2023_WK08 Top Losers

Stock market Data of India from NSE/BSE.
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2023_WK08 Losers

17-02-2023_Fri — to — 24-02-2023_Fri

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IRB Infra288.8-90.3 %28.0IRB Infra
SVP Global Ventures Ltd29.9-43.1 %17.0SVP Global Ventures Ltd
Zee Learn4.5-32.6 %3.0Zee Learn
Adani Enterpris1722.7-23.6 %1315.7Adani Enterpris
Adani Green En628.7-22.6 %486.5Adani Green En
Adani Trans920.4-22.6 %712.3Adani Trans
Poddar Housing145.5-22.6 %112.7Poddar Housing
Phyto Chem48.5-22.4 %37.7Phyto Chem
Kesar Petro6.7-21.8 %5.2Kesar Petro
Avon Life3.4-21.5 %2.6Avon Life
STL Global14.9-21.5 %11.7STL Global
Ginni Filaments25.7-20.3 %20.5Ginni Filaments
Macrotech Developers Ltd900.4-20.1 %719.6Macrotech Developers Ltd
Sintex Plastics Tech2.9-19.3 %2.3Sintex Plastics Tech
Capacit'e Infra proj144.7-19.1 %117.1Capacit'e Infra proj
Future Consumer1.1-18.2 %0.9Future Consumer
Global Education Ltd236.5-18.2 %193.6Global Education Ltd
RTS Power Corp155.5-17.9 %127.6RTS Power Corp
Zee Media Corp10.4-17.8 %8.6Zee Media Corp
Shree Ram Proteins Ltd56.8-17.7 %46.7Shree Ram Proteins Ltd
Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Ltd419.7-17.5 %346.2Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Ltd
DB Realty69.8-17.4 %57.7DB Realty
Insecticides567.9-17.3 %469.9Insecticides
Enkei Wheels560.0-17.2 %463.6Enkei Wheels
Tree House13.9-16.9 %11.6Tree House
Rollatainers1.2-16.7 %1.0Rollatainers
Lasa Supergenerics29.3-16.4 %24.5Lasa Supergenerics
Pokarna360.9-16.4 %301.9Pokarna
Panache Digilife Ltd83.6-16 %70.2Panache Digilife Ltd
Future Ent1.3-16 %1.1Future Ent
Vama Ind5.1-16 %4.3Vama Ind
RKEC Projects Ltd63.5-16 %53.4RKEC Projects Ltd
Monarch Net232.0-15.7 %195.7Monarch Net
Visa Steel13.1-15.3 %11.1Visa Steel
Kridhan Infra3.0-15.3 %2.5Kridhan Infra
Asahi Songwon223.9-15.1 %190.1Asahi Songwon
Amal273.8-15.1 %232.4Amal
Cochin Minerals316.3-15.1 %268.5Cochin Minerals
Oswal ChemandFe24.3-15.1 %20.6Oswal ChemandFe
MT Educare5.2-14.4 %4.5MT Educare
Visagar Polytex1.1-14.3 %0.9Visagar Polytex
Praxis Home Retail24.7-14 %21.3Praxis Home Retail
Rossell India286.6-13.9 %246.7Rossell India
Future Life6.1-13.9 %5.3Future Life
JBF Industries6.2-13.8 %5.3JBF Industries
Kopran132.3-13.8 %114.0Kopran
PVP Ventures8.1-13.6 %7.0PVP Ventures
Kewal Kiran438.2-13.4 %379.4Kewal Kiran
Usha Martin Edu Sol4.1-13.4 %3.6Usha Martin Edu Sol
Inani Marbles22.5-13.3 %19.5Inani Marbles
Rolta3.0-13.3 %2.6Rolta
Nila Infras6.1-13.2 %5.3Nila Infras
Seamec679.2-13.2 %589.6Seamec
SKM Egg Product181.1-13.1 %157.4SKM Egg Product
TGB Banquets10.0-13 %8.7TGB Banquets
TataTeleservice66.1-12.9 %57.6TataTeleservice
Talbros Auto482.1-12.9 %419.8Talbros Auto
NGL Fine Chem1540.0-12.9 %1341.6NGL Fine Chem
Shaily Engg1247.0-12.8 %1086.9Shaily Engg
Igarashi Motors401.3-12.6 %350.6Igarashi Motors
Astron Paper27.9-12.6 %24.4Astron Paper
The Motor General Fin32.7-12.6 %28.6The Motor General Fin
Aditya Birla F262.3-12.4 %229.9Aditya Birla F
Agro Phos India Ltd37.2-12.2 %32.6Agro Phos India Ltd
NDTV217.2-12.2 %190.6NDTV
Uflex486.3-11.9 %428.3Uflex
Cerebra Integ Tech10.2-11.8 %9.0Cerebra Integ Tech
Synergy Green Indu Ltd127.6-11.8 %112.6Synergy Green Indu Ltd
Premco Global379.3-11.4 %336.2Premco Global
Raj Television46.3-11.4 %41.0Raj Television
Tijaria Polypipes7.1-11.3 %6.3Tijaria Polypipes
Sundaram Multi Pap2.7-11.3 %2.4Sundaram Multi Pap
Ansal Prop Infra10.2-11.3 %9.1Ansal Prop Infra
Sadbhav Infra4.5-11.2 %4.0Sadbhav Infra
Krebs Biochem88.9-11.2 %78.9Krebs Biochem
Manaksia142.0-11 %126.3Manaksia
Pro Fin Capital1.2-11 %1.1Pro Fin Capital
NELCO618.1-11 %550.1NELCO
Somi Conveyor37.9-11 %33.7Somi Conveyor
Bengal & Assam 3991.2-10.9 %3554.2Bengal & Assam 
Jaysynth Dyestu70.9-10.8 %63.3Jaysynth Dyestu
Celebrity Fashions15.3-10.8 %13.7Celebrity Fashions
Jaypee Infra1.4-10.7 %1.3Jaypee Infra
Siti Networks1.4-10.7 %1.3Siti Networks
GRP Limited3167.5-10.5 %2834.7GRP Limited
Indiabulls Hsg113.1-10.5 %101.2Indiabulls Hsg
Asian Oilfield65.3-10.4 %58.5Asian Oilfield
Simplex Infra45.1-10.3 %40.5Simplex Infra
GE T&D India117.7-10.2 %105.7GE T&D India
Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd413.9-10.2 %371.8Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd
D. P. Abhushan Ltd351.6-10.2 %315.9D. P. Abhushan Ltd
Globe Textiles (India) Ltd3.5-10.1 %3.1Globe Textiles (India) Ltd
Alphageo251.2-10.1 %225.8Alphageo
Akash Infra-Projects Ltd31.6-10 %28.4Akash Infra-Projects Ltd
Hindcon Chem Ltd91.3-9.9 %82.2Hindcon Chem Ltd
Prozone Intu25.9-9.8 %23.4Prozone Intu
NACL Ind97.0-9.7 %87.5NACL Ind
Precot Meridian150.5-9.7 %135.9Precot Meridian
Rashtriya Chem111.2-9.6 %100.5Rashtriya Chem
Consol Finvest125.8-9.6 %113.7Consol Finvest
SEL Manufacturing Co Ltd269.7-9.6 %243.9SEL Manufacturing Co Ltd
GK Consultants10.0-9.5 %9.0GK Consultants
KLRF128.2-9.5 %116.0KLRF
Swan Energy277.2-9.5 %250.8Swan Energy
Kiri Industries300.3-9.4 %271.9Kiri Industries
Tata Inv Corp2213.4-9.4 %2004.4Tata Inv Corp
Tips Industries1640.5-9.4 %1486.2Tips Industries
IMP Powers5.4-9.3 %4.9IMP Powers
Delta Corp202.8-9.3 %183.9Delta Corp
Madhucon Proj4.9-9.3 %4.4Madhucon Proj
Nagarjuna Fertilizers9.7-9.3 %8.8Nagarjuna Fertilizers
Gala Global Prd7.4-9.3 %6.8Gala Global Prd
Nandan Denim21.6-9.3 %19.6Nandan Denim
Sambhaav Media3.3-9.2 %3.0Sambhaav Media
Rajesh Exports763.8-9.2 %693.7Rajesh Exports
Nureca Ltd385.6-9.2 %350.3Nureca Ltd
Zee Entertain215.3-9.2 %195.6Zee Entertain
Onward Tech302.7-9.2 %275.0Onward Tech
STC India77.8-9.1 %70.7STC India
Supreme Engineering Ltd1.1-9.1 %1.0Supreme Engineering Ltd
Duke Offshore8.1-9.1 %7.3Duke Offshore
India Gelatine278.6-9 %253.4India Gelatine
CMI16.7-9 %15.2CMI
Mangalam Organics Ltd465.6-9 %423.8Mangalam Organics Ltd
Ganges Securities118.5-8.9 %107.9Ganges Securities
Welspun Enter137.1-8.9 %124.8Welspun Enter
Premier2.8-8.9 %2.6Premier
Themis Medicare1346.6-8.9 %1226.7Themis Medicare
Accuracy Shipping Ltd18.2-8.8 %16.6Accuracy Shipping Ltd
Ndr Auto Components Ltd625.5-8.8 %570.5Ndr Auto Components Ltd
Ducon Infratech9.1-8.8 %8.3Ducon Infratech
Voltamp Trans2986.5-8.8 %2725.0Voltamp Trans
A2Z Infra Eng8.0-8.8 %7.3A2Z Infra Eng
Golden Tobacco61.2-8.7 %55.9Golden Tobacco
Ponni Sugars(E)496.1-8.7 %453.2Ponni Sugars(E)
Paramount Comm37.8-8.6 %34.6Paramount Comm
Reliance Power11.1-8.6 %10.1Reliance Power
Likhitha Infra Ltd252.5-8.6 %230.8Likhitha Infra Ltd
Piramal Enter868.5-8.6 %794.2Piramal Enter
Tejnaksh98.6-8.5 %90.2Tejnaksh
Nilkamal2005.0-8.4 %1836.6Nilkamal
Banaras Beads81.3-8.4 %74.5Banaras Beads
Sanwaria Consumer0.6-8.3 %0.6Sanwaria Consumer
Dangee Dums Ltd18.2-8.3 %16.7Dangee Dums Ltd
ABM Int Ltd38.2-8.3 %35.0ABM Int Ltd
Simran Farms128.6-8.2 %118.0Simran Farms
Jai Corp129.2-8.2 %118.6Jai Corp
Bannari A Spg44.5-8.1 %40.9Bannari A Spg
Bloom Dekor14.3-8.1 %13.1Bloom Dekor
Southern PetroChem69.4-8.1 %63.8Southern PetroChem
Eastern Silk Ind3.1-8.1 %2.9Eastern Silk Ind
Fineotex Chem252.7-8.1 %232.4Fineotex Chem
Maan Aluminium205.7-8 %189.2Maan Aluminium
Ugar Sugar Work100.2-8 %92.2Ugar Sugar Work
Dollar Ind349.4-8 %321.4Dollar Ind
Arvind SmartSpaces274.3-8 %252.3Arvind SmartSpaces
Reliance Naval 2.5-8 %2.3Reliance Naval 
Hindustan Motors15.0-8 %13.8Hindustan Motors
Hubtown43.4-8 %39.9Hubtown
Chemplast Sanmar Ltd416.0-7.9 %382.9Chemplast Sanmar Ltd
Setco Auto9.5-7.9 %8.7Setco Auto
Techno Electric & Engineering Co Ltd361.7-7.9 %333.1Techno Electric & Engineering Co Ltd
Cords Cable Ind71.5-7.9 %65.8Cords Cable Ind
Pioneer36.1-7.9 %33.2Pioneer
Donear Ind85.8-7.9 %79.1Donear Ind
Aarey Drugs & Pharma Ltd31.9-7.8 %29.4Aarey Drugs & Pharma Ltd
Aarvi Encon Ltd126.5-7.8 %116.6Aarvi Encon Ltd
Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd68.5-7.8 %63.1Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd
MTNL21.9-7.8 %20.2MTNL
Prestige Estate433.3-7.7 %399.8Prestige Estate
Indoco Remedies375.7-7.7 %346.8Indoco Remedies
Balaji Telefilm46.8-7.7 %43.2Balaji Telefilm
Canara Bank293.7-7.7 %271.1Canara Bank
RPP Infra Proj43.7-7.7 %40.3RPP Infra Proj
Puravankara86.7-7.7 %80.0Puravankara
Confidence Petroleum India Ltd64.9-7.6 %60.0Confidence Petroleum India Ltd
Dalmia Sugar346.1-7.6 %319.8Dalmia Sugar
Dharamsi Morarj260.5-7.6 %240.7Dharamsi Morarj
Vardhman Steels352.7-7.6 %325.9Vardhman Steels
HOV Services46.1-7.6 %42.6HOV Services
NMDC121.2-7.6 %112.0NMDC
Rain Industries167.6-7.6 %154.9Rain Industries
Oriental Aromatics Ltd384.0-7.6 %354.9Oriental Aromatics Ltd
Nihar Info6.7-7.6 %6.2Nihar Info
Lagnam Spintex Ltd57.5-7.6 %53.2Lagnam Spintex Ltd
Katwa Udyog127.3-7.5 %117.7Katwa Udyog
Kinetic Eng103.6-7.5 %95.8Kinetic Eng
Oricon Ent22.0-7.5 %20.3Oricon Ent
BSE Limited475.0-7.5 %439.3BSE Limited
Jain Irrig (D)17.3-7.5 %16.0Jain Irrig (D)
Rubfila Intl72.3-7.5 %66.9Rubfila Intl
Subex Ltd31.5-7.5 %29.2Subex Ltd
Panasonic Energ247.5-7.5 %229.0Panasonic Energ
GTL Limited6.1-7.4 %5.6GTL Limited
D-Link India260.5-7.4 %241.1D-Link India
HT Media18.9-7.4 %17.5HT Media
Wim Plast439.7-7.4 %407.0Wim Plast
Take Solutions19.6-7.4 %18.1Take Solutions
Cupid267.3-7.4 %247.5Cupid
Pritish Nandy Comm36.6-7.4 %33.9Pritish Nandy Comm
Repco Home214.7-7.4 %198.8Repco Home
Banswara Syntex147.9-7.3 %137.1Banswara Syntex
Auto Stampings312.3-7.3 %289.4Auto Stampings
HDIL4.1-7.3 %3.8HDIL
Bank of Baroda166.8-7.3 %154.6Bank of Baroda
Tourism Finance73.2-7.3 %67.9Tourism Finance
VBC Ferro47.9-7.3 %44.4VBC Ferro
Future Ent DVR6.9-7.3 %6.4Future Ent DVR
HPCL234.1-7.3 %217.0HPCL
Sakuma Exports13.8-7.3 %12.8Sakuma Exports
Eimco Elecon (Ind)389.9-7.3 %361.6Eimco Elecon (Ind)
Selan Explore302.4-7.2 %280.5Selan Explore
Bank of India75.6-7.2 %70.1Bank of India
Savera Ind66.8-7.2 %62.0Savera Ind
Godrej Prop1164.1-7.2 %1080.5Godrej Prop
IFCI11.9-7.2 %11.0IFCI
Intl Travel210.4-7.1 %195.4Intl Travel
Ruby Mills188.6-7.1 %175.2Ruby Mills
AMD Industries53.0-7.1 %49.3AMD Industries
Kanpur Plastipack Ltd88.5-7.1 %82.3Kanpur Plastipack Ltd
South Ind Bk17.9-7 %16.6South Ind Bk
Dilip Buildcon208.0-7 %193.5Dilip Buildcon
Centum Electron612.8-7 %569.9Centum Electron
Kanpur Plast88.3-7 %82.2Kanpur Plast
TGV Sraac122.8-7 %114.3TGV Sraac
Jindal PolyFilm651.0-6.9 %605.8Jindal PolyFilm
IFGL Refractory248.9-6.9 %231.7IFGL Refractory
Honda Siel1979.0-6.9 %1842.3Honda Siel
Idea Cellular7.3-6.9 %6.8Idea Cellular
Shah Alloys57.4-6.9 %53.5Shah Alloys
Wall Street Fin33.5-6.9 %31.2Wall Street Fin
Indo Tech Trans192.6-6.9 %179.4Indo Tech Trans
Shilpa296.0-6.8 %275.7Shilpa
Waterbase72.4-6.8 %67.5Waterbase
ITL Industries188.1-6.8 %175.2ITL Industries
Kanani Ind8.1-6.8 %7.5Kanani Ind
Stove Kraft Ltd454.8-6.8 %424.0Stove Kraft Ltd
Nila Spaces Ltd3.0-6.8 %2.8Nila Spaces Ltd
Oil India260.8-6.8 %243.2Oil India
Future Sup Chain Sol20.7-6.8 %19.3Future Sup Chain Sol
Remi Edelstahl43.7-6.8 %40.8Remi Edelstahl
KRBL376.7-6.7 %351.3KRBL
PNC Infratech315.2-6.7 %294.0PNC Infratech
TV18 Broadcast33.5-6.7 %31.2TV18 Broadcast
Fert and Chem247.7-6.7 %231.1Fert and Chem
Just Dial634.7-6.7 %592.1Just Dial
Compuage Info17.2-6.7 %16.0Compuage Info
Shalby Limited137.3-6.7 %128.1Shalby Limited
Ruchira Papers116.0-6.7 %108.2Ruchira Papers
BN Rathi Sec37.5-6.7 %35.0BN Rathi Sec
Lakshmi Prec5.3-6.7 %4.9Lakshmi Prec
Rupa and Comp230.2-6.6 %214.9Rupa and Comp
63 Moons Tech204.0-6.6 %190.463 Moons Tech
Aakash Exploration Serv Ltd7.6-6.6 %7.1Aakash Exploration Serv Ltd
Dynamatic Tech2733.1-6.6 %2552.2Dynamatic Tech
Rushil Decor343.1-6.6 %320.4Rushil Decor
North Eastern Carry23.5-6.6 %21.9North Eastern Carry
Punjab & Sind27.3-6.6 %25.5Punjab & Sind
Himadri Sp Chemical90.3-6.6 %84.4Himadri Sp Chemical
Kitex Garments154.4-6.6 %144.3Kitex Garments
Man Infra85.5-6.5 %79.9Man Infra
Arnold Holdings25.3-6.5 %23.6Arnold Holdings
Birla Cable140.6-6.5 %131.4Birla Cable
Aarvee Denim23.1-6.5 %21.6Aarvee Denim
Thirumalai Chem187.5-6.5 %175.3Thirumalai Chem
Bank of Mah26.9-6.5 %25.2Bank of Mah
Chennai Petro246.9-6.5 %230.8Chennai Petro
Chambal Fert293.3-6.5 %274.2Chambal Fert
Nectar Life18.5-6.5 %17.3Nectar Life
Aptech356.5-6.5 %333.4Aptech
Sun Pharma Adv202.4-6.5 %189.3Sun Pharma Adv
Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corp Ltd649.9-6.5 %607.9Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corp Ltd
Bharat Bijlee2752.5-6.4 %2575.1Bharat Bijlee
Goldiam Inter153.7-6.4 %143.8Goldiam Inter
Majestic Auto155.8-6.4 %145.8Majestic Auto
Salasar Techno Eng46.1-6.4 %43.2Salasar Techno Eng
Thomas Cook66.2-6.3 %62.0Thomas Cook
Medicamen Biotech Ltd685.2-6.3 %641.8Medicamen Biotech Ltd
Lemon Tree Hotels78.9-6.3 %73.9Lemon Tree Hotels
Rexnord Electro98.1-6.3 %91.9Rexnord Electro
JSW Energy226.0-6.3 %211.8JSW Energy
BGR Energy52.5-6.3 %49.2BGR Energy
Goa Carbon472.9-6.3 %443.2Goa Carbon
Central Bank27.1-6.3 %25.4Central Bank
JSW Ispat Special Products Ltd31.9-6.3 %29.9JSW Ispat Special Products Ltd
Tanfac Ind1040.5-6.3 %975.3Tanfac Ind
G R Infraprojects Ltd1150.3-6.3 %1078.4G R Infraprojects Ltd
Mafatlal Ind48.9-6.2 %45.9Mafatlal Ind
Hisar Metal Ind150.8-6.2 %141.4Hisar Metal Ind
Cipla1025.8-6.2 %961.8Cipla
Kohinoor Foods56.2-6.2 %52.7Kohinoor Foods
Vedanta314.0-6.2 %294.5Vedanta
Shree Renuka47.4-6.2 %44.5Shree Renuka
Deepak Spinners231.7-6.2 %217.3Deepak Spinners
Tera Software41.1-6.2 %38.5Tera Software
Bang Overseas42.7-6.2 %40.1Bang Overseas
Mindteck121.7-6.2 %114.2Mindteck
Websol Energy83.9-6.2 %78.7Websol Energy
Munjal Auto Ind44.4-6.2 %41.6Munjal Auto Ind
Vinyl Chemicals380.7-6.2 %357.1Vinyl Chemicals
Tejas Networks611.7-6.2 %573.8Tejas Networks
Indo Amines91.4-6.2 %85.7Indo Amines
CESC77.0-6.2 %72.2CESC
LKP Finance81.9-6.2 %76.9LKP Finance
LT Foods105.6-6.2 %99.1LT Foods
Arvind Fashions Ltd293.3-6.2 %275.2Arvind Fashions Ltd
SIL Investments312.2-6.1 %293.0SIL Investments
Graphite India318.4-6.1 %298.9Graphite India
Simbhaoli Sugar22.1-6.1 %20.8Simbhaoli Sugar
Shiva Mills86.0-6.1 %80.7Shiva Mills
Unichem Labs328.7-6.1 %308.7Unichem Labs
Guj Mineral145.5-6.1 %136.7Guj Mineral
Archidply Ind61.0-6.1 %57.3Archidply Ind
Timken3155.9-6.1 %2964.5Timken
GMR Infra39.6-6.1 %37.2GMR Infra
Khadim India203.9-6.1 %191.5Khadim India
Hind Tin Works96.8-6 %91.0Hind Tin Works
Oil Country14.9-6 %14.0Oil Country
Rel Ind Infra866.8-6 %814.5Rel Ind Infra
HUDCO46.5-6 %43.7HUDCO
Sanco Ind8.3-6 %7.8Sanco Ind
Jupiter Infomed17.5-6 %16.4Jupiter Infomed
ARSS Infra20.0-6 %18.8ARSS Infra
Indowind Energy13.3-6 %12.5Indowind Energy
Varroc Engineering266.7-6 %250.7Varroc Engineering
Railtel Corp Of India Ltd115.4-6 %108.5Railtel Corp Of India Ltd
Assoc Alcohol387.9-6 %364.7Assoc Alcohol
Zuari Agro Chem145.0-6 %136.4Zuari Agro Chem
Atul Auto385.8-6 %362.8Atul Auto
21st Cen Mgt18.5-6 %17.421st Cen Mgt
JSW Steel728.4-6 %685.0JSW Steel
Liberty Shoes220.8-6 %207.7Liberty Shoes
Dr Agarwals Eye989.5-6 %930.6Dr Agarwals Eye
MMTC Ltd33.6-6 %31.6MMTC Ltd
Bajaj Hind13.5-5.9 %12.7Bajaj Hind
ACC1839.4-5.9 %1730.0ACC
Jindal Poly Inv482.2-5.9 %453.5Jindal Poly Inv
Texmaco Rail48.0-5.9 %45.2Texmaco Rail
Lambodhara Text156.8-5.9 %147.5Lambodhara Text
BF Utilities367.9-5.9 %346.1BF Utilities
Action Const382.8-5.9 %360.2Action Const
Indigo Paints Ltd1080.7-5.9 %1016.9Indigo Paints Ltd
Apollo Sindoori Hotel1182.6-5.9 %1112.8Apollo Sindoori Hotel
Ballarpur Ind0.9-5.9 %0.8Ballarpur Ind
Nahar Poly Film220.4-5.9 %207.4Nahar Poly Film
Lyka Labs126.0-5.9 %118.6Lyka Labs
Bharat Wire Rop100.6-5.9 %94.7Bharat Wire Rop
Bharat Seats90.4-5.9 %85.1Bharat Seats
GTPL Hathway118.6-5.9 %111.7GTPL Hathway
Pearl Global In422.7-5.8 %398.0Pearl Global In
Manaksia Steels45.4-5.8 %42.8Manaksia Steels
IOB25.7-5.8 %24.2IOB
DCM Nouvelle Ltd140.8-5.8 %132.6DCM Nouvelle Ltd
Dhanlaxmi Bank16.4-5.8 %15.4Dhanlaxmi Bank
Salona Cotspin244.1-5.8 %230.0Salona Cotspin
Associated Alcohols & Breweries Ltd.386.7-5.8 %364.3Associated Alcohols & Breweries Ltd.
Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd758.8-5.8 %715.1Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd
VEDAVAAG System46.9-5.8 %44.2VEDAVAAG System
Walchandnagar61.8-5.7 %58.2Walchandnagar
Urja Global8.7-5.7 %8.2Urja Global
National Perox1532.4-5.7 %1444.4National Perox
Lakshmi Machine11287.9-5.7 %10640.2Lakshmi Machine
Chaman Lal Seti167.4-5.7 %157.8Chaman Lal Seti
Union Bank70.9-5.7 %66.9Union Bank
Sunil Health60.5-5.7 %57.0Sunil Health
Hind Copper106.1-5.7 %100.0Hind Copper
Shreyas Shippin258.9-5.7 %244.2Shreyas Shippin
Filatex India41.3-5.7 %38.9Filatex India
Jindal Photo333.7-5.7 %314.7Jindal Photo
The Investment Trust85.4-5.7 %80.5The Investment Trust
Mohit Ind15.0-5.7 %14.2Mohit Ind
Advani Hot (Ind)75.0-5.7 %70.8Advani Hot (Ind)
Motilal Oswal657.6-5.7 %620.3Motilal Oswal
3i Infotech Ltd36.3-5.7 %34.23i Infotech Ltd
Sundaram Fin Holdin88.5-5.7 %83.5Sundaram Fin Holdin
KM Sugar Mills27.5-5.6 %25.9KM Sugar Mills
Titan Bio-Tech228.2-5.6 %215.3Titan Bio-Tech
Cyber Media (Ind)18.7-5.6 %17.6Cyber Media (Ind)
Suzlon Energy8.9-5.6 %8.4Suzlon Energy
MBL Infra18.7-5.6 %17.7MBL Infra
Signet Ind38.3-5.6 %36.2Signet Ind
EID Parry528.4-5.6 %498.9EID Parry
Aptus Value Housing Fin India Ltd262.2-5.6 %247.5Aptus Value Housing Fin India Ltd
Harrisons Malay128.9-5.6 %121.7Harrisons Malay
CARE Ratings683.3-5.6 %645.2CARE Ratings
Solar Ind4027.8-5.6 %3803.1Solar Ind
Indian Bank288.7-5.6 %272.6Indian Bank
MRPL54.0-5.6 %51.0MRPL
Laxmi Cotspin Ltd20.8-5.5 %19.7Laxmi Cotspin Ltd
BHEL72.4-5.5 %68.4BHEL
Artson Engg79.8-5.5 %75.4Artson Engg
HCL Info14.5-5.5 %13.7HCL Info
KDDL1170.3-5.5 %1105.7KDDL
Arman Financial1471.1-5.5 %1390.0Arman Financial
Diamines Chem419.4-5.5 %396.3Diamines Chem
HLE Glascoat Ltd563.3-5.5 %532.4HLE Glascoat Ltd
Adani Power155.2-5.5 %146.7Adani Power
Rama Steel Tubes33.8-5.5 %32.0Rama Steel Tubes
Banco Products241.4-5.5 %228.2Banco Products
Khaitan Chem & Fertilizers Ltd62.3-5.5 %58.9Khaitan Chem & Fertilizers Ltd
Bal Pharma77.0-5.5 %72.8Bal Pharma
AXISCADES Engg321.9-5.5 %304.3AXISCADES Engg
Sanghvi Movers391.0-5.4 %369.7Sanghvi Movers
Aditya Birla Money57.0-5.4 %53.9Aditya Birla Money
Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd167.3-5.4 %158.2Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd
Paras Defence and Space Technologies Ltd495.4-5.4 %468.5Paras Defence and Space Technologies Ltd
ITD Cementation104.0-5.4 %98.3ITD Cementation
MM Forgings874.7-5.4 %827.3MM Forgings
PCS16.6-5.4 %15.7PCS
TIL159.4-5.4 %150.8TIL
PI Industries3292.4-5.4 %3114.8PI Industries
Amara Raja Batt605.0-5.4 %572.5Amara Raja Batt
Essar Shipping9.3-5.4 %8.8Essar Shipping
Century640.9-5.4 %606.4Century
PC Jeweller26.1-5.4 %24.7PC Jeweller
IIFL Securities Ltd59.9-5.3 %56.7IIFL Securities Ltd
Hindustan Composites282.1-5.3 %267.0Hindustan Composites
Brooks Labs98.4-5.3 %93.2Brooks Labs
Apar Ind2395.2-5.3 %2267.6Apar Ind
Kamdhenu357.7-5.3 %338.6Kamdhenu
Sharp India55.4-5.3 %52.5Sharp India
BLS Int Services169.1-5.3 %160.1BLS Int Services
Sandu Pharma65.0-5.3 %61.5Sandu Pharma
Vakrangee23.6-5.3 %22.3Vakrangee
ABC India80.3-5.3 %76.1ABC India
SPL Ind63.7-5.3 %60.3SPL Ind
KCP Sugar25.7-5.3 %24.4KCP Sugar
Swiss Glascoat562.6-5.3 %533.0Swiss Glascoat
Sharda Motor656.3-5.2 %622.0Sharda Motor
Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Eng Ltd446.6-5.2 %423.2Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Eng Ltd
Xchanging Sol60.3-5.2 %57.2Xchanging Sol
Shiva Global96.7-5.2 %91.7Shiva Global
Anjani Cement176.2-5.2 %167.0Anjani Cement
Wanbury40.3-5.2 %38.2Wanbury
Hind Aluminium37.5-5.2 %35.5Hind Aluminium
20 Microns72.1-5.2 %68.320 Microns
Digjam Ltd106.7-5.2 %101.1Digjam Ltd
Nelcast106.0-5.2 %100.5Nelcast
EngineersInd76.3-5.2 %72.3EngineersInd
GVK Power2.9-5.2 %2.8GVK Power
Navkar Corp55.1-5.2 %52.3Navkar Corp
Jyoti Structure7.8-5.2 %7.4Jyoti Structure
Jyothy Labs201.7-5.2 %191.3Jyothy Labs
Saksoft150.3-5.2 %142.6Saksoft
Va Tech Wabag330.4-5.1 %313.4Va Tech Wabag
Kotak PSU Bank378.7-5.1 %359.3Kotak PSU Bank
Alpa Lab62.3-5.1 %59.1Alpa Lab
Indo Thai Securities314.2-5.1 %298.1Indo Thai Securities
Kuantum Papers Ltd126.6-5.1 %120.1Kuantum Papers Ltd
Metalyst Forgin3.9-5.1 %3.7Metalyst Forgin
Aban Offshore42.1-5.1 %40.0Aban Offshore
Ashok Leyland148.9-5.1 %141.3Ashok Leyland
Bhandari Hosier4.9-5.1 %4.7Bhandari Hosier
Shalibhadra Fin157.0-5.1 %149.0Shalibhadra Fin
Mittal Life Style Ltd11.8-5.1 %11.2Mittal Life Style Ltd
DLF364.6-5.1 %346.1DLF
Andrew Yule & Co Ltd22.7-5.1 %21.6Andrew Yule & Co Ltd
APL Apollo1287.9-5.1 %1222.7APL Apollo
Sakthi Sugars21.8-5.1 %20.7Sakthi Sugars
BEML1430.2-5.1 %1357.9BEML
Meghmani Organics Ltd99.0-5.1 %94.0Meghmani Organics Ltd
Jindal Steel590.1-5 %560.3Jindal Steel
UFO Moviez81.2-5 %77.1UFO Moviez
Satin Creditcare Net137.7-5 %130.8Satin Creditcare Net
Tide Water Oil981.5-5 %932.0Tide Water Oil
Muthoot Capital Ser286.8-5 %272.3Muthoot Capital Ser
Vascon Engineers31.8-5 %30.2Vascon Engineers
Indo Borax121.8-5 %115.7Indo Borax
IG Petro442.8-5 %420.7IG Petro
Mercator1.0-5 %1.0Mercator
Prakash Ind59.1-5 %56.1Prakash Ind
DB Corp101.2-5 %96.1DB Corp
D P Wires Ltd369.6-5 %351.1D P Wires Ltd
Brigade Ent491.6-5 %467.1Brigade Ent
Shyam Century Ferr19.1-5 %18.2Shyam Century Ferr
Manappuram Fin108.8-5 %103.4Manappuram Fin
Madhav Copper Ltd27.2-5 %25.9Madhav Copper Ltd
Amrutanjan Heal634.8-5 %603.3Amrutanjan Heal
Kalyani Invest1872.4-5 %1779.7Kalyani Invest
Asahi India514.3-4.9 %488.9Asahi India
Spencer's Retail Ltd64.9-4.9 %61.7Spencer's Retail Ltd
H.G. Infra Eng764.3-4.9 %726.7H.G. Infra Eng
Vikas EcoTech3.1-4.9 %2.9Vikas EcoTech
Finolex Ind179.1-4.9 %170.3Finolex Ind
Ent Network Ind132.6-4.9 %126.1Ent Network Ind
Bajaj Steel1070.5-4.9 %1018.0Bajaj Steel
Apollo Micro Syst325.1-4.9 %309.2Apollo Micro Syst
Competent Auto221.9-4.9 %211.0Competent Auto
Palred Technologies154.0-4.9 %146.5Palred Technologies
Sunteck Realty325.6-4.9 %309.8Sunteck Realty
Kuantum Papers126.4-4.9 %120.2Kuantum Papers
Lawreshwar Poly86.5-4.9 %82.3Lawreshwar Poly
RamkrishnaForge272.9-4.9 %259.7RamkrishnaForge
Chembond Chem267.6-4.8 %254.6Chembond Chem
Indian Hume142.6-4.8 %135.7Indian Hume
Kaya Limited291.6-4.8 %277.5Kaya Limited
Cochin Shipyard488.2-4.8 %464.6Cochin Shipyard
Fino Payments Bank Ltd228.7-4.8 %217.7Fino Payments Bank Ltd
Chembond Chem Ltd267.2-4.8 %254.3Chembond Chem Ltd
Kapston Facilities Mgnt Ltd141.0-4.8 %134.2Kapston Facilities Mgnt Ltd
Welspun Corp195.2-4.8 %185.8Welspun Corp
GIC Housing Fin175.5-4.8 %167.0GIC Housing Fin
Venkys1734.1-4.8 %1650.9Venkys
Valiant Comm143.1-4.8 %136.2Valiant Comm
Century Extrusions9.4-4.8 %9.0Century Extrusions
Jayant Agro-Org168.5-4.8 %160.4Jayant Agro-Org
Gravita India498.5-4.8 %474.7Gravita India
Andhra Sugar126.8-4.8 %120.8Andhra Sugar
Lypsa Gems5.3-4.8 %5.0Lypsa Gems
Inventure Growth Sec2.1-4.8 %2.0Inventure Growth Sec
Manaksia Coated Met17.9-4.8 %17.0Manaksia Coated Met
Hind Constr14.8-4.7 %14.1Hind Constr
Madras Fertilizers59.0-4.7 %56.2Madras Fertilizers
Guj Sidhee Cem34.9-4.7 %33.2Guj Sidhee Cem
Alicon Castallo869.5-4.7 %828.4Alicon Castallo
Network 1861.4-4.7 %58.5Network 18
Gokul Agro Resources117.7-4.7 %112.1Gokul Agro Resources
Wallfort Fin50.9-4.7 %48.5Wallfort Fin
Orient Paper39.3-4.7 %37.5Orient Paper
GP Petroleums36.2-4.7 %34.5GP Petroleums
Parsvnath7.5-4.7 %7.1Parsvnath
Windsor44.7-4.7 %42.6Windsor
Angel One Ltd1111.3-4.7 %1059.1Angel One Ltd
India Cements198.2-4.7 %188.9India Cements
IIFL Holdings455.1-4.7 %433.8IIFL Holdings
Sun TV Network454.4-4.7 %433.1Sun TV Network
Premier Explo376.4-4.7 %358.8Premier Explo
HOEC148.2-4.7 %141.3HOEC
Rolex Rings Ltd1975.1-4.7 %1883.2Rolex Rings Ltd
Choice Financia269.2-4.6 %256.8Choice Financia
Hikal318.2-4.6 %303.5Hikal
Tata Chemicals1018.9-4.6 %972.1Tata Chemicals
Kilitch Drugs146.6-4.6 %139.9Kilitch Drugs
M&M1341.5-4.6 %1280.2M&M
Magadh Sugar Energy333.9-4.6 %318.7Magadh Sugar Energy
Meghmani Finechem Ltd1073.0-4.6 %1024.1Meghmani Finechem Ltd
Bkm Ind1.1-4.5 %1.1Bkm Ind
Sagardeep Alloys Ltd25.3-4.5 %24.2Sagardeep Alloys Ltd
Suvidhaa Infoserve Ltd4.4-4.5 %4.2Suvidhaa Infoserve Ltd
Genesys Int408.3-4.5 %389.7Genesys Int
S H Kelkar115.7-4.5 %110.4S H Kelkar
HP Cotton93.7-4.5 %89.4HP Cotton
Mahindra Life383.8-4.5 %366.4Mahindra Life
Karnataka Bank144.0-4.5 %137.5Karnataka Bank
Assoc Stone13.3-4.5 %12.7Assoc Stone
Snowman Logist34.4-4.5 %32.9Snowman Logist
Mtar Technologies Ltd1764.9-4.5 %1685.4Mtar Technologies Ltd
Prima Plastics106.0-4.5 %101.3Prima Plastics
Mawana Sugars83.7-4.5 %80.0Mawana Sugars
NCL Industries177.5-4.5 %169.6NCL Industries
Alkali Metals117.4-4.5 %112.2Alkali Metals
Compucom Software17.9-4.5 %17.1Compucom Software
Uniphos Ent162.5-4.5 %155.3Uniphos Ent
PTC India Fin15.7-4.5 %15.0PTC India Fin
HB Stockholdings Ltd48.3-4.5 %46.1HB Stockholdings Ltd
Shree Digvijay Cement Co.Ltd67.7-4.4 %64.7Shree Digvijay Cement Co.Ltd
Bombay Dyeing70.4-4.4 %67.3Bombay Dyeing
Hindustan Foods Ltd596.1-4.4 %569.8Hindustan Foods Ltd
Guj Auto Gears81.8-4.4 %78.2Guj Auto Gears
Hathway Cable15.9-4.4 %15.2Hathway Cable
UCO Bank26.2-4.4 %25.0UCO Bank
Anik Ind36.4-4.4 %34.8Anik Ind
Ircon International54.6-4.4 %52.2Ircon International
Orchid Pharma420.2-4.4 %401.7Orchid Pharma
Moksh Ornaments Ltd10.3-4.4 %9.8Moksh Ornaments Ltd
Orient Cement120.4-4.4 %115.1Orient Cement
Ramcoind142.5-4.4 %136.3Ramcoind
Surya Roshni694.6-4.3 %664.4Surya Roshni
Welspun Invest272.0-4.3 %260.2Welspun Invest
Swelect Energy297.9-4.3 %285.0Swelect Energy
FIEM Ind1673.7-4.3 %1601.3FIEM Ind
PNB49.7-4.3 %47.6PNB
HDFC2693.6-4.3 %2577.2HDFC
KCP101.0-4.3 %96.6KCP
Odyssey Tech47.7-4.3 %45.6Odyssey Tech
LIC Housing Fin366.3-4.3 %350.6LIC Housing Fin
Pioneer Invest34.9-4.3 %33.4Pioneer Invest
GPT Infra52.4-4.3 %50.2GPT Infra
Avadh Sugar Ene456.0-4.3 %436.5Avadh Sugar Ene
DCM Shriram Ind70.1-4.3 %67.1DCM Shriram Ind
Menon Pistons46.7-4.3 %44.7Menon Pistons
Omaxe59.6-4.3 %57.1Omaxe
HFCL67.8-4.3 %64.9HFCL
ICICI Prudentia417.6-4.3 %399.7ICICI Prudentia
Scanpoint Geo9.1-4.3 %8.8Scanpoint Geo
BPCL331.7-4.3 %317.6BPCL
Power Mech2138.1-4.2 %2047.3Power Mech
HDFC Std Life Ins Co504.3-4.2 %482.9HDFC Std Life Ins Co
AksharChem233.8-4.2 %223.9AksharChem
AVT Natural93.4-4.2 %89.4AVT Natural
Pitti Eng309.0-4.2 %296.0Pitti Eng
MEP Infra15.4-4.2 %14.8MEP Infra
Raymond1352.9-4.2 %1295.9Raymond
Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd1401.2-4.2 %1342.4Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd
Endurance Techn1357.3-4.2 %1300.4Endurance Techn
Suryoday Small Fin Bank Ltd104.1-4.2 %99.7Suryoday Small Fin Bank Ltd
Larsen2226.4-4.1 %2134.1Larsen
Orient Green PowerCo8.5-4.1 %8.1Orient Green PowerCo
UPL770.2-4.1 %738.3UPL
Asian Hotel (E)112.5-4.1 %107.8Asian Hotel (E)
Bella Casa113.8-4.1 %109.1Bella Casa
Precision Wires69.1-4.1 %66.2Precision Wires
Grasim1643.0-4.1 %1575.2Grasim
Elegant Marble119.0-4.1 %114.1Elegant Marble
L&T Finance92.4-4.1 %88.6L&T Finance
Vindhya Telelin1659.0-4.1 %1590.9Vindhya Telelin
Deep Indu Ltd286.9-4.1 %275.1Deep Indu Ltd
Dredging Corp348.4-4.1 %334.1Dredging Corp
Rajshree Sugars42.8-4.1 %41.1Rajshree Sugars
India Pesticides Ltd219.0-4.1 %210.0India Pesticides Ltd
SML Isuzu719.5-4.1 %690.2SML Isuzu
Mangalam Drugs114.3-4.1 %109.6Mangalam Drugs
SRF2318.9-4.1 %2224.5SRF
Lactose India50.5-4.1 %48.4Lactose India
Stylam Indu Ltd1103.9-4.1 %1059.1Stylam Indu Ltd
Max Ventures and Ind135.6-4.1 %130.1Max Ventures and Ind
Sandhar Technologie229.4-4.1 %220.1Sandhar Technologie
Trent1360.7-4 %1305.6Trent
Titan Company2500.3-4 %2399.1Titan Company
TCNS Clothing Co.501.6-4 %481.3TCNS Clothing Co.
Pitti Engineeri309.1-4 %296.6Pitti Engineeri
HDFC Bank1655.9-4 %1589.0HDFC Bank
Astec Life1462.3-4 %1403.5Astec Life
Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Ltd1985.8-4 %1906.1Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Ltd
Nagpur Power74.8-4 %71.8Nagpur Power
Rane Holdings964.7-4 %926.1Rane Holdings
Hindustan Aeronautics2639.2-4 %2533.8Hindustan Aeronautics
Omax Autos52.6-4 %50.5Omax Autos
Monte Carlo607.3-4 %583.1Monte Carlo
Intrasoft Tech124.3-4 %119.3Intrasoft Tech
Satia Indu Ltd121.9-4 %117.0Satia Indu Ltd
CSB Bank Ltd240.4-4 %230.8CSB Bank Ltd
Crest Ventures178.7-4 %171.6Crest Ventures
IOC80.6-4 %77.4IOC
Tribhovandas71.8-4 %69.0Tribhovandas
Music Broadcast12.6-4 %12.1Music Broadcast
Sutlej Textiles50.4-4 %48.4Sutlej Textiles
Prakash Pipes Ltd159.0-4 %152.7Prakash Pipes Ltd
MOIL156.6-4 %150.4MOIL
Anant Raj112.5-4 %108.0Anant Raj
Star Paper170.7-4 %164.0Star Paper
Chemcrux Enterp321.4-4 %308.7Chemcrux Enterp
Megasoft29.1-4 %28.0Megasoft
ILandFS Trans3.8-3.9 %3.7ILandFS Trans
Pudumjee Paper Prod40.6-3.9 %39.0Pudumjee Paper Prod
The New India Assur104.0-3.9 %99.9The New India Assur
Godavari Drugs85.1-3.9 %81.8Godavari Drugs
Hi-Tech Pipes879.1-3.9 %844.5Hi-Tech Pipes
South (I) Paper120.8-3.9 %116.0South (I) Paper
Bharat Gears122.1-3.9 %117.3Bharat Gears
Heritage Foods153.9-3.9 %147.8Heritage Foods
Tyroon Tea103.1-3.9 %99.1Tyroon Tea
FCS Software Sol2.6-3.9 %2.5FCS Software Sol
Plastiblends164.7-3.9 %158.3Plastiblends
Aarti Drugs378.8-3.9 %364.0Aarti Drugs
NESCO562.2-3.9 %540.3NESCO
Menon Bearings106.6-3.9 %102.4Menon Bearings
Bajaj Finserv1414.1-3.9 %1359.0Bajaj Finserv
Jaiprakash Associates9.0-3.9 %8.7Jaiprakash Associates
Mangalore Chem78.5-3.9 %75.5Mangalore Chem
APM Industries54.1-3.9 %52.0APM Industries
Elpro Int68.3-3.9 %65.6Elpro Int
Bharat Forge862.4-3.9 %829.0Bharat Forge
Nagreeka Capital Infra19.4-3.9 %18.6Nagreeka Capital Infra
Lotus Eye Hospital69.7-3.9 %67.0Lotus Eye Hospital
Automotive Axle2458.7-3.9 %2363.8Automotive Axle
Ajooni Biotech Ltd5.2-3.8 %5.0Ajooni Biotech Ltd
ASM Tech420.0-3.8 %403.9ASM Tech
Texmaco Infra54.8-3.8 %52.7Texmaco Infra
Optiemus Infra270.0-3.8 %259.6Optiemus Infra
Bharat Road Network31.4-3.8 %30.2Bharat Road Network
IOL Chemicals314.6-3.8 %302.6IOL Chemicals
KG Denim27.6-3.8 %26.6KG Denim
Sree Rayalaseem463.8-3.8 %446.2Sree Rayalaseem
Coral Labs263.5-3.8 %253.5Coral Labs
Morepen Laboratories26.6-3.8 %25.6Morepen Laboratories
Havells India1227.1-3.8 %1180.9Havells India
Gayatri Project6.7-3.8 %6.4Gayatri Project
Mukta Arts52.0-3.8 %50.1Mukta Arts
India Tourism D335.0-3.7 %322.4India Tourism D
HIL2399.8-3.7 %2309.9HIL
Ashiana Housing149.8-3.7 %144.2Ashiana Housing
Arvind83.0-3.7 %79.9Arvind
Welspun India71.2-3.7 %68.5Welspun India
Apollo Tyres331.0-3.7 %318.7Apollo Tyres
SAIL86.2-3.7 %83.0SAIL
Triveni Eng Ind281.4-3.7 %271.0Triveni Eng Ind
Rane Engine Valve209.2-3.7 %201.4Rane Engine Valve
Shree Rama Newspri13.5-3.7 %13.0Shree Rama Newspri
Viji Finance Limited2.7-3.7 %2.6Viji Finance Limited
Vikas Lifecare Ltd4.1-3.7 %3.9Vikas Lifecare Ltd
Ganga Forging Ltd4.1-3.7 %3.9Ganga Forging Ltd
Mah Seamless324.3-3.7 %312.3Mah Seamless
Laurus Labs329.1-3.7 %316.9Laurus Labs
Technocraft Ind1105.7-3.7 %1064.9Technocraft Ind
United Spirits771.8-3.7 %743.4United Spirits
Lumax Inds1721.5-3.7 %1658.4Lumax Inds
Greenply Ind144.1-3.6 %138.8Greenply Ind
Ceat1517.9-3.6 %1462.7Ceat
Swarnasarita22.0-3.6 %21.2Swarnasarita
Gulshan Poly236.8-3.6 %228.2Gulshan Poly
Avanti Feeds387.1-3.6 %373.0Avanti Feeds
Craftsman Automation Ltd3516.7-3.6 %3389.0Craftsman Automation Ltd
Wheels530.1-3.6 %510.9Wheels
Seshasayee Paper259.6-3.6 %250.2Seshasayee Paper
Grindwell Norto1975.7-3.6 %1904.2Grindwell Norto
Max Financial719.6-3.6 %693.6Max Financial
Pritika Auto Indu Ltd16.7-3.6 %16.1Pritika Auto Indu Ltd
Jubilant Ind381.3-3.6 %367.7Jubilant Ind
Indsil Hydro42.0-3.6 %40.5Indsil Hydro
Salzer Electro271.6-3.6 %261.9Salzer Electro
JK Tyre & Ind154.0-3.6 %148.5JK Tyre & Ind
Arrow Greentech189.1-3.6 %182.4Arrow Greentech
Ester Ind98.4-3.6 %94.9Ester Ind
Escorts2090.2-3.5 %2016.0Escorts
SMS Pharma70.7-3.5 %68.2SMS Pharma
Balrampur Chini373.4-3.5 %360.2Balrampur Chini
Asian Granito41.1-3.5 %39.6Asian Granito
Nandani Creation Ltd94.9-3.5 %91.6Nandani Creation Ltd
Kernex Micro284.8-3.5 %274.7Kernex Micro
Stylam Ind1104.3-3.5 %1065.4Stylam Ind
Kotak Mahindra1759.3-3.5 %1697.3Kotak Mahindra
GOCL Corp342.7-3.5 %330.7GOCL Corp
Batliboi72.6-3.5 %70.1Batliboi
VIP Clothing42.8-3.5 %41.3VIP Clothing
NHPC40.0-3.5 %38.6NHPC
TVS Electronics344.7-3.5 %332.6TVS Electronics
Exxaro Tiles Ltd120.3-3.5 %116.1Exxaro Tiles Ltd
Jain Irrigation28.7-3.5 %27.7Jain Irrigation
Ador Welding879.0-3.5 %848.3Ador Welding
Chemfab Alkalis282.6-3.5 %272.7Chemfab Alkalis
PVR1655.4-3.5 %1597.7PVR
Deccan Cements478.8-3.5 %462.2Deccan Cements
RBL Bank158.7-3.5 %153.2RBL Bank
Mstc Ltd285.6-3.5 %275.7Mstc Ltd
Tamil Newsprint225.3-3.5 %217.5Tamil Newsprint
Speciality Rest216.8-3.5 %209.3Speciality Rest
Flex Foods92.5-3.5 %89.3Flex Foods
Minda Corp203.9-3.5 %196.8Minda Corp
ADC India Comm494.2-3.5 %477.1ADC India Comm
Dhunseri Invest630.4-3.4 %608.7Dhunseri Invest
Emkay Global Fin69.8-3.4 %67.4Emkay Global Fin
Silgo Retail Ltd20.4-3.4 %19.7Silgo Retail Ltd
Ultracab India23.4-3.4 %22.6Ultracab India
TTK Healthcare956.6-3.4 %923.9TTK Healthcare
Adani Ports578.7-3.4 %558.9Adani Ports
Good Luck435.2-3.4 %420.4Good Luck
Force Motors1283.2-3.4 %1239.5Force Motors
Praj Industries361.9-3.4 %349.6Praj Industries
Nitco23.6-3.4 %22.8Nitco
Cantabil Retail1039.6-3.4 %1004.4Cantabil Retail
Alembic65.2-3.4 %63.0Alembic
Capital Trust78.5-3.4 %75.9Capital Trust
Affle (India) Ltd1024.7-3.4 %990.2Affle (India) Ltd
Lux Ind1389.0-3.4 %1342.3Lux Ind
Rossari Biotech Ltd688.8-3.4 %665.6Rossari Biotech Ltd
Apex Frozen Foods220.3-3.4 %212.9Apex Frozen Foods
Haldyn Glass64.1-3.4 %61.9Haldyn Glass
Mahindra EPC Irrigation Ltd99.8-3.4 %96.5Mahindra EPC Irrigation Ltd
Asian Paints2833.6-3.4 %2738.5Asian Paints
Lovable Lingeri108.5-3.3 %104.9Lovable Lingeri
Hindalco429.5-3.3 %415.3Hindalco
Shreyans Ind157.0-3.3 %151.8Shreyans Ind
PanasonicCarbon369.0-3.3 %356.8PanasonicCarbon
Rallis India208.7-3.3 %201.8Rallis India
Beardsell22.7-3.3 %22.0Beardsell
Agarwal Ind646.3-3.3 %624.9Agarwal Ind
Dalmia Bharat Ltd1945.1-3.3 %1881.0Dalmia Bharat Ltd
Ausom Enterprise66.9-3.3 %64.7Ausom Enterprise
JK Bank50.2-3.3 %48.6JK Bank
Rane Madras470.5-3.3 %455.1Rane Madras
Coral India Fin33.5-3.3 %32.4Coral India Fin
EPC Irrigation99.6-3.3 %96.3EPC Irrigation
Indraprastha Medical82.8-3.3 %80.1Indraprastha Medical
Ujjivan Financi267.0-3.3 %258.3Ujjivan Financi
Astra Microwave278.2-3.3 %269.2Astra Microwave
IZMO89.2-3.3 %86.3IZMO
Jubilant Food457.0-3.2 %442.2Jubilant Food
Shiva Texyarn119.0-3.2 %115.2Shiva Texyarn
Bhageria Indu130.1-3.2 %125.9Bhageria Indu
West Coast Pap503.5-3.2 %487.2West Coast Pap
Century Enka375.1-3.2 %363.0Century Enka
Aksh Optifibre9.3-3.2 %9.0Aksh Optifibre
Cybertech129.1-3.2 %125.0Cybertech
Xelpmoc Design And Tech Ltd135.7-3.2 %131.3Xelpmoc Design And Tech Ltd
TVS Srichakra2879.1-3.2 %2786.8TVS Srichakra
Wipro406.3-3.2 %393.3Wipro
Mrs. Bectors Food Specialities Ltd542.4-3.2 %525.1Mrs. Bectors Food Specialities Ltd
Centrum Capital21.9-3.2 %21.2Centrum Capital
IndusInd Bank1114.7-3.2 %1079.2IndusInd Bank
Sequent Scienti69.1-3.2 %66.9Sequent Scienti
Tainwala Chem105.4-3.2 %102.0Tainwala Chem
Indian Toners191.9-3.2 %185.8Indian Toners
Bharat Immuno23.6-3.2 %22.9Bharat Immuno
OnMobile Global74.1-3.2 %71.7OnMobile Global
Hercules Hoists206.6-3.2 %200.0Hercules Hoists
HMT28.4-3.2 %27.5HMT
Royal Orchid243.1-3.2 %235.4Royal Orchid
Guj Alkali660.1-3.2 %639.2Guj Alkali
Sagar Cement218.1-3.2 %211.2Sagar Cement
PTL Enterprises31.7-3.2 %30.7PTL Enterprises
Vardhman Poly20.7-3.1 %20.0Vardhman Poly
Polyplex Corp1478.9-3.1 %1432.4Polyplex Corp
5Paisa Capital291.4-3.1 %282.25Paisa Capital
Indian Railway Fin Corp Ltd28.8-3.1 %27.9Indian Railway Fin Corp Ltd
Sawaca Fin1.0-3.1 %0.9Sawaca Fin
Foseco India2086.5-3.1 %2021.3Foseco India
Apollo Hospital4614.7-3.1 %4470.7Apollo Hospital
Anmol India Ltd160.3-3.1 %155.3Anmol India Ltd
Everest Ind757.3-3.1 %733.8Everest Ind
Banka BioLoo Ltd80.4-3.1 %77.9Banka BioLoo Ltd
Aries Agro168.9-3.1 %163.7Aries Agro
Sandesh888.3-3.1 %860.7Sandesh
Lancor Holdings30.6-3.1 %29.7Lancor Holdings
Esab India4092.1-3.1 %3965.1Esab India
DCW Limited50.0-3.1 %48.5DCW Limited
Paisalo Digital61.5-3.1 %59.6Paisalo Digital
NR Agarwal243.9-3.1 %236.4NR Agarwal
Narmada Gelatin299.7-3.1 %290.5Narmada Gelatin
Ipca Labs830.9-3.1 %805.5Ipca Labs
Iris Clothings Ltd315.4-3.1 %305.7Iris Clothings Ltd
Aarti Surfactants Ltd542.1-3 %525.6Aarti Surfactants Ltd
Tata Comm1240.3-3 %1202.6Tata Comm
Vardhman Acryli51.0-3 %49.5Vardhman Acryli
United Brewerie1476.0-3 %1431.4United Brewerie
Jet Airways68.2-3 %66.1Jet Airways
Kaveri Seed538.8-3 %522.6Kaveri Seed
ICRA4575.0-3 %4437.4ICRA
Dwarikesh Sugar90.0-3 %87.3Dwarikesh Sugar
Devyani Int Ltd153.5-3 %148.9Devyani Int Ltd
Trident31.7-3 %30.8Trident
NIIT352.7-3 %342.1NIIT
IVP132.2-3 %128.2IVP
Shankara Buildi702.0-3 %681.1Shankara Buildi
Oriental Veneer53.7-3 %52.1Oriental Veneer
Uttam Sugar257.3-3 %249.6Uttam Sugar
MMP Indu Ltd132.9-3 %128.9MMP Indu Ltd
Suumaya Indu Ltd23.6-3 %22.9Suumaya Indu Ltd
Macpower CNC Machines Ltd300.0-3 %291.1Macpower CNC Machines Ltd
Kalyani Steels316.9-3 %307.5Kalyani Steels
Kirl Electric70.8-3 %68.7Kirl Electric
Kothari Sugars37.1-3 %36.0Kothari Sugars
Marine Electricals (India) Ltd38.9-3 %37.7Marine Electricals (India) Ltd
BDH Industries126.7-3 %123.0BDH Industries
Niraj Cement Structurals Ltd28.8-3 %27.9Niraj Cement Structurals Ltd
Tanla Solutions675.2-3 %655.3Tanla Solutions
Honeywell Autom37246.8-2.9 %36149.0Honeywell Autom
Nirlon359.9-2.9 %349.3Nirlon
Madhya Bharat Agro Products Ltd640.7-2.9 %621.9Madhya Bharat Agro Products Ltd
Ind-Swift Labs66.3-2.9 %64.4Ind-Swift Labs
NBCC (India)34.0-2.9 %33.0NBCC (India)
Sirca Paints India Ltd646.9-2.9 %627.9Sirca Paints India Ltd
Cummins1618.7-2.9 %1571.2Cummins
Sunflag Iron Steel Co143.4-2.9 %139.2Sunflag Iron Steel Co
Laxmi Organic Indu Ltd265.0-2.9 %257.2Laxmi Organic Indu Ltd
Amines Plast90.6-2.9 %88.0Amines Plast
City Union Bank138.7-2.9 %134.6City Union Bank
Asian Hotels73.8-2.9 %71.7Asian Hotels
Butterfly1389.3-2.9 %1349.0Butterfly
Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Ltd399.7-2.9 %388.1Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Ltd
Garware Poly634.0-2.9 %615.6Garware Poly
UTI Asset Mgnt Co Ltd688.4-2.9 %668.6UTI Asset Mgnt Co Ltd
TCS3501.2-2.9 %3400.5TCS
Den Networks31.4-2.9 %30.5Den Networks
Gati118.9-2.9 %115.5Gati
Madhav Marbles40.2-2.9 %39.1Madhav Marbles
Rane Brake704.5-2.8 %684.4Rane Brake
NRB Bearings146.3-2.8 %142.2NRB Bearings
S.A.L. Steel17.7-2.8 %17.2S.A.L. Steel
Exide Ind180.8-2.8 %175.7Exide Ind
Makers Labs103.0-2.8 %100.1Makers Labs
Bajaj Finance6416.7-2.8 %6236.3Bajaj Finance
Balaji Amines2217.9-2.8 %2155.7Balaji Amines
Birla Corp891.6-2.8 %866.6Birla Corp
BANKBEES416.3-2.8 %404.7BANKBEES
DIC India389.1-2.8 %378.3DIC India
Transformers61.1-2.8 %59.4Transformers
Max India Ltd88.1-2.8 %85.7Max India Ltd
Country Club Hos7.2-2.8 %7.0Country Club Hos
Savita Oil Technologi264.9-2.8 %257.5Savita Oil Technologi
Reliance Chemo142.4-2.8 %138.4Reliance Chemo
HEG995.6-2.8 %968.0HEG
WH Brady247.2-2.8 %240.3WH Brady
Nahar Capital263.8-2.8 %256.5Nahar Capital
Tata Motors439.9-2.8 %427.8Tata Motors
TPL Plastech32.6-2.8 %31.7TPL Plastech
Man Industries87.0-2.8 %84.6Man Industries
Solara Active Pharma375.3-2.8 %364.9Solara Active Pharma
Integra Engg98.2-2.8 %95.5Integra Engg
Borosil Ltd341.3-2.7 %332.0Borosil Ltd
Ujjivan Small Fin Bank Ltd27.4-2.7 %26.7Ujjivan Small Fin Bank Ltd
Nahar Spinning226.6-2.7 %220.4Nahar Spinning
Zydus Wellness1451.4-2.7 %1411.7Zydus Wellness
Nile542.9-2.7 %528.1Nile
NCC91.8-2.7 %89.3NCC
Universus Photo Imagings Ltd424.8-2.7 %413.2Universus Photo Imagings Ltd
Atlanta13.0-2.7 %12.6Atlanta
Intl Combustion372.0-2.7 %362.0Intl Combustion
Onelife Capital13.0-2.7 %12.7Onelife Capital
The Hi-Tech Gea258.7-2.7 %251.8The Hi-Tech Gea
Caplin Labs686.9-2.7 %668.5Caplin Labs
NALCO80.5-2.7 %78.3NALCO
Indian Hotels318.1-2.7 %309.6Indian Hotels
Sreeleathers179.9-2.7 %175.1Sreeleathers
Biocon232.5-2.7 %226.3Biocon
ICICINF100194.0-2.7 %188.8ICICINF100
GE Shipping589.5-2.7 %573.8GE Shipping
UTINEXT5040.6-2.7 %39.5UTINEXT50
ICICI Bank862.7-2.7 %839.7ICICI Bank
Prince Pipes And Fittings Ltd573.8-2.7 %558.6Prince Pipes And Fittings Ltd
Chemcon Speciality Chem Ltd271.6-2.7 %264.4Chemcon Speciality Chem Ltd
Time Techno87.1-2.6 %84.8Time Techno
Bandhan Bank235.0-2.6 %228.8Bandhan Bank
RDB Realty39.8-2.6 %38.8RDB Realty
KNR Construct255.9-2.6 %249.2KNR Construct
QNIFTY1901.1-2.6 %1851.0QNIFTY
Kothari Product119.6-2.6 %116.5Kothari Product
Hind Rectifiers201.5-2.6 %196.2Hind Rectifiers
TARC Ltd38.2-2.6 %37.2TARC Ltd
KPIT Technologies Ltd856.1-2.6 %833.7KPIT Technologies Ltd
Sarla Performance Fi38.3-2.6 %37.3Sarla Performance Fi
Servotech Power Systems Ltd40.3-2.6 %39.3Servotech Power Systems Ltd
Clean Science and Technology Ltd1439.1-2.6 %1401.7Clean Science and Technology Ltd
Orient Press57.9-2.6 %56.4Orient Press
Oracle Fin Serv3231.7-2.6 %3147.9Oracle Fin Serv
LICNETFN50193.0-2.6 %188.0LICNETFN50
V2 Retail87.0-2.6 %84.7V2 Retail
Richa Ind1.9-2.6 %1.9Richa Ind
Greenpanel Indu Ltd283.8-2.6 %276.5Greenpanel Indu Ltd
S.J.S. Ents Ltd430.5-2.6 %419.4S.J.S. Ents Ltd
Triton Valves1600.4-2.6 %1559.3Triton Valves
SPML Infra25.4-2.6 %24.7SPML Infra
Emami392.0-2.6 %381.9Emami
Power Finance148.5-2.6 %144.7Power Finance
Ultramarine353.9-2.6 %344.9Ultramarine
Airan Ltd15.8-2.5 %15.4Airan Ltd
Paushak Ltd7830.5-2.5 %7631.7Paushak Ltd
Veto Switchgears96.6-2.5 %94.1Veto Switchgears
Patel Eng13.8-2.5 %13.5Patel Eng
Bharti Airtel776.8-2.5 %757.1Bharti Airtel
ICICI Lombard Insuran1117.4-2.5 %1089.1ICICI Lombard Insuran
Parag Milk Food81.2-2.5 %79.1Parag Milk Food
Sarda Plywood133.0-2.5 %129.6Sarda Plywood
AU Small Financ613.5-2.5 %598.1AU Small Financ
Dai-Ichi Karkar398.0-2.5 %388.0Dai-Ichi Karkar
T T Limited73.7-2.5 %71.9T T Limited
Lykis71.8-2.5 %70.0Lykis
JK Lakshmi Cem745.2-2.5 %726.6JK Lakshmi Cem
SETFNIF50185.7-2.5 %181.1SETFNIF50
KEI Industries1700.0-2.5 %1657.8KEI Industries
Kavveri Telecom Prod6.1-2.5 %5.9Kavveri Telecom Prod
B and A272.7-2.5 %266.0B and A
Arvee Laboratories (India) Ltd101.0-2.5 %98.5Arvee Laboratories (India) Ltd
General Ins Corp149.6-2.5 %145.9General Ins Corp
Quick Heal Tech153.6-2.5 %149.8Quick Heal Tech
Cineline India107.2-2.5 %104.6Cineline India
Archies20.3-2.5 %19.8Archies
Shree Rama Multi-Te10.2-2.5 %9.9Shree Rama Multi-Te
Pidilite Ind2333.1-2.5 %2275.7Pidilite Ind
V-Guard Ind249.7-2.4 %243.6V-Guard Ind
Freshtrop Fruit108.7-2.4 %106.0Freshtrop Fruit
Astral Poly Tec1913.5-2.4 %1866.9Astral Poly Tec
Mahindra Holida280.1-2.4 %273.3Mahindra Holida
Eicher Motors3285.0-2.4 %3205.6Eicher Motors
Nitta Gelatin688.0-2.4 %671.5Nitta Gelatin
SBI Life Insurance Co1149.7-2.4 %1122.1SBI Life Insurance Co
Inditrade Capit29.2-2.4 %28.5Inditrade Capit
Mahamaya Steel62.5-2.4 %61.0Mahamaya Steel
Quess Corp377.6-2.4 %368.5Quess Corp
Kwality Pharmac333.9-2.4 %325.9Kwality Pharmac
Fluidomat213.1-2.4 %208.0Fluidomat
Suven Life Sci58.6-2.4 %57.2Suven Life Sci
Gokul Refoils33.5-2.4 %32.7Gokul Refoils
Morarjee Text21.0-2.4 %20.5Morarjee Text
Libas Consumer Products Ltd14.8-2.4 %14.4Libas Consumer Products Ltd
Balmer Lawrie118.1-2.4 %115.3Balmer Lawrie
Singer India69.7-2.4 %68.0Singer India
Coromandel Engg31.8-2.4 %31.0Coromandel Engg
Bombay Burmah904.6-2.4 %883.3Bombay Burmah
TCPL Packaging1375.0-2.4 %1342.5TCPL Packaging
ICICI50025.0-2.4 %24.4ICICI500
Jamna Auto104.6-2.3 %102.2Jamna Auto
Umang Dairies60.1-2.3 %58.7Umang Dairies
Vesuvius India1791.8-2.3 %1750.2Vesuvius India
V-Mart Retail2499.2-2.3 %2441.2V-Mart Retail
Reliance2440.2-2.3 %2383.7Reliance
DCM77.8-2.3 %76.0DCM
SMS Lifesciences Ind581.3-2.3 %567.8SMS Lifesciences Ind
Pradeep Metals185.9-2.3 %181.6Pradeep Metals
Maithan Alloys939.1-2.3 %917.4Maithan Alloys
Mishra Dhatu Nigam208.9-2.3 %204.1Mishra Dhatu Nigam
Int Conveyors Ltd56.8-2.3 %55.5Int Conveyors Ltd
Intl Conveyor56.8-2.3 %55.5Intl Conveyor
Subros293.9-2.3 %287.2Subros
Ambuja Cements353.3-2.3 %345.3Ambuja Cements
Binny276.6-2.3 %270.3Binny
Thyrocare Techn475.0-2.3 %464.2Thyrocare Techn
Ashoka Buildcon77.1-2.3 %75.3Ashoka Buildcon
Coffee Day37.5-2.3 %36.6Coffee Day
Tata Elxsi6662.9-2.3 %6512.9Tata Elxsi
Mangalam Cement277.6-2.3 %271.3Mangalam Cement
REC115.6-2.2 %113.0REC
Cartrade Tech Ltd527.5-2.2 %515.6Cartrade Tech Ltd
ZF Steering Gea417.0-2.2 %407.7ZF Steering Gea
Landmark Property6.7-2.2 %6.6Landmark Property
Orissa Minerals2570.7-2.2 %2513.4Orissa Minerals
Tata Steel112.3-2.2 %109.8Tata Steel
Cambridge Tech54.3-2.2 %53.1Cambridge Tech
HDFC Asset Mgmt Co1856.3-2.2 %1815.3HDFC Asset Mgmt Co
Alankit9.1-2.2 %8.9Alankit
Arihant Super215.0-2.2 %210.3Arihant Super
Sundaram Fin2353.3-2.2 %2301.4Sundaram Fin
Elnet Tech174.6-2.2 %170.8Elnet Tech
Hemisphere Properties India Ltd97.6-2.2 %95.5Hemisphere Properties India Ltd
Damodar Ind47.7-2.2 %46.7Damodar Ind
Anuh Pharma86.6-2.2 %84.7Anuh Pharma
Cigniti Tech726.4-2.2 %710.5Cigniti Tech
MRF88739.7-2.2 %86800.7MRF
Container Corp607.3-2.2 %594.1Container Corp
LG Balakrishnan666.9-2.2 %652.5LG Balakrishnan
Samkrg Pistons143.6-2.2 %140.5Samkrg Pistons
United Drilling Tools Ltd227.1-2.2 %222.2United Drilling Tools Ltd
Isgec Heavy Engineering Ltd458.0-2.2 %448.1Isgec Heavy Engineering Ltd
Apollo Pipes Ltd503.5-2.1 %492.7Apollo Pipes Ltd
VIP Industries665.1-2.1 %650.8VIP Industries
Can Fin Homes578.9-2.1 %566.5Can Fin Homes
Kallam Spinning10.3-2.1 %10.1Kallam Spinning
Emami Paper121.5-2.1 %118.9Emami Paper
Jocil180.2-2.1 %176.3Jocil
Blue Chip Tex133.9-2.1 %131.0Blue Chip Tex
Manaksia Aluminium21.2-2.1 %20.8Manaksia Aluminium
Cholamandalam779.4-2.1 %762.9Cholamandalam
Punjab Chemical920.7-2.1 %901.2Punjab Chemical
Smartlink Net139.7-2.1 %136.7Smartlink Net
Mysore Petro109.1-2.1 %106.8Mysore Petro
ICICINXT5039.5-2.1 %38.7ICICINXT50
Page Industries38878.1-2.1 %38064.0Page Industries
Infosys1583.8-2.1 %1550.7Infosys
Williamson Mago21.6-2.1 %21.1Williamson Mago
Total Transport Systems Ltd129.5-2.1 %126.8Total Transport Systems Ltd
Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd290.8-2.1 %284.7Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd
SETFNN50401.7-2.1 %393.3SETFNN50
Castrol121.1-2.1 %118.6Castrol
M&M Financial262.3-2.1 %256.9M&M Financial
TCPL Packaging1372.3-2.1 %1344.1TCPL Packaging
Emami Paper Mills Ltd121.5-2.1 %119.0Emami Paper Mills Ltd
Virat Crane34.1-2.1 %33.4Virat Crane
Shanthi Gears333.7-2.1 %326.9Shanthi Gears
PNB Housing Fin593.8-2 %581.6PNB Housing Fin
AIA Engineering2777.0-2 %2720.4AIA Engineering
Saregama India331.3-2 %324.6Saregama India
Marksans Pharma68.8-2 %67.4Marksans Pharma
Worth Peripherals Ltd103.3-2 %101.2Worth Peripherals Ltd
Rajapalayam610.9-2 %598.5Rajapalayam
Premier Polyfilm89.0-2 %87.2Premier Polyfilm
ISGEC Heavy Eng457.7-2 %448.4ISGEC Heavy Eng
Sasken Tech913.3-2 %894.9Sasken Tech
Goldstone Tech54.6-2 %53.5Goldstone Tech
Godrej Agrovet448.9-2 %439.9Godrej Agrovet
Zenith Fibres75.0-2 %73.5Zenith Fibres
Britannia4533.3-2 %4442.6Britannia
Rana Sugars22.6-2 %22.2Rana Sugars
Gallantt Metal60.3-2 %59.1Gallantt Metal
Torrent Power506.8-2 %496.7Torrent Power
GKW Limited529.5-2 %519.0GKW Limited
DCM Shriram866.0-2 %848.9DCM Shriram
Panacea Biotec124.0-2 %121.5Panacea Biotec
Hero Motocorp2535.6-2 %2485.7Hero Motocorp
Reliance ETF536.3-2 %525.8Reliance ETF
Coromandel Int906.0-2 %888.3Coromandel Int
Bengal Tea77.0-1.9 %75.5Bengal Tea
Loyal Equip66.8-1.9 %65.5Loyal Equip
Atul7290.8-1.9 %7149.1Atul
Rudrabhishek Ents Ltd149.6-1.9 %146.7Rudrabhishek Ents Ltd
Precision Camsh100.6-1.9 %98.7Precision Camsh
Ice Make Refrigeration Ltd268.8-1.9 %263.6Ice Make Refrigeration Ltd
Vaswani Ind23.4-1.9 %22.9Vaswani Ind
Elecon Eng416.0-1.9 %408.0Elecon Eng
TRF166.7-1.9 %163.5TRF
Artemis Medicare Serv Ltd67.8-1.9 %66.5Artemis Medicare Serv Ltd
Berger Paints569.0-1.9 %558.1Berger Paints
Patel Integrate13.1-1.9 %12.8Patel Integrate
Rico Auto73.2-1.9 %71.8Rico Auto
J. K. Cement2840.7-1.9 %2786.5J. K. Cement
Pricol199.3-1.9 %195.5Pricol
Arfin India21.2-1.9 %20.8Arfin India
The Byke Hosp42.6-1.9 %41.8The Byke Hosp
AYM Syntex61.2-1.9 %60.1AYM Syntex
Oriental Hotels80.0-1.9 %78.5Oriental Hotels
SBI531.0-1.9 %521.1SBI
Cubex Tubings32.1-1.9 %31.5Cubex Tubings
Indian Metals324.7-1.9 %318.6Indian Metals
Forbes Gokak648.3-1.9 %636.2Forbes Gokak
Next Mediaworks5.4-1.9 %5.3Next Mediaworks
Oberoi Realty861.1-1.8 %845.3Oberoi Realty
Ajanta Pharma1193.4-1.8 %1171.7Ajanta Pharma
Maxheights79.9-1.8 %78.4Maxheights
Xpro India581.6-1.8 %571.1Xpro India
Redington179.9-1.8 %176.6Redington
Bodal Chemicals64.1-1.8 %63.0Bodal Chemicals
Nestle19021.3-1.8 %18680.9Nestle
Ramco Cements733.5-1.8 %720.5Ramco Cements
Patels Airtemp225.0-1.8 %221.0Patels Airtemp
Suprajit Eng359.2-1.8 %352.9Suprajit Eng
A.K.Capital Ser449.7-1.7 %441.9A.K.Capital Ser
Kanoria Chem124.6-1.7 %122.4Kanoria Chem
Mphasis2236.6-1.7 %2198.0Mphasis
Reliance Home Fin2.9-1.7 %2.9Reliance Home Fin
PNB Gilts61.1-1.7 %60.1PNB Gilts
NFL64.1-1.7 %63.0NFL
Shri Dinesh Mil540.2-1.7 %531.0Shri Dinesh Mil
Ahlada Eng Ltd91.1-1.7 %89.6Ahlada Eng Ltd
Marathon Realty267.6-1.7 %263.0Marathon Realty
Sundram994.3-1.7 %977.4Sundram
Firstsource Sol118.1-1.7 %116.1Firstsource Sol
Novartis India605.6-1.7 %595.4Novartis India
Clariant Chem (Ind)318.2-1.7 %312.8Clariant Chem (Ind)
Maruti Suzuki8807.8-1.7 %8660.5Maruti Suzuki
Goodricke Group191.5-1.7 %188.3Goodricke Group
Apollo Pipes502.7-1.7 %494.3Apollo Pipes
Bhartiya International201.2-1.7 %197.9Bhartiya International
Dhunseri Tea208.1-1.7 %204.7Dhunseri Tea
Hawkins Cooker5990.0-1.7 %5890.8Hawkins Cooker
CG Power320.2-1.7 %314.9CG Power
Ugro Capital Ltd154.4-1.7 %151.8Ugro Capital Ltd
Maharashtra Scooters4571.4-1.6 %4496.7Maharashtra Scooters
KOTAKNV20106.6-1.6 %104.8KOTAKNV20
SBI Cards and Payment Serv Ltd758.7-1.6 %746.4SBI Cards and Payment Serv Ltd
Genus Paper15.4-1.6 %15.2Genus Paper
Maheshwari Logistics Ltd61.7-1.6 %60.7Maheshwari Logistics Ltd
Samtex Fashions2.5-1.6 %2.4Samtex Fashions
Lupin670.2-1.6 %659.4Lupin
Muthoot Finance981.3-1.6 %965.4Muthoot Finance
Sobha588.3-1.6 %578.8Sobha
CDSL1007.3-1.6 %991.2CDSL
PPAP Automotive197.5-1.6 %194.4PPAP Automotive
Divyashakti72.4-1.6 %71.3Divyashakti
Accelya Kale1160.9-1.6 %1142.5Accelya Kale
Tata Metaliks776.6-1.6 %764.3Tata Metaliks
Invest and Prec301.9-1.6 %297.2Invest and Prec
Godawari Power362.7-1.6 %357.0Godawari Power
ICICINV20104.4-1.6 %102.8ICICINV20
Tata Coffee210.9-1.6 %207.6Tata Coffee
Steelcast525.1-1.6 %516.9Steelcast
Sharda Crop477.6-1.5 %470.2Sharda Crop
GM Breweries568.9-1.5 %560.1GM Breweries
Bayer Cropscien4506.2-1.5 %4436.5Bayer Cropscien
Vishal Fabrics Ltd19.5-1.5 %19.2Vishal Fabrics Ltd
Godfrey Phillip1757.3-1.5 %1730.2Godfrey Phillip
Interglobe Avi1882.2-1.5 %1853.3Interglobe Avi
Jubilant Ingrevia Ltd458.4-1.5 %451.4Jubilant Ingrevia Ltd
Simmonds-Marsha45.6-1.5 %44.9Simmonds-Marsha
Pondy Oxides322.7-1.5 %317.8Pondy Oxides
Roto Pumps585.7-1.5 %576.8Roto Pumps
Godrej Consumer942.1-1.5 %927.8Godrej Consumer
Khaitan (Ind)46.2-1.5 %45.5Khaitan (Ind)
Sansera Engineering Ltd755.9-1.5 %744.5Sansera Engineering Ltd
Lokesh Machines115.8-1.5 %114.0Lokesh Machines
Kothari PetroChem67.9-1.5 %66.9Kothari PetroChem
Swaraj Engines1591.1-1.5 %1567.7Swaraj Engines
Multibase India198.0-1.5 %195.1Multibase India
BPL61.5-1.5 %60.6BPL
Sahara Housing47.9-1.5 %47.2Sahara Housing
Responsive Ind126.8-1.5 %125.0Responsive Ind
3M India22177.1-1.5 %21853.73M India
Ansal Buildwell75.9-1.5 %74.8Ansal Buildwell
Dhanuka Agritec679.7-1.4 %669.8Dhanuka Agritec
TV TodayNetwork218.1-1.4 %214.9TV TodayNetwork
Gland Pharma Ltd1307.0-1.4 %1288.3Gland Pharma Ltd
Home First Fin Co India Ltd762.8-1.4 %751.9Home First Fin Co India Ltd
Sun Pharma984.5-1.4 %970.5Sun Pharma
Vardhman Text313.5-1.4 %309.1Vardhman Text
Indo Rama Synth46.0-1.4 %45.3Indo Rama Synth
BASF2374.8-1.4 %2341.2BASF
Dr Lal PathLab1967.3-1.4 %1939.9Dr Lal PathLab
Nalwa Sons Invest2140.4-1.4 %2110.9Nalwa Sons Invest
Gulf Oil Lubric433.3-1.4 %427.3Gulf Oil Lubric
Bata India1440.1-1.4 %1420.4Bata India
Pfizer3860.4-1.4 %3807.7Pfizer
Vineet Laboratories Ltd55.0-1.4 %54.2Vineet Laboratories Ltd
PSP Projects681.5-1.4 %672.2PSP Projects
GSS Infotech224.5-1.4 %221.5GSS Infotech
Shree Cements25757.4-1.3 %25412.8Shree Cements
Zenotech Labs52.4-1.3 %51.7Zenotech Labs
Geojit Fin45.0-1.3 %44.4Geojit Fin
NRB Industrial18.8-1.3 %18.6NRB Industrial
Steel Str Wheel154.6-1.3 %152.5Steel Str Wheel
HCL Technologies1109.6-1.3 %1094.9HCL Technologies
Malu Paper Mills30.3-1.3 %29.9Malu Paper Mills
Indo-National330.2-1.3 %325.8Indo-National
Par Drugs And Chem Ltd149.1-1.3 %147.1Par Drugs And Chem Ltd
Jash Engineering Ltd872.5-1.3 %861.1Jash Engineering Ltd
Tinplate323.2-1.3 %319.0Tinplate
Autoline Ind69.6-1.3 %68.7Autoline Ind
Avenue Supermar3545.0-1.3 %3499.2Avenue Supermar
Rajratan Global750.9-1.3 %741.2Rajratan Global
Bannariamman2787.7-1.3 %2751.9Bannariamman
Westlife Devp Ltd676.7-1.3 %668.0Westlife Devp Ltd
Vishwaraj Sugar Indu Ltd16.0-1.3 %15.8Vishwaraj Sugar Indu Ltd
IDFC75.9-1.3 %74.9IDFC
Karur Vysya100.0-1.3 %98.7Karur Vysya
Camlin Fine140.0-1.3 %138.2Camlin Fine
Aditya Birla Cap144.0-1.3 %142.2Aditya Birla Cap
HUL2515.5-1.2 %2484.2HUL
Hind Zinc324.0-1.2 %320.0Hind Zinc
Country Condo's4.1-1.2 %4.0Country Condo's
Kirloskar Bros364.6-1.2 %360.1Kirloskar Bros
Kulkarni Power302.6-1.2 %298.9Kulkarni Power
Neuland Lab1616.7-1.2 %1597.1Neuland Lab
Ami Organics Ltd923.3-1.2 %912.3Ami Organics Ltd
Vinati Organics1878.8-1.2 %1856.7Vinati Organics
Elgi Rubber34.1-1.2 %33.7Elgi Rubber
Innovative Tech17.1-1.2 %16.9Innovative Tech
EIH Assoc Hotel400.8-1.2 %396.1EIH Assoc Hotel
Tata Power204.7-1.2 %202.3Tata Power
Kaushalya Infra4.3-1.2 %4.3Kaushalya Infra
JK Paper396.3-1.2 %391.7JK Paper
Edelweiss64.9-1.2 %64.1Edelweiss
Ambika Cotton1485.0-1.2 %1467.9Ambika Cotton
Indian Terrain52.0-1.2 %51.4Indian Terrain
Greenlam Ind314.4-1.1 %310.8Greenlam Ind
Bharat Elec96.5-1.1 %95.4Bharat Elec
Aro Granite43.9-1.1 %43.4Aro Granite
Bajaj Auto3894.3-1.1 %3850.0Bajaj Auto
Bosch18014.6-1.1 %17810.3Bosch
Vipul13.4-1.1 %13.2Vipul
BSL169.9-1.1 %168.0BSL
ITI98.4-1.1 %97.3ITI
UltraTechCement7297.9-1.1 %7216.7UltraTechCement
Jindal Worldwide306.2-1.1 %302.8Jindal Worldwide
Capri Global Capital703.6-1.1 %695.9Capri Global Capital
Him Fibres4.6-1.1 %4.6Him Fibres
Ram Ratna Wires156.9-1.1 %155.2Ram Ratna Wires
National Fittin70.5-1.1 %69.7National Fittin
ICICIB2258.7-1.1 %58.1ICICIB22
Vimta Labs312.9-1.1 %309.6Vimta Labs
Allied Digital100.1-1 %99.0Allied Digital
Sikko Indu Ltd86.3-1 %85.4Sikko Indu Ltd
Surana Solar19.6-1 %19.4Surana Solar
Alkyl Amines Chem2538.7-1 %2512.8Alkyl Amines Chem
ONGC156.6-1 %155.0ONGC
JSW Holdings3944.9-1 %3904.9JSW Holdings
India Nippon375.4-1 %371.6India Nippon
KIOCL Limited198.2-1 %196.2KIOCL Limited
ISMT Limited69.8-1 %69.1ISMT Limited
Future Market Net5.1-1 %5.0Future Market Net
Munjal Showa92.0-1 %91.1Munjal Showa
Dodla Dairy Ltd494.1-1 %489.4Dodla Dairy Ltd

Indian stock market 2023_WK08 Top Losers Stock market Data of India from Nifty – NSE, Sensex – BSE. * Data is Only for educational purpose, not for trading. Please verify Data with latest sources.
* Consult your financial advisor before trading or investing in any stock.

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