2023_WK07 Top Gainers

Stock market Data of India from NSE/BSE.
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2023_WK07 Gainers

10-02-2023_Fri — to — 17-02-2023_Fri

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Nucleus Softwar400.638.9 %556.5Nucleus Softwar
Cenlub124.831.9 %164.6Cenlub
Soma Textiles Ind13.026.9 %16.5Soma Textiles Ind
Kulkarni Power241.325.4 %302.6Kulkarni Power
Marshall Machines Ltd39.623.4 %48.8Marshall Machines Ltd
Viceroy Hotels2.222.7 %2.7Viceroy Hotels
Career Point128.422.4 %157.1Career Point
SREI Infra2.322.2 %2.8SREI Infra
Vaishali Pharma Ltd127.022 %154.9Vaishali Pharma Ltd
Shilpa244.121.3 %296.0Shilpa
Mirza Intl225.920.8 %273.0Mirza Intl
Carnation Ind4.020.8 %4.8Carnation Ind
Finolex Cables564.420.7 %681.4Finolex Cables
Bajaj Steel893.119.9 %1070.5Bajaj Steel
Dishman Carbogen86.119.6 %103.0Dishman Carbogen
Lykis60.119.4 %71.8Lykis
Premco Global320.118.5 %379.3Premco Global
Oil India223.616.7 %260.8Oil India
Digjam Ltd92.515.3 %106.7Digjam Ltd
Shradha Infraprojects Ltd42.815.2 %49.3Shradha Infraprojects Ltd
OK Play55.814.6 %63.9OK Play
Steel Exchange12.814.5 %14.7Steel Exchange
Aakash Exploration Serv Ltd6.614.4 %7.6Aakash Exploration Serv Ltd
Batliboi63.514.3 %72.6Batliboi
Pansari Developers Ltd68.714.2 %78.4Pansari Developers Ltd
Neuland Lab1416.314.1 %1616.7Neuland Lab
Power Mech1877.013.9 %2138.1Power Mech
Anmol India Ltd140.813.8 %160.3Anmol India Ltd
Nagreeka Capital Infra17.013.8 %19.4Nagreeka Capital Infra
Amal241.513.4 %273.8Amal
IZMO78.913 %89.2IZMO
Banswara Syntex131.012.9 %147.9Banswara Syntex
Oriental Hotels70.912.8 %80.0Oriental Hotels
Chaman Lal Seti148.412.8 %167.4Chaman Lal Seti
Tejas Networks542.512.8 %611.7Tejas Networks
HOEC131.412.7 %148.2HOEC
Technocraft Ind981.612.6 %1105.7Technocraft Ind
Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd148.612.6 %167.3Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd
Jindal Poly Inv429.512.3 %482.2Jindal Poly Inv
NFL57.212.2 %64.1NFL
Banco Products215.312.1 %241.4Banco Products
Geekay Wires Ltd112.912.1 %126.6Geekay Wires Ltd
PG Electroplast1182.612 %1324.4PG Electroplast
Torrent Power453.311.8 %506.8Torrent Power
Lasa Supergenerics26.311.6 %29.3Lasa Supergenerics
Tyche Ind123.211.4 %137.2Tyche Ind
Timex Group Ind118.811.2 %132.1Timex Group Ind
Acrysil India451.611.1 %502.0Acrysil India
Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd146.311.1 %162.6Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd
Inani Marbles20.311.1 %22.5Inani Marbles
Tech Mahindra1017.411 %1129.2Tech Mahindra
Likhitha Infra Ltd227.611 %252.5Likhitha Infra Ltd
WPIL1618.110.9 %1795.1WPIL
Jindal Photo301.310.8 %333.7Jindal Photo
Zen Tech212.910.6 %235.5Zen Tech
D. P. Abhushan Ltd317.910.6 %351.6D. P. Abhushan Ltd
Lambodhara Text142.010.4 %156.8Lambodhara Text
Apar Ind2173.110.2 %2395.2Apar Ind
Beryl Drugs12.210 %13.4Beryl Drugs
Aster DM Healthcare207.810 %228.5Aster DM Healthcare
Hindustan Aeronautics2403.09.8 %2639.2Hindustan Aeronautics
Global Education Ltd216.09.5 %236.5Global Education Ltd
Linde India3415.39.3 %3733.2Linde India
Selan Explore276.79.3 %302.4Selan Explore
Prima Plastics97.09.3 %106.0Prima Plastics
Kopran121.29.1 %132.3Kopran
Trigyn Tech92.49.1 %100.8Trigyn Tech
CARE Ratings626.79 %683.3CARE Ratings
MMP Indu Ltd122.08.9 %132.9MMP Indu Ltd
Glenmark400.48.9 %436.0Glenmark
Rossell India263.48.8 %286.6Rossell India
Wonderla392.68.7 %426.7Wonderla
Majestic Auto143.58.6 %155.8Majestic Auto
Elecon Eng384.08.3 %416.0Elecon Eng
Austin Eng113.08.1 %122.2Austin Eng
Mangalam Organics Ltd430.58.1 %465.6Mangalam Organics Ltd
Surya Roshni642.48.1 %694.6Surya Roshni
Cigniti Tech671.98.1 %726.4Cigniti Tech
Pennar Inds68.08.1 %73.5Pennar Inds
APL Apollo1191.78.1 %1287.9APL Apollo
Rolex Rings Ltd1831.37.8 %1975.1Rolex Rings Ltd
Dangee Dums Ltd16.97.7 %18.2Dangee Dums Ltd
RTS Power Corp144.47.7 %155.5RTS Power Corp
Suprajit Eng333.77.6 %359.2Suprajit Eng
Narmada Gelatin278.77.5 %299.7Narmada Gelatin
TD Power System128.67.5 %138.2TD Power System
Shree Cements23970.67.5 %25757.4Shree Cements
Schaeffler India2739.57.4 %2943.0Schaeffler India
Sun Pharma Adv188.57.4 %202.4Sun Pharma Adv
Vaibhav Global300.87.3 %322.9Vaibhav Global
Himatsingka Sei71.97.2 %77.1Himatsingka Sei
Vesuvius India1672.37.1 %1791.8Vesuvius India
SpiceJet35.17.1 %37.6SpiceJet
Rubfila Intl67.57.1 %72.3Rubfila Intl
Foseco India1948.07.1 %2086.5Foseco India
Paramount Comm35.37.1 %37.8Paramount Comm
Kirloskar Ferro375.57 %401.9Kirloskar Ferro
Future Ent DVR6.47 %6.9Future Ent DVR
Guj Mineral136.07 %145.5Guj Mineral
Baid Leasing32.87 %35.1Baid Leasing
Kirloskar Ferrous Indu Ltd376.07 %402.4Kirloskar Ferrous Indu Ltd
S.A.L. Steel16.66.9 %17.7S.A.L. Steel
VRL Logistics505.16.9 %540.0VRL Logistics
Ugar Sugar Work93.86.9 %100.2Ugar Sugar Work
National Perox1435.06.8 %1532.4National Perox
Tanla Solutions632.46.8 %675.2Tanla Solutions
ONGC146.76.7 %156.6ONGC
Ashok Alco-Chem83.16.7 %88.7Ashok Alco-Chem
Krishana Phoschem Ltd458.66.7 %489.4Krishana Phoschem Ltd
Ponni Sugars(E)465.76.5 %496.1Ponni Sugars(E)
Radha Madhav1.66.5 %1.7Radha Madhav
Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd89.36.4 %95.0Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd
Thirumalai Chem176.36.4 %187.5Thirumalai Chem
Solar Ind3787.86.3 %4027.8Solar Ind
Marine Electricals (India) Ltd36.66.3 %38.9Marine Electricals (India) Ltd
Essar Shipping8.86.3 %9.3Essar Shipping
Nelcast99.86.3 %106.0Nelcast
Sanghvi Movers368.06.3 %391.0Sanghvi Movers
Cords Cable Ind67.36.2 %71.5Cords Cable Ind
Marksans Pharma64.96.1 %68.8Marksans Pharma
Amines Plast85.46.1 %90.6Amines Plast
ISMT Limited65.86.1 %69.8ISMT Limited
Bcl indu Ltd405.26 %429.6Bcl indu Ltd
Ind-Swift Labs62.66 %66.3Ind-Swift Labs
UPL726.95.9 %770.2UPL
South (I) Paper114.05.9 %120.8South (I) Paper
Gokaldas Export370.95.9 %392.6Gokaldas Export
Wallfort Fin48.15.8 %50.9Wallfort Fin
Archidply Ind57.65.8 %61.0Archidply Ind
Garnet Intl62.15.8 %65.7Garnet Intl
Orchid Pharma397.35.8 %420.2Orchid Pharma
Bliss GVS74.35.7 %78.6Bliss GVS
Kothari Product113.25.7 %119.6Kothari Product
Sahara Housing45.45.6 %47.9Sahara Housing
Mrs. Bectors Food Specialities Ltd513.65.6 %542.4Mrs. Bectors Food Specialities Ltd
Esab India3877.45.5 %4092.1Esab India
Eimco Elecon (Ind)369.75.5 %389.9Eimco Elecon (Ind)
NOCIL211.65.5 %223.1NOCIL
TCNS Clothing Co.475.85.4 %501.6TCNS Clothing Co.
Marathon Realty253.85.4 %267.6Marathon Realty
Vippy Spinpro182.45.4 %192.2Vippy Spinpro
Peninsula Land12.15.4 %12.8Peninsula Land
Ingersoll Rand1976.95.3 %2082.0Ingersoll Rand
AksharChem222.05.3 %233.8AksharChem
Kaya Limited277.15.2 %291.6Kaya Limited
Atul Auto366.75.2 %385.8Atul Auto
Kovai Medical1731.75.1 %1820.5Kovai Medical
Shankara Buildi667.85.1 %702.0Shankara Buildi
Shah Alloys54.65.1 %57.4Shah Alloys
Prestige Estate412.45.1 %433.3Prestige Estate
PI Industries3133.65.1 %3292.4PI Industries
Arrow Greentech180.15 %189.1Arrow Greentech
Vishnu Chemical264.65 %277.7Vishnu Chemical
Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd722.95 %758.8Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd
Signet Ind36.54.9 %38.3Signet Ind
Iris Clothings Ltd300.64.9 %315.4Iris Clothings Ltd
SVP Global Ventures Ltd28.54.9 %29.9SVP Global Ventures Ltd
Man Infra81.54.9 %85.5Man Infra
Anant Raj107.24.9 %112.5Anant Raj
Kovai Medical Center and Hospital Ltd1736.64.9 %1821.6Kovai Medical Center and Hospital Ltd
NALCO76.74.9 %80.5NALCO
Craftsman Automation Ltd3354.54.8 %3516.7Craftsman Automation Ltd
Nureca Ltd367.94.8 %385.6Nureca Ltd
Bharat Dynamics832.64.8 %872.7Bharat Dynamics
Spandana Sphoorty Fin Ltd563.64.8 %590.7Spandana Sphoorty Fin Ltd
CESC73.54.8 %77.0CESC
KDDL1117.14.8 %1170.3KDDL
Bkm Ind1.14.8 %1.1Bkm Ind
Metropolis Healthcare Ltd1286.84.8 %1348.0Metropolis Healthcare Ltd
Morarjee Text20.14.7 %21.0Morarjee Text
Centum Electron585.54.7 %612.8Centum Electron
ROUTE MOBILE Ltd1269.84.6 %1328.8ROUTE MOBILE Ltd
Welspun India68.04.6 %71.2Welspun India
PNB Housing Fin567.74.6 %593.8PNB Housing Fin
Spice Island8.94.6 %9.3Spice Island
Timken3018.44.6 %3155.9Timken
Apollo Hospital4416.34.5 %4614.7Apollo Hospital
Reliance2336.74.4 %2440.2Reliance
Univastu India Ltd86.84.3 %90.5Univastu India Ltd
Universal Cables331.14.3 %345.2Universal Cables
NDTV208.54.2 %217.2NDTV
Nilkamal1925.14.2 %2005.0Nilkamal
Dynamic Ind65.34.1 %68.0Dynamic Ind
Revathi CP1119.04.1 %1165.1Revathi CP
FCS Software Sol2.54.1 %2.6FCS Software Sol
India Nippon360.74.1 %375.4India Nippon
H.G. Infra Eng734.64.1 %764.3H.G. Infra Eng
Tainwala Chem101.34 %105.4Tainwala Chem
aurionPro Sol352.34 %366.5aurionPro Sol
Steel City Secu58.54 %60.9Steel City Secu
R Systems Intl244.34 %254.1R Systems Intl
Xpro India559.24 %581.6Xpro India
Mishra Dhatu Nigam200.94 %208.9Mishra Dhatu Nigam
Ajmera Realty258.73.9 %268.8Ajmera Realty
Kalpataru Power494.73.9 %514.0Kalpataru Power
Kanani Ind7.83.9 %8.1Kanani Ind
Mphasis2153.43.9 %2236.6Mphasis
Bigbloc Construction135.63.8 %140.8Bigbloc Construction
Galaxy Surfactants2315.93.8 %2403.1Galaxy Surfactants
Superhouse204.33.7 %212.0Superhouse
BEML1378.93.7 %1430.2BEML
D P Wires Ltd356.33.7 %369.6D P Wires Ltd
Guj State Petro265.83.7 %275.6Guj State Petro
India Gelatine268.73.7 %278.6India Gelatine
VST3004.63.6 %3114.2VST
S Chand and Co172.93.6 %179.2S Chand and Co
Ultramarine341.63.6 %353.9Ultramarine
Birla Tyres Ltd4.23.6 %4.3Birla Tyres Ltd
Lux Ind1340.63.6 %1389.0Lux Ind
Williamson Mago20.83.6 %21.6Williamson Mago
Onelife Capital12.63.6 %13.0Onelife Capital
Kirl Electric68.43.6 %70.8Kirl Electric
Tyroon Tea99.63.6 %103.1Tyroon Tea
Saksoft145.23.5 %150.3Saksoft
DCM Shriram836.73.5 %866.0DCM Shriram
Action Const369.93.5 %382.8Action Const
Ugro Capital Ltd149.23.5 %154.4Ugro Capital Ltd
Rolta2.93.4 %3.0Rolta
Ador Welding849.93.4 %879.0Ador Welding
SMS Lifesciences Ind562.13.4 %581.3SMS Lifesciences Ind
Magadh Sugar Energy322.93.4 %333.9Magadh Sugar Energy
Salasar Techno Eng44.63.4 %46.1Salasar Techno Eng
Sonata658.03.3 %680.0Sonata
KPR Mill580.83.3 %600.1KPR Mill
Inox Wind93.13.3 %96.2Inox Wind
Kiran Vyapar141.33.3 %146.0Kiran Vyapar
ITC371.43.2 %383.4ITC
Madras Fertilizers57.23.2 %59.0Madras Fertilizers
Competent Auto215.03.2 %221.9Competent Auto
Remi Edelstahl42.43.2 %43.7Remi Edelstahl
Tata Steel108.83.2 %112.3Tata Steel
Supreme Ind2663.43.1 %2746.5Supreme Ind
Industrial Inv Trust90.33.1 %93.1Industrial Inv Trust
JSW Ispat Special Products Ltd31.03.1 %31.9JSW Ispat Special Products Ltd
Raymond1312.83.1 %1352.9Raymond
Tata Metaliks753.73 %776.6Tata Metaliks
Vardhman Steels342.33 %352.7Vardhman Steels
Blue Star1376.73 %1418.1Blue Star
Superb Papers70.03 %72.1Superb Papers
Aditya Birla F254.73 %262.3Aditya Birla F
Invest and Prec293.23 %301.9Invest and Prec
Goldiam Inter149.32.9 %153.7Goldiam Inter
Bosch17499.02.9 %18014.6Bosch
Indoco Remedies365.02.9 %375.7Indoco Remedies
Prakash Woollen22.22.9 %22.9Prakash Woollen
Larsen2163.92.9 %2226.4Larsen
Tera Software39.92.9 %41.1Tera Software
Euro India Fresh Foods Ltd150.52.9 %154.8Euro India Fresh Foods Ltd
Lincoln Pharma329.42.9 %338.8Lincoln Pharma
Menon Bearings103.62.8 %106.6Menon Bearings
Coal India211.52.8 %217.5Coal India
JBM Auto537.82.8 %553.0JBM Auto
Greenply Ind140.12.8 %144.1Greenply Ind
Jindal Saw142.02.8 %146.0Jindal Saw
Datamatics Glob301.62.8 %310.0Datamatics Glob
Roto Pumps569.72.8 %585.7Roto Pumps
Responsive Ind123.42.8 %126.8Responsive Ind
Indag Rubber99.32.8 %102.1Indag Rubber
Agri-Tech (Ind)94.52.8 %97.1Agri-Tech (Ind)
Balrampur Chini363.62.7 %373.4Balrampur Chini
RPP Infra Proj42.52.7 %43.7RPP Infra Proj
Astra Microwave270.92.7 %278.2Astra Microwave
Shyam Century Ferr18.62.7 %19.1Shyam Century Ferr
TGV Sraac119.62.7 %122.8TGV Sraac
Mahindra Holida272.82.7 %280.1Mahindra Holida
TVS Motor1075.42.7 %1103.9TVS Motor
Ganges Securities115.42.6 %118.5Ganges Securities
63 Moons Tech198.72.6 %204.063 Moons Tech
KM Sugar Mills26.82.6 %27.5KM Sugar Mills
D-Link India253.92.6 %260.5D-Link India
Jindal Stainles257.42.6 %264.0Jindal Stainles
Shivalik Bimeta426.22.6 %437.2Shivalik Bimeta
Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd427.22.6 %438.2Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd
Zydus Wellness1415.32.5 %1451.4Zydus Wellness
Chennai Petro240.82.5 %246.9Chennai Petro
Artson Engg77.82.5 %79.8Artson Engg
Lemon Tree Hotels77.02.5 %78.9Lemon Tree Hotels
Hindustan Foods Ltd581.72.5 %596.1Hindustan Foods Ltd
Bengal & Assam 3895.62.5 %3991.2Bengal & Assam 
BASF2318.82.4 %2374.8BASF
NGL Fine Chem1503.82.4 %1540.0NGL Fine Chem
Oil Country14.62.4 %14.9Oil Country
Trent1328.82.4 %1360.7Trent
Rel Ind Infra846.62.4 %866.8Rel Ind Infra
Symphony1031.12.4 %1055.6Symphony
India Glycols621.52.4 %636.2India Glycols
Vardhman Text306.32.4 %313.5Vardhman Text
Lancor Holdings29.92.3 %30.6Lancor Holdings
Tinplate315.92.3 %323.2Tinplate
South Ind Bk17.52.3 %17.9South Ind Bk
Landmark Property6.62.3 %6.7Landmark Property
L&T Technology3612.22.3 %3694.2L&T Technology
TRF163.02.3 %166.7TRF
Eicher Motors3212.42.3 %3285.0Eicher Motors
Mtar Technologies Ltd1726.12.2 %1764.9Mtar Technologies Ltd
Balaji Amines2169.32.2 %2217.9Balaji Amines
Shalimar Paints145.32.2 %148.5Shalimar Paints
Elegant Marble116.42.2 %119.0Elegant Marble
SKF India4367.22.2 %4464.0SKF India
Dynemic Product273.32.2 %279.3Dynemic Product
GMR Infra38.82.2 %39.6GMR Infra
M.D. Inducto71.32.2 %72.9M.D. Inducto
Havells India1201.02.2 %1227.1Havells India
Kapston Facilities Mgnt Ltd138.02.1 %141.0Kapston Facilities Mgnt Ltd
GNA Axles876.22.1 %894.7GNA Axles
Haldyn Glass62.82.1 %64.1Haldyn Glass
Siemens3130.82.1 %3195.0Siemens
Ashima Limited14.72 %15.0Ashima Limited
Mastek1592.52 %1625.0Mastek
ABC India78.72 %80.3ABC India
Forbes Gokak635.42 %648.3Forbes Gokak
Kilburn Engg81.62 %83.2Kilburn Engg
NMDC118.82 %121.2NMDC
Swan Energy271.72 %277.2Swan Energy
Cochin Shipyard478.72 %488.2Cochin Shipyard
Ami Organics Ltd905.42 %923.3Ami Organics Ltd
Filatex India40.52 %41.3Filatex India
Windlas Biotech Ltd250.82 %255.7Windlas Biotech Ltd
Welspun Invest266.81.9 %272.0Welspun Invest
Freshtrop Fruit106.61.9 %108.7Freshtrop Fruit
Bharat Seats88.71.9 %90.4Bharat Seats
RITES Limited330.21.9 %336.5RITES Limited
Natco Pharma524.91.9 %534.9Natco Pharma
SAIL84.61.9 %86.2SAIL
Shree Ram Proteins Ltd55.71.9 %56.8Shree Ram Proteins Ltd
Khaitan (Ind)45.31.9 %46.2Khaitan (Ind)
A.K.Capital Ser441.51.9 %449.7A.K.Capital Ser
Power Finance145.81.9 %148.5Power Finance
Deccan Cements470.11.9 %478.8Deccan Cements
NTPC165.01.8 %168.1NTPC
Intl Combustion365.31.8 %372.0Intl Combustion
Wendt (Ind)8401.01.8 %8554.1Wendt (Ind)
Sahyadri Ind317.71.8 %323.4Sahyadri Ind
Deepak Fert622.91.8 %634.1Deepak Fert
ICICIB2257.61.8 %58.7ICICIB22
Sobha577.91.8 %588.3Sobha
Mangalam Cement272.71.8 %277.6Mangalam Cement
Kaveri Seed529.41.8 %538.8Kaveri Seed
Atul7166.61.7 %7290.8Atul
Oracle Fin Serv3176.61.7 %3231.7Oracle Fin Serv
Nila Spaces Ltd2.91.7 %3.0Nila Spaces Ltd
Zensar Tech262.41.7 %266.9Zensar Tech
Elantas Beck4362.11.7 %4435.0Elantas Beck
Nitiraj Engineers Ltd72.81.6 %74.0Nitiraj Engineers Ltd
Bajaj Auto3831.71.6 %3894.3Bajaj Auto
Tips Industries1614.31.6 %1640.5Tips Industries
Intl Travel207.01.6 %210.4Intl Travel
Den Networks30.91.6 %31.4Den Networks
Asian Granito40.41.6 %41.1Asian Granito
Kilitch Drugs144.31.6 %146.6Kilitch Drugs
Mah Seamless319.31.6 %324.3Mah Seamless
Akar Auto Indus66.51.6 %67.5Akar Auto Indus
Escorts2057.81.6 %2090.2Escorts
Gujarat FluoroChem Ltd2968.91.5 %3014.5Gujarat FluoroChem Ltd
Cybertech127.21.5 %129.1Cybertech
Reliance ETF528.21.5 %536.3Reliance ETF
Lotus Eye Hospital68.71.5 %69.7Lotus Eye Hospital
Sharda Crop470.41.5 %477.6Sharda Crop
Panama Petro302.91.5 %307.5Panama Petro
Jindal Steel581.31.5 %590.1Jindal Steel
Castrol119.31.5 %121.1Castrol
Sagar Cement214.91.5 %218.1Sagar Cement
Guj Heavy Chem509.11.5 %516.6Guj Heavy Chem
SMC Global Securities Ltd74.91.5 %76.0SMC Global Securities Ltd
The New India Assur102.51.5 %104.0The New India Assur
EID Parry520.91.4 %528.4EID Parry
Deepak Spinners228.41.4 %231.7Deepak Spinners
Sansera Engineering Ltd745.31.4 %755.9Sansera Engineering Ltd
Shiva Global95.41.4 %96.7Shiva Global
Kesoram57.51.4 %58.3Kesoram
KEI Industries1676.71.4 %1700.0KEI Industries
Godavari Drugs84.01.4 %85.1Godavari Drugs
Pearl Global In417.01.4 %422.7Pearl Global In
Parsvnath7.41.4 %7.5Parsvnath
Indian Metals320.31.4 %324.7Indian Metals
J. K. Cement2803.01.3 %2840.7J. K. Cement
Jayaswal Neco Ind22.51.3 %22.8Jayaswal Neco Ind
Fine Organic Ind4764.11.3 %4827.4Fine Organic Ind
Avenue Supermar3498.91.3 %3545.0Avenue Supermar
JSW Steel719.01.3 %728.4JSW Steel
Metalyst Forgin3.91.3 %3.9Metalyst Forgin
Subros290.11.3 %293.9Subros
Vineet Laboratories Ltd54.31.3 %55.0Vineet Laboratories Ltd
Titan Company2468.51.3 %2500.3Titan Company
SRF2289.41.3 %2318.9SRF
UltraTechCement7206.11.3 %7297.9UltraTechCement
Computer Age Mgnt Serv Ltd2271.81.3 %2300.7Computer Age Mgnt Serv Ltd
Voltamp Trans2949.21.3 %2986.5Voltamp Trans
Triveni Turbine280.91.3 %284.4Triveni Turbine
HB Stockholdings Ltd47.71.3 %48.3HB Stockholdings Ltd
Sundaram Fin2324.21.2 %2353.3Sundaram Fin
Enkei Wheels553.11.2 %560.0Enkei Wheels
Narayana Hruda719.11.2 %728.0Narayana Hruda
Praxis Home Retail24.41.2 %24.7Praxis Home Retail
Lokesh Machines114.41.2 %115.8Lokesh Machines
Onward Tech299.11.2 %302.7Onward Tech
Lyka Labs124.51.2 %126.0Lyka Labs
Meghmani Finechem Ltd1060.31.2 %1073.0Meghmani Finechem Ltd
Sukhjit Starch395.11.2 %399.8Sukhjit Starch
Greenlam Ind310.81.2 %314.4Greenlam Ind
Dixon Tech (Ind)2704.61.2 %2736.3Dixon Tech (Ind)
DB Realty69.01.2 %69.8DB Realty
Just Dial627.51.1 %634.7Just Dial
Anupam Rasayan India Ltd617.61.1 %624.6Anupam Rasayan India Ltd
GNFC536.21.1 %542.3GNFC
Worth Peripherals Ltd102.21.1 %103.3Worth Peripherals Ltd
Ion Exchange3151.91.1 %3187.2Ion Exchange
Cummins1600.81.1 %1618.7Cummins
Pricol197.11.1 %199.3Pricol
Kriti Indu (India) Ltd90.81.1 %91.8Kriti Indu (India) Ltd
TeamLease Ser.2490.31.1 %2517.7TeamLease Ser.
Somany Ceramics534.11.1 %540.0Somany Ceramics
Jindal Stainless(Hisar)477.11.1 %482.3Jindal Stainless(Hisar)
Vedanta310.71.1 %314.0Vedanta
Themis Medicare1332.51.1 %1346.6Themis Medicare
Steelcast519.61.1 %525.1Steelcast
Ashok Leyland147.41.1 %148.9Ashok Leyland
KOTAKNV20105.51 %106.6KOTAKNV20
Deepak Nitrite1785.71 %1804.3Deepak Nitrite
Asian Paints2804.61 %2833.6Asian Paints
Katwa Udyog126.01 %127.3Katwa Udyog
ICICI Bank853.91 %862.7ICICI Bank
Gujarat Gas Limited480.31 %485.3Gujarat Gas Limited
Security Intelligence357.41 %361.0Security Intelligence
Nandani Creation Ltd94.01 %94.9Nandani Creation Ltd
MM Forgings866.01 %874.7MM Forgings
Polycab India Ltd2985.01 %3014.8Polycab India Ltd
Scanpoint Geo9.11 %9.1Scanpoint Geo
JK Paper392.41 %396.3JK Paper
Taneja Aerospac110.81 %111.9Taneja Aerospac
Golden Tobacco60.61 %61.2Golden Tobacco
Sunshield Chem490.91 %495.8Sunshield Chem
Monte Carlo601.41 %607.3Monte Carlo
Hathway Cable15.81 %15.9Hathway Cable

Indian stock market 2023_WK07 Top Gainers Stock market Data of India from Nifty – NSE, Sensex – BSE. * Data is Only for educational purpose, not for trading. Please verify Data with latest sources.
* Consult your financial advisor before trading or investing in any stock.

Please mention stock name in the Comment.

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