2023_WK08 Top Gainers

Stock market Data of India from NSE/BSE.
* Data is Only for educational purpose, not for trading.
* Consult your financial advisor before trading or investing in any stock.


2023_WK08 Gainers

17-02-2023_Fri — to — 24-02-2023_Fri

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M.D. Inducto72.929.9 %94.7M.D. Inducto
Systematix Corp218.227.4 %277.9Systematix Corp
OK Play63.927.4 %81.4OK Play
Soma Textiles Ind16.527.3 %21.0Soma Textiles Ind
Aaron Indu Ltd175.623.7 %217.2Aaron Indu Ltd
Suryalata Spg314.121.8 %382.7Suryalata Spg
Ujaas Energy1.921.1 %2.3Ujaas Energy
Lumax Auto Tech220.819.5 %263.9Lumax Auto Tech
Fervent Synergi15.519.1 %18.4Fervent Synergi
PB Fintech Ltd484.819 %576.8PB Fintech Ltd
Sanghi Ind56.018.7 %66.5Sanghi Ind
Dishman Carbogen103.016.8 %120.2Dishman Carbogen
Equitas Small Fin Bank Ltd58.514.9 %67.2Equitas Small Fin Bank Ltd
Pressman Advt59.614.8 %68.4Pressman Advt
Mahindra CIE391.214.7 %448.6Mahindra CIE
BLB Limited22.713.9 %25.8BLB Limited
Touchwood Entertainment Ltd162.113.5 %184.1Touchwood Entertainment Ltd
Zen Tech235.513.4 %267.0Zen Tech
Elantas Beck4435.012.7 %5000.4Elantas Beck
Inox Wind96.212.4 %108.1Inox Wind
Eros Intl25.512.4 %28.7Eros Intl
Everest Kanto Cylin69.512.2 %78.0Everest Kanto Cylin
Nucleus Softwar556.512.2 %624.2Nucleus Softwar
Superhouse212.012.1 %237.7Superhouse
Globus Spirits771.711.6 %861.3Globus Spirits
Kriti Indu (India) Ltd91.811.2 %102.1Kriti Indu (India) Ltd
Vertoz Advertising Ltd195.210.7 %216.0Vertoz Advertising Ltd
Indag Rubber102.110.5 %112.8Indag Rubber
Cenlub164.610.5 %181.9Cenlub
Bharat Dynamics872.79.8 %958.3Bharat Dynamics
Sangam India199.29.5 %218.1Sangam India
Pansari Developers Ltd78.49.4 %85.8Pansari Developers Ltd
Trigyn Tech100.89.4 %110.3Trigyn Tech
Kilburn Engg83.29.4 %91.0Kilburn Engg
Zensar Tech266.99.3 %291.6Zensar Tech
ABB Power Products and Systems India Ltd3003.19 %3274.2ABB Power Products and Systems India Ltd
Pennar Inds73.58.9 %80.1Pennar Inds
Lloyds Steels Ind19.28.9 %20.9Lloyds Steels Ind
Poly Medicure891.68.7 %969.0Poly Medicure
Allcargo343.18.5 %372.4Allcargo
Sab Eve Gov Now Me3.68.5 %3.9Sab Eve Gov Now Me
Acrysil India502.08.4 %544.0Acrysil India
Tarmat56.58.2 %61.1Tarmat
Steel Exchange14.78.2 %15.9Steel Exchange
Sunshield Chem495.88.1 %536.0Sunshield Chem
CG-Vak Software345.68.1 %373.6CG-Vak Software
Gyscoal Alloys2.58 %2.7Gyscoal Alloys
DHP891.27.9 %962.0DHP
Guj Themis612.37.9 %660.7Guj Themis
Jindal Saw146.07.9 %157.6Jindal Saw
Vaishali Pharma Ltd154.97.8 %166.9Vaishali Pharma Ltd
GAIL96.07.8 %103.5GAIL
Skipper98.37.5 %105.7Skipper
Venus Remedies149.77.5 %160.9Venus Remedies
Vippy Spinpro192.27.2 %206.0Vippy Spinpro
Rajnandini Metal Ltd13.47.1 %14.3Rajnandini Metal Ltd
Austin Eng122.27 %130.7Austin Eng
Sandur Manganes899.76.9 %961.8Sandur Manganes
Universal Cables345.26.9 %369.0Universal Cables
S P Apparels294.06.9 %314.3S P Apparels
Kirloskar Ind2062.56.9 %2204.0Kirloskar Ind
Kamat Hotels120.56.7 %128.6Kamat Hotels
Kalyan Jewellers India Ltd111.26.7 %118.6Kalyan Jewellers India Ltd
Symphony1055.66.7 %1125.8Symphony
PBM Polytex96.26.6 %102.5PBM Polytex
Ambition Mica5.46.5 %5.7Ambition Mica
Gandhi Spl Tube489.46.4 %520.8Gandhi Spl Tube
Career Point157.16.3 %167.0Career Point
Amarjothi Spin170.86.2 %181.4Amarjothi Spin
Indian Energy Exchang135.56.2 %143.9Indian Energy Exchang
Natural Capsule391.66.2 %415.7Natural Capsule
Indiabulls Real56.16.1 %59.5Indiabulls Real
Radha Madhav1.76.1 %1.8Radha Madhav
Capital Trade28.16 %29.8Capital Trade
Genus Power87.06 %92.2Genus Power
Bigbloc Construction140.85.9 %149.1Bigbloc Construction
Finolex Cables681.45.8 %720.8Finolex Cables
IndiaNivesh59.25.7 %62.6IndiaNivesh
SpiceJet37.65.7 %39.7SpiceJet
Sundaram-Clayto4666.25.7 %4931.4Sundaram-Clayto
GlaxoSmithKline1242.15.7 %1312.4GlaxoSmithKline
Tube Investments2421.75.3 %2551.1Tube Investments
Rajdarshan Ind32.85.3 %34.6Rajdarshan Ind
Simplex Casting37.55.3 %39.5Simplex Casting
Gujarat Pipavav99.45.2 %104.6Gujarat Pipavav
Krishana Phoschem Ltd489.45.2 %515.0Krishana Phoschem Ltd
Ion Exchange3187.25.2 %3352.2Ion Exchange
Alembic Pharma505.35.2 %531.3Alembic Pharma
TCI Express1520.15.1 %1598.3TCI Express
Taneja Aerospac111.95.1 %117.7Taneja Aerospac
Superb Papers72.15.1 %75.8Superb Papers
Zomato Ltd51.85.1 %54.5Zomato Ltd
Mirza Intl273.05.1 %286.8Mirza Intl
Vidhi Spec324.45 %340.5Vidhi Spec
Thermax2046.75 %2148.2Thermax
Kovai Medical Center and Hospital Ltd1821.64.9 %1910.2Kovai Medical Center and Hospital Ltd
RS Software24.84.8 %26.0RS Software
Baid Leasing35.14.7 %36.7Baid Leasing
Kirloskar Ferro401.94.7 %420.7Kirloskar Ferro
Voltas855.14.7 %895.2Voltas
Cyient923.54.7 %966.6Cyient
Keerthi Ind142.94.6 %149.5Keerthi Ind
Kirloskar Ferrous Indu Ltd402.44.6 %420.9Kirloskar Ferrous Indu Ltd
Sadbhav Engg10.94.6 %11.4Sadbhav Engg
Jindal Drilling274.64.6 %287.2Jindal Drilling
Kingfa Science1319.94.6 %1380.6Kingfa Science
Gujarat Gas Limited485.34.6 %507.4Gujarat Gas Limited
Kovai Medical1820.54.5 %1903.3Kovai Medical
MIRC Electronics14.34.5 %15.0MIRC Electronics
Infibeam Avenues15.74.5 %16.4Infibeam Avenues
MSR India9.54.4 %9.9MSR India
Bafna Pharma Ltd92.04.4 %96.0Bafna Pharma Ltd
Datamatics Glob310.04.4 %323.6Datamatics Glob
Sumitomo Chemical India Ltd428.04.3 %446.5Sumitomo Chemical India Ltd
Sahyadri Ind323.44.3 %337.4Sahyadri Ind
Vikram Thermo56.74.3 %59.2Vikram Thermo
Radico Khaitan1124.14.3 %1172.2Radico Khaitan
Alok indu Ltd11.74.3 %12.2Alok indu Ltd
Cheviot Company1076.44.2 %1122.1Cheviot Company
Ravinder Heights Ltd21.64.2 %22.5Ravinder Heights Ltd
Religare Enterp150.24.2 %156.5Religare Enterp
Balkrishna Pap Mills32.94.1 %34.2Balkrishna Pap Mills
Bharat Rasayan8728.24.1 %9084.6Bharat Rasayan
Mayur Uniquoter468.14 %487.0Mayur Uniquoter
WPIL1795.14 %1867.3WPIL
Stovec Ind2083.74 %2166.8Stovec Ind
Matrimony.Com507.53.9 %527.4Matrimony.Com
Anupam Rasayan India Ltd624.63.9 %649.1Anupam Rasayan India Ltd
Ramky Infra274.43.8 %285.0Ramky Infra
The Anup Engi Ltd1121.63.8 %1164.5The Anup Engi Ltd
Sonata680.03.8 %706.0Sonata
Beryl Drugs13.43.8 %13.9Beryl Drugs
GeeCee Ventures139.53.8 %144.8GeeCee Ventures
Sanofi India5361.53.8 %5563.2Sanofi India
Omkar Special9.43.7 %9.7Omkar Special
Linde India3733.23.7 %3871.4Linde India
Ratnamani Metal2105.23.7 %2182.9Ratnamani Metal
HBL Power100.43.7 %104.1HBL Power
Daikaffil Chem23.73.6 %24.5Daikaffil Chem
Johnson Control1173.53.6 %1215.7Johnson Control
Tyche Ind137.23.5 %142.1Tyche Ind
Visaka Ind376.33.5 %389.6Visaka Ind
DPSC Limited11.43.5 %11.8DPSC Limited
Ingersoll Rand2082.03.5 %2154.4Ingersoll Rand
Apcotex Ind414.33.5 %428.7Apcotex Ind
Shipping Corp119.13.4 %123.2Shipping Corp
Arihant Capital Markets Ltd45.53.4 %47.1Arihant Capital Markets Ltd
Suryalakshmi Co53.93.3 %55.7Suryalakshmi Co
Bright Brothers144.13.3 %148.9Bright Brothers
Agri-Tech (Ind)97.13.3 %100.3Agri-Tech (Ind)
RSWM153.93.2 %158.9RSWM
VST Tillers2191.33.2 %2262.2VST Tillers
Bcl indu Ltd429.63.2 %443.4Bcl indu Ltd
aurionPro Sol366.53.1 %377.9aurionPro Sol
Deccan Gold40.93.1 %42.1Deccan Gold
Narayana Hruda728.03 %750.2Narayana Hruda
Univastu India Ltd90.53 %93.2Univastu India Ltd
Divis Labs2829.83 %2915.2Divis Labs
Foods & Inns Ltd128.13 %132.0Foods & Inns Ltd
Bhagiradha Chem & indu Ltd1014.72.9 %1044.5Bhagiradha Chem & indu Ltd
NOCIL223.12.9 %229.6NOCIL
Transpek1619.62.9 %1665.8Transpek
Denis Chem Lab72.12.8 %74.1Denis Chem Lab
GNA Axles894.72.8 %920.1GNA Axles
Lincoln Pharma338.82.8 %348.4Lincoln Pharma
Blue Star1418.12.8 %1457.9Blue Star
Indian Card210.82.8 %216.7Indian Card
Akg Exim Ltd27.12.8 %27.8Akg Exim Ltd
Valson Ind23.52.8 %24.2Valson Ind
Global Vectra54.32.8 %55.8Global Vectra
Geekay Wires Ltd126.62.7 %130.0Geekay Wires Ltd
Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd361.42.7 %371.1Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd
Triveni Turbine284.42.7 %292.0Triveni Turbine
Whirlpool1286.72.7 %1321.0Whirlpool
Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd719.82.7 %738.9Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd
Krsnaa Diagnostics Ltd375.12.7 %385.1Krsnaa Diagnostics Ltd
S Chand and Co179.22.7 %184.0S Chand and Co
Cera Sanitary5950.52.7 %6108.2Cera Sanitary
JBM Auto553.02.6 %567.6JBM Auto
Prime Securities97.12.6 %99.6Prime Securities
Maral Overseas51.12.5 %52.4Maral Overseas
Shilp Gravures89.02.5 %91.3Shilp Gravures
Shalimar Paints148.52.5 %152.3Shalimar Paints
CRISIL3140.92.5 %3218.2CRISIL
Vadilal Ind2546.02.4 %2608.2Vadilal Ind
Jullundur Motor65.92.4 %67.5Jullundur Motor
Gufic Biosciences207.92.4 %213.0Gufic Biosciences
Ajmera Realty268.82.4 %275.3Ajmera Realty
Mastek1625.02.4 %1663.9Mastek
Caprihans107.32.4 %109.9Caprihans
Gokaldas Export392.62.4 %401.9Gokaldas Export
VRL Logistics540.02.4 %552.7VRL Logistics
Mcleod19.22.3 %19.6Mcleod
IFB Industries834.62.3 %854.2IFB Industries
MSP Steel Power8.62.3 %8.8MSP Steel Power
Himatsingka Sei77.12.3 %78.9Himatsingka Sei
Oswal Agro Mills30.22.3 %30.9Oswal Agro Mills
Tamboli Capital107.82.3 %110.3Tamboli Capital
Techindia Nirman8.72.3 %8.9Techindia Nirman
Generic Eng Const and Projects Ltd57.02.3 %58.3Generic Eng Const and Projects Ltd
JTEKT India 101.42.3 %103.7JTEKT India 
Shivam Auto24.62.2 %25.2Shivam Auto
Shakti Pumps413.72.2 %422.9Shakti Pumps
Dixon Tech (Ind)2736.32.2 %2797.0Dixon Tech (Ind)
Noida Toll6.82.2 %7.0Noida Toll
Hatsun Agro888.72.2 %908.3Hatsun Agro
Pix Transmis754.62.2 %771.1Pix Transmis
Avantel390.12.2 %398.6Avantel
Kokuyo Camlin69.82.2 %71.3Kokuyo Camlin
Oriental Trimex7.02.1 %7.2Oriental Trimex
Tiger Logistics376.42.1 %384.4Tiger Logistics
BF Investment401.12.1 %409.6BF Investment
MPL Plastics16.92.1 %17.3MPL Plastics
Gujarat Apollo191.22.1 %195.2Gujarat Apollo
Sapphire Foods India Ltd1169.72.1 %1194.2Sapphire Foods India Ltd
Somany Ceramics540.02.1 %551.2Somany Ceramics
Wockhardt190.72 %194.6Wockhardt
Aster DM Healthcare228.52 %233.1Aster DM Healthcare
Iris Business Serv Ltd80.02 %81.6Iris Business Serv Ltd
Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd162.62 %165.8Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd
FSN E-Commerce Ventures Ltd139.42 %142.2FSN E-Commerce Ventures Ltd
Aegis Logistics348.62 %355.5Aegis Logistics
Sakar Healthcare Ltd228.71.9 %233.2Sakar Healthcare Ltd
De Nora India853.71.9 %870.1De Nora India
Polycab India Ltd3014.81.9 %3072.9Polycab India Ltd
Marico489.51.9 %498.8Marico
Ramco System216.51.9 %220.6Ramco System
TD Power System138.21.9 %140.8TD Power System
VST3114.21.9 %3172.0VST
Sheela Foam1172.11.9 %1193.9Sheela Foam
Shivalik Bimeta437.21.8 %445.1Shivalik Bimeta
Ganesha Ecosph858.71.8 %874.3Ganesha Ecosph
GMM Pfaudler1531.61.8 %1559.3GMM Pfaudler
Timex Group Ind132.11.8 %134.4Timex Group Ind
J Kumar Infra255.91.8 %260.5J Kumar Infra
Shree Pushkar172.61.8 %175.6Shree Pushkar
NTPC168.11.8 %171.0NTPC
GNFC542.31.7 %551.7GNFC
Prime Focus68.91.7 %70.1Prime Focus
ICICI Securities465.11.7 %473.2ICICI Securities
Spandana Sphoorty Fin Ltd590.71.7 %600.8Spandana Sphoorty Fin Ltd
MAS Financial Ser815.01.7 %829.0MAS Financial Ser
Orient Bell511.91.7 %520.7Orient Bell
Gujarat FluoroChem Ltd3014.51.7 %3065.6Gujarat FluoroChem Ltd
Ashima Limited15.01.7 %15.2Ashima Limited
NLC India78.11.7 %79.4NLC India
Flexituff Intl27.31.6 %27.8Flexituff Intl
Revathi CP1165.11.6 %1184.3Revathi CP
Control Print454.71.6 %462.2Control Print
Kolte-Patil268.31.6 %272.6Kolte-Patil
Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd438.21.6 %445.3Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd
Siemens3195.01.6 %3246.5Siemens
Bambino Agro326.11.6 %331.3Bambino Agro
Mold Tek Tech222.71.6 %226.3Mold Tek Tech
Kabra Extrusion568.81.6 %577.7Kabra Extrusion
India Home Loan38.61.6 %39.2India Home Loan
Kalpataru Power514.01.5 %522.0Kalpataru Power
Kerala Ayur91.01.5 %92.4Kerala Ayur
Electrosteel St33.31.5 %33.8Electrosteel St
DFM Foods453.41.5 %460.2DFM Foods
Newgen Software444.91.5 %451.6Newgen Software
Bajaj Holdings6013.51.5 %6103.3Bajaj Holdings
IndoStar Capital Fin138.01.5 %140.0IndoStar Capital Fin
RattanIndia Power3.51.4 %3.6RattanIndia Power
Petronet LNG218.61.4 %221.7Petronet LNG
Jindal Stainless(Hisar)482.31.4 %489.1Jindal Stainless(Hisar)
Manugraph Ind17.81.4 %18.1Manugraph Ind
Ashapura Mine106.91.4 %108.4Ashapura Mine
Dish TV14.31.4 %14.5Dish TV
Dynacons Sys Sol387.41.4 %392.8Dynacons Sys Sol
IGL432.31.4 %438.3IGL
GMM Pfaudler1532.11.3 %1552.2GMM Pfaudler
UCAL Fuel114.41.3 %115.9UCAL Fuel
Mukand126.11.3 %127.8Mukand
Indo Count130.51.3 %132.2Indo Count
KPR Mill600.11.3 %607.8KPR Mill
Rasandik Engg71.11.3 %72.0Rasandik Engg
Summit Sec592.51.2 %599.9Summit Sec
Transport Corp642.81.2 %650.8Transport Corp
VLS Finance164.91.2 %166.9VLS Finance
Aspinwall and Co204.71.2 %207.1Aspinwall and Co
RPG Life848.71.2 %858.8RPG Life
Best Agrolife Ltd1098.71.2 %1111.8Best Agrolife Ltd
Garware Tech Fibres2935.51.2 %2970.4Garware Tech Fibres
Agro Tech Foods880.01.2 %890.4Agro Tech Foods
Birla Tyres Ltd4.31.2 %4.4Birla Tyres Ltd
Info Edge3515.01.2 %3555.7Info Edge
Nitiraj Engineers Ltd74.01.1 %74.8Nitiraj Engineers Ltd
Phoenix Mills1300.01.1 %1314.9Phoenix Mills
Taj GVK Hotels184.31.1 %186.4Taj GVK Hotels
Sarda Energy1108.11.1 %1120.6Sarda Energy
Sumit Woods Ltd35.71.1 %36.1Sumit Woods Ltd
Blue Dart6177.01.1 %6246.2Blue Dart
SKF India4464.01.1 %4513.9SKF India
CenturyPlyboard509.91.1 %515.6CenturyPlyboard
Bhagiradh Chem1013.51.1 %1024.7Bhagiradh Chem
Sterling Tools335.11.1 %338.8Sterling Tools
B.C. Power Controls Ltd4.61.1 %4.6B.C. Power Controls Ltd
Kansai Nerolac414.71.1 %419.2Kansai Nerolac
Federal-Mogul302.51.1 %305.8Federal-Mogul
Alkem Lab3262.01.1 %3297.4Alkem Lab
Schneider Infra167.11 %168.8Schneider Infra
Nath Bio-Genes144.31 %145.8Nath Bio-Genes
Guj State Petro275.61 %278.5Guj State Petro
Hitech Corp198.41 %200.5Hitech Corp
Dynemic Product279.31 %282.1Dynemic Product
Greaves Cotton131.91 %133.2Greaves Cotton
Balkrishna Ind2028.91 %2048.5Balkrishna Ind
Ashok Alco-Chem88.71 %89.5Ashok Alco-Chem

Indian stock market 2023_WK08 Top Gainers Stock market Data of India from Nifty – NSE, Sensex – BSE. * Data is Only for educational purpose, not for trading. Please verify Data with latest sources.
* Consult your financial advisor before trading or investing in any stock.

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