %2043.5Interglobe Avi
Tyche Ind126.4-2.6 %123.2Tyche Ind
Guj Amb Exports237.8-2.6 %231.7Guj Amb Exports
DB Realty70.8-2.5 %69.0DB Realty
Divis Labs2884.4-2.5 %2811.3Divis Labs
Globe Textiles (India) Ltd4.0-2.5 %3.9Globe Textiles (India) Ltd
Terai Tea Co69.4-2.5 %67.6Terai Tea Co
Poddar Housing166.5-2.5 %162.4Poddar Housing
Aimco Pesticide144.9-2.5 %141.3Aimco Pesticide
Satin Creditcare Net147.3-2.5 %143.6Satin Creditcare Net
Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Ltd2051.3-2.5 %2000.6Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Ltd
B and A298.0-2.5 %290.6B and A
Jay BharatMarut150.1-2.5 %146.4Jay BharatMarut
Hindustan Composites294.4-2.5 %287.2Hindustan Composites
RSWM162.8-2.5 %158.8RSWM
ITC380.7-2.4 %371.4ITC
Emami420.0-2.4 %409.7Emami
NHPC41.0-2.4 %40.0NHPC
Jubilant Ind401.5-2.4 %391.8Jubilant Ind
Madhav Marbles43.5-2.4 %42.5Madhav Marbles
ACC1926.8-2.4 %1880.4ACC
IIFL Securities Ltd64.8-2.4 %63.2IIFL Securities Ltd
Goa Carbon514.9-2.4 %502.6Goa Carbon
Indian Energy Exchang138.3-2.4 %135.0Indian Energy Exchang
Vikas Lifecare Ltd4.2-2.4 %4.1Vikas Lifecare Ltd
Kopran124.2-2.4 %121.2Kopran
Varroc Engineering280.6-2.4 %273.9Varroc Engineering
Donear Ind91.1-2.4 %89.0Donear Ind
Affle (India) Ltd1074.3-2.4 %1049.1Affle (India) Ltd
Surana Solar21.3-2.3 %20.8Surana Solar
Ashima Limited15.0-2.3 %14.7Ashima Limited
Taj GVK Hotels186.9-2.3 %182.6Taj GVK Hotels
Elantas Beck4465.9-2.3 %4362.1Elantas Beck
Odyssey Tech49.7-2.3 %48.6Odyssey Tech
Lambodhara Text145.4-2.3 %142.0Lambodhara Text
HDIL4.4-2.3 %4.3HDIL
CSB Bank Ltd251.7-2.3 %246.0CSB Bank Ltd
MIRC Electronics15.4-2.3 %15.0MIRC Electronics
Jetking Info39.5-2.3 %38.6Jetking Info
IFB Agro495.7-2.3 %484.5IFB Agro
Graphite India338.3-2.3 %330.7Graphite India
Timken3087.9-2.2 %3018.4Timken
Sharda Crop481.2-2.2 %470.4Sharda Crop
NALCO78.5-2.2 %76.7NALCO
Bhartiya International204.7-2.2 %200.1Bhartiya International
Bright Brothers159.8-2.2 %156.3Bright Brothers
Daikaffil Chem29.3-2.2 %28.7Daikaffil Chem
HMT31.7-2.2 %31.0HMT
Sakar Healthcare Ltd234.5-2.2 %229.4Sakar Healthcare Ltd
Salasar Techno Eng45.6-2.2 %44.6Salasar Techno Eng
Auto Stampings333.1-2.2 %325.8Auto Stampings
Techindia Nirman9.2-2.2 %9.0Techindia Nirman
Ceat1548.1-2.2 %1514.6Ceat
GIC Housing Fin180.0-2.1 %176.2GIC Housing Fin
Birla Corp928.5-2.1 %908.7Birla Corp
Inventure Growth Sec2.4-2.1 %2.3Inventure Growth Sec
Anjani Cement186.4-2.1 %182.4Anjani Cement
Gayatri Project7.1-2.1 %7.0Gayatri Project
Deepak Nitrite1824.0-2.1 %1785.7Deepak Nitrite
Sun Pharma1028.2-2.1 %1006.6Sun Pharma
JK Paper400.7-2.1 %392.4JK Paper
Bank of Mah28.8-2.1 %28.2Bank of Mah
Bharat Rasayan9075.5-2.1 %8887.4Bharat Rasayan
S.A.L. Steel16.9-2.1 %16.6S.A.L. Steel
Nectar Life19.4-2.1 %19.0Nectar Life
Hester Bio1823.9-2.1 %1786.4Hester Bio
Kellton Tech56.6-2 %55.5Kellton Tech
Shree Cements24467.6-2 %23970.6Shree Cements
Redington184.8-2 %181.1Redington
Nihar Info7.4-2 %7.3Nihar Info
Goodricke Group195.2-2 %191.2Goodricke Group
Bigbloc Construction138.4-2 %135.6Bigbloc Construction
Zenotech Labs54.4-2 %53.3Zenotech Labs
Lyka Labs127.1-2 %124.5Lyka Labs
Relaxo Footwear804.7-2 %788.6Relaxo Footwear
Sagar Cement219.3-2 %214.9Sagar Cement
FCS Software Sol2.5-2 %2.5FCS Software Sol
NDTV212.8-2 %208.5NDTV
Rashtriya Chem112.8-2 %110.5Rashtriya Chem
DCM Shriram853.7-2 %836.7DCM Shriram
Minda Corp208.6-2 %204.4Minda Corp
Trident32.7-2 %32.1Trident
Motilal Oswal697.5-2 %683.6Motilal Oswal
Guj Mineral138.7-2 %136.0Guj Mineral
Manappuram Fin116.2-2 %113.9Manappuram Fin
Alembic Pharma535.2-2 %524.7Alembic Pharma
Aspinwall and Co220.6-1.9 %216.3Aspinwall and Co
Eimco Elecon (Ind)377.1-1.9 %369.7Eimco Elecon (Ind)
Welspun India69.4-1.9 %68.0Welspun India
Electrosteel St36.1-1.9 %35.4Electrosteel St
Cenlub127.3-1.9 %124.8Cenlub
Reliance Naval 2.6-1.9 %2.6Reliance Naval 
IVZINGOLD5149.8-1.9 %5051.8IVZINGOLD
Archies21.4-1.9 %21.0Archies
Ruchira Papers120.6-1.9 %118.3Ruchira Papers
Jyothy Labs209.4-1.9 %205.5Jyothy Labs
20 Microns78.0-1.9 %76.620 Microns
Jubilant Ingrevia Ltd477.8-1.9 %469.0Jubilant Ingrevia Ltd
VIP Industries687.3-1.8 %674.6VIP Industries
Dixon Tech (Ind)2755.5-1.8 %2704.6Dixon Tech (Ind)
Ahlada Eng Ltd97.7-1.8 %95.9Ahlada Eng Ltd
Sahara Housing46.2-1.8 %45.4Sahara Housing
Shree Rama Multi-Te10.9-1.8 %10.7Shree Rama Multi-Te
VST Tillers2296.2-1.8 %2254.9VST Tillers
Karur Vysya105.9-1.8 %104.0Karur Vysya
Allcargo418.7-1.8 %411.2Allcargo
Oriental Carbon739.5-1.8 %726.4Oriental Carbon
S P Apparels300.9-1.8 %295.6S P Apparels
Fine Organic Ind4850.1-1.8 %4764.1Fine Organic Ind
Likhitha Infra Ltd231.7-1.8 %227.6Likhitha Infra Ltd
Him Fibres5.1-1.8 %5.0Him Fibres
JSW Steel731.9-1.8 %719.0JSW Steel
Foseco India1982.7-1.8 %1948.0Foseco India
Insecticides604.9-1.8 %594.3Insecticides
Axis Bank882.6-1.7 %867.3Axis Bank
Cybertech129.4-1.7 %127.2Cybertech
Mangalam Cement277.5-1.7 %272.7Mangalam Cement
Subros295.2-1.7 %290.1Subros
Tourism Finance75.3-1.7 %74.0Tourism Finance
Solara Active Pharma396.1-1.7 %389.3Solara Active Pharma
Aarvi Encon Ltd163.3-1.7 %160.5Aarvi Encon Ltd
Igarashi Motors408.1-1.7 %401.2Igarashi Motors
Panasonic Energ257.5-1.7 %253.1Panasonic Energ
Godfrey Phillip1819.9-1.7 %1789.3Godfrey Phillip
Indian Bank294.8-1.7 %289.9Indian Bank
Gyscoal Alloys3.0-1.7 %3.0Gyscoal Alloys
Welspun Invest271.3-1.7 %266.8Welspun Invest
SAIL86.0-1.6 %84.6SAIL
ABC India80.0-1.6 %78.7ABC India
Orient Electric283.1-1.6 %278.5Orient Electric
M&M1388.0-1.6 %1365.5M&M
HCL Info15.4-1.6 %15.2HCL Info
SIL Investments318.5-1.6 %313.3SIL Investments
Laxmi Cotspin Ltd21.9-1.6 %21.5Laxmi Cotspin Ltd
Ramky Infra287.3-1.6 %282.7Ramky Infra
Generic Eng Const and Projects Ltd59.6-1.6 %58.6Generic Eng Const and Projects Ltd
Hariyana Ship69.0-1.6 %67.9Hariyana Ship
Antony Waste Handling Cell Ltd289.4-1.6 %284.8Antony Waste Handling Cell Ltd
Pro Fin Capital1.3-1.6 %1.2Pro Fin Capital
Ashiana Housing152.5-1.6 %150.1Ashiana Housing
Pritish Nandy Comm38.6-1.6 %38.0Pritish Nandy Comm
Ujjivan Financi282.9-1.6 %278.5Ujjivan Financi
PTC India Fin16.2-1.5 %15.9PTC India Fin
PNB Gilts62.1-1.5 %61.2PNB Gilts
Hawkins Cooker6097.4-1.5 %6004.5Hawkins Cooker
Aksh Optifibre9.9-1.5 %9.7Aksh Optifibre
Aptech362.5-1.5 %357.0Aptech
Shalibhadra Fin162.5-1.5 %160.0Shalibhadra Fin
Ganesha Ecosph893.3-1.5 %879.9Ganesha Ecosph
Bharat Seats90.1-1.5 %88.7Bharat Seats
Jenburkt Pharma641.5-1.5 %632.0Jenburkt Pharma
REC118.8-1.5 %117.0REC
Banswara Syntex132.9-1.5 %131.0Banswara Syntex
Arvee Laboratories (India) Ltd105.8-1.5 %104.3Arvee Laboratories (India) Ltd
Maruti Suzuki8942.3-1.5 %8811.4Maruti Suzuki
Federal Bank133.4-1.5 %131.5Federal Bank
Dhunseri Tea221.0-1.4 %217.8Dhunseri Tea
VRL Logistics512.5-1.4 %505.1VRL Logistics
Prataap Snacks818.8-1.4 %807.0Prataap Snacks
Tejas Networks550.3-1.4 %542.5Tejas Networks
Krebs Biochem95.2-1.4 %93.9Krebs Biochem
South Ind Bk17.7-1.4 %17.5South Ind Bk
Agri-Tech (Ind)95.9-1.4 %94.5Agri-Tech (Ind)
BPL64.8-1.4 %63.9BPL
Galaxy Surfactants2348.5-1.4 %2315.9Galaxy Surfactants
eClerx Services1495.9-1.4 %1475.2eClerx Services
Kirl Electric69.3-1.4 %68.4Kirl Electric
Arihant Capital Markets Ltd47.8-1.4 %47.2Arihant Capital Markets Ltd
S H Kelkar121.7-1.4 %120.0S H Kelkar
RDB Realty40.6-1.4 %40.0RDB Realty
Oswal Agro Mills33.5-1.3 %33.1Oswal Agro Mills
NK Ind37.5-1.3 %37.0NK Ind
Cords Cable Ind68.2-1.3 %67.3Cords Cable Ind
Muthoot Finance1027.5-1.3 %1014.0Muthoot Finance
Kerala Ayur103.3-1.3 %102.0Kerala Ayur
Craftsman Automation Ltd3398.5-1.3 %3354.5Craftsman Automation Ltd
MBL Infra19.7-1.3 %19.4MBL Infra
Hi-Tech Pipes906.9-1.3 %895.4Hi-Tech Pipes
High Energy352.6-1.3 %348.2High Energy
Orissa Minerals2730.2-1.3 %2695.9Orissa Minerals
Rajratan Global787.9-1.3 %778.0Rajratan Global
Venus Remedies151.5-1.3 %149.6Venus Remedies
Alkyl Amines Chem2638.0-1.2 %2605.4Alkyl Amines Chem
Asian Oilfield69.1-1.2 %68.2Asian Oilfield
MOIL159.1-1.2 %157.2MOIL
Pansari Developers Ltd69.5-1.2 %68.7Pansari Developers Ltd
Universal Cables335.2-1.2 %331.1Universal Cables
AMD Industries54.0-1.2 %53.4AMD Industries
aurionPro Sol356.5-1.2 %352.3aurionPro Sol
Ausom Enterprise67.3-1.2 %66.5Ausom Enterprise
BASF2346.5-1.2 %2318.8BASF
Greaves Cotton140.8-1.2 %139.2Greaves Cotton
Vidhi Spec338.0-1.2 %334.0Vidhi Spec
ICICI Bank863.8-1.2 %853.9ICICI Bank
Radico Khaitan1150.5-1.2 %1137.2Radico Khaitan
Texmaco Infra56.6-1.1 %56.0Texmaco Infra
Vedanta314.3-1.1 %310.7Vedanta
Atul7248.4-1.1 %7166.6Atul
Elnet Tech182.2-1.1 %180.2Elnet Tech
HPL Electric & 93.4-1.1 %92.4HPL Electric & 
Godawari Power384.0-1.1 %379.7Godawari Power
Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Ltd406.4-1.1 %401.8Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Ltd
Jocil183.7-1.1 %181.6Jocil
MSP Steel Power9.1-1.1 %9.0MSP Steel Power
Pidilite Ind2341.6-1.1 %2316.2Pidilite Ind
PNB51.8-1.1 %51.3PNB
Scooters India28.3-1.1 %28.0Scooters India
India Pesticides Ltd224.1-1 %221.8India Pesticides Ltd
LG Balakrishnan670.5-1 %663.5LG Balakrishnan
Godrej Ind431.6-1 %427.1Godrej Ind
Aster DM Healthcare209.9-1 %207.8Aster DM Healthcare
Setco Auto10.0-1 %9.9Setco Auto
Neuland Lab1430.6-1 %1416.3Neuland Lab
Tyroon Tea100.6-1 %99.6Tyroon Tea
Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Eng Ltd481.9-1 %477.2Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Eng Ltd
VEDAVAAG System50.9-1 %50.4VEDAVAAG System
Mohit Ind15.3-1 %15.2Mohit Ind
Asian Granito40.8-1 %40.4Asian Granito
Sandhar Technologie230.3-1 %228.1Sandhar Technologie
Windsor46.4-1 %45.9Windsor
Speciality Rest242.2-1 %239.8Speciality Rest
Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd72.3-1 %71.6Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd
Kamdhenu369.1-1 %365.6Kamdhenu
Granules India292.1-1 %289.3Granules India
Enkei Wheels558.5-1 %553.1Enkei Wheels
ICICINV20104.5-1 %103.5ICICINV20
Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd299.5-1 %296.6Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd

Indian stock market 2023_WK06 Top Losers Stock market Data of India from Nifty – NSE, Sensex – BSE. * Data is Only for educational purpose, not for trading. Please verify Data with latest sources.
* Consult your financial advisor before trading or investing in any stock.

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