2023_WK22 Top Losers

Stock market Data of India from NSE/BSE.
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2023_WK22 Losers

26-05-2023_Fri — to — 02-06-2023_Fri

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Macrotech Developers Ltd1020.3-45.4 %557.5Macrotech Developers Ltd
Edelweiss66.2-44.4 %36.8Edelweiss
Praxis Home Retail20.0-37.5 %12.5Praxis Home Retail
Kulkarni Power414.1-25.6 %308.2Kulkarni Power
Cenlub279.4-25.5 %208.2Cenlub
Suryaamba Spin276.0-22.4 %214.2Suryaamba Spin
Natural Capsule436.7-19.8 %350.3Natural Capsule
Shiva Global86.3-19 %69.8Shiva Global
RTS Power Corp150.3-17.7 %123.7RTS Power Corp
Manaksia Coated Met20.0-17.3 %16.6Manaksia Coated Met
ADC India Comm806.5-15.8 %678.8ADC India Comm
RKEC Projects Ltd65.6-15.7 %55.3RKEC Projects Ltd
Hisar Metal Ind163.8-15.3 %138.7Hisar Metal Ind
Austin Eng192.3-15.3 %162.9Austin Eng
Aimco Pesticide129.7-14.8 %110.6Aimco Pesticide
Lambodhara Text214.1-14.5 %183.0Lambodhara Text
Sunflag Iron Steel Co168.8-14.3 %144.6Sunflag Iron Steel Co
Ducon Infratech7.9-14 %6.8Ducon Infratech
MBL Infra25.1-13.7 %21.7MBL Infra
DHP967.0-13.4 %837.8DHP
Duke Offshore7.6-13 %6.6Duke Offshore
Rexnord Electro164.7-12.6 %143.9Rexnord Electro
Technocraft Ind1763.5-12.1 %1549.3Technocraft Ind
Suryalata Spg1583.8-12.1 %1391.9Suryalata Spg
Precision Wires92.5-11.8 %81.5Precision Wires
Greaves Cotton148.3-11.8 %130.8Greaves Cotton
Intense Tech71.8-11.7 %63.4Intense Tech
Mirza Intl57.1-11.6 %50.5Mirza Intl
Sunil Health63.3-11.5 %56.0Sunil Health
SVP Global Ventures Ltd13.1-11.5 %11.6SVP Global Ventures Ltd
City Union Bank139.4-11.4 %123.5City Union Bank
Jeevan Scient51.5-11.4 %45.6Jeevan Scient
Zuari Agro Chem156.9-11.3 %139.2Zuari Agro Chem
Superhouse238.3-11.1 %212.0Superhouse
United Drilling Tools Ltd226.0-11 %201.2United Drilling Tools Ltd
Xelpmoc Design And Tech Ltd104.1-10.5 %93.2Xelpmoc Design And Tech Ltd
Navkar Corp63.0-10.1 %56.7Navkar Corp
TGV Sraac109.2-9.8 %98.5TGV Sraac
Shah Alloys48.0-9.8 %43.3Shah Alloys
Nagreeka Capital Infra22.5-9.6 %20.3Nagreeka Capital Infra
TCPL Packaging1624.3-9.3 %1472.7TCPL Packaging
Lagnam Spintex Ltd45.8-9.3 %41.6Lagnam Spintex Ltd
Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd118.3-9.3 %107.3Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd
Richa Ind1.7-9.2 %1.6Richa Ind
S Chand and Co216.1-9.2 %196.2S Chand and Co
Samkrg Pistons153.7-9.2 %139.6Samkrg Pistons
TCPL Packaging1621.6-9.2 %1473.2TCPL Packaging
Swelect Energy351.3-9 %319.8Swelect Energy
Mangalam Organics Ltd470.0-8.9 %428.1Mangalam Organics Ltd
Savita Oil Technologi303.1-8.9 %276.2Savita Oil Technologi
Bloom Dekor11.4-8.7 %10.4Bloom Dekor
Stove Kraft Ltd479.4-8.7 %437.9Stove Kraft Ltd
Tyroon Tea96.1-8.6 %87.8Tyroon Tea
Accuracy Shipping Ltd11.7-8.5 %10.7Accuracy Shipping Ltd
KRBL405.4-8.5 %370.9KRBL
Macpower CNC Machines Ltd325.0-8.5 %297.4Macpower CNC Machines Ltd
Ceat2106.6-8.4 %1928.9Ceat
MMP Indu Ltd186.2-8.4 %170.5MMP Indu Ltd
Anupam Rasayan India Ltd1219.8-8.3 %1118.4Anupam Rasayan India Ltd
GMR Infra45.0-8.2 %41.3GMR Infra
Shree Rama Multi-Te11.2-8.1 %10.3Shree Rama Multi-Te
Nahar Poly Film261.9-8 %240.9Nahar Poly Film
Genesys Int354.0-7.7 %326.6Genesys Int
B L Kashyap Sons40.5-7.7 %37.4B L Kashyap Sons
Batliboi89.6-7.6 %82.8Batliboi
Triton Valves1496.9-7.6 %1382.8Triton Valves
OnMobile Global80.8-7.6 %74.7OnMobile Global
Zee Learn3.3-7.6 %3.1Zee Learn
Rasandik Engg79.0-7.5 %73.1Rasandik Engg
Ind-Swift Labs76.4-7.5 %70.6Ind-Swift Labs
Worth Peripherals Ltd107.7-7.5 %99.6Worth Peripherals Ltd
Elecon Eng580.9-7.5 %537.6Elecon Eng
Balkrishna Ind2469.2-7.4 %2286.1Balkrishna Ind
Ausom Enterprise64.8-7.4 %60.0Ausom Enterprise
Maxheights86.3-7.3 %80.0Maxheights
Cupid268.2-7.3 %248.6Cupid
GE T&D India194.4-7.3 %180.2GE T&D India
Kamadgiri83.7-7.3 %77.6Kamadgiri
Aegis Logistics359.6-7.2 %333.7Aegis Logistics
Divyashakti70.0-7.2 %65.0Divyashakti
Nagpur Power71.0-7.2 %65.9Nagpur Power
Ester Ind121.4-7.2 %112.7Ester Ind
Marine Electricals (India) Ltd54.8-7.1 %50.9Marine Electricals (India) Ltd
Cochin Minerals343.1-7.1 %318.7Cochin Minerals
VIP Clothing49.3-7 %45.8VIP Clothing
Oswal Agro Mills34.0-6.9 %31.7Oswal Agro Mills
Exxaro Tiles Ltd122.2-6.9 %113.8Exxaro Tiles Ltd
Iris Business Serv Ltd83.9-6.8 %78.2Iris Business Serv Ltd
Simplex Casting43.5-6.8 %40.5Simplex Casting
UCAL Fuel128.6-6.7 %120.0UCAL Fuel
Pritish Nandy Comm35.3-6.7 %33.0Pritish Nandy Comm
Indag Rubber140.5-6.6 %131.3Indag Rubber
Sandesh984.0-6.5 %919.7Sandesh
Adani Trans850.1-6.5 %794.7Adani Trans
VRL Logistics743.7-6.5 %695.3VRL Logistics
Ador Welding1231.9-6.5 %1151.9Ador Welding
Chemcon Speciality Chem Ltd285.9-6.4 %267.5Chemcon Speciality Chem Ltd
Tijaria Polypipes5.5-6.4 %5.1Tijaria Polypipes
Arnold Holdings24.3-6.4 %22.8Arnold Holdings
Spice Island22.5-6.3 %21.1Spice Island
Nitin Spinners270.2-6.3 %253.2Nitin Spinners
Essar Shipping9.7-6.2 %9.1Essar Shipping
Royal Orchid364.6-6.2 %342.1Royal Orchid
Panama Petro300.0-6.1 %281.6Panama Petro
Speciality Rest250.8-6.1 %235.4Speciality Rest
Mcleod20.5-6.1 %19.2Mcleod
Ansal Prop Infra9.9-6.1 %9.3Ansal Prop Infra
Ajooni Biotech Ltd5.0-6.1 %4.7Ajooni Biotech Ltd
Oriental Aromatics Ltd367.7-6 %345.5Oriental Aromatics Ltd
Rapicut Carbide53.4-6 %50.2Rapicut Carbide
Godfrey Phillip1812.4-6 %1704.5Godfrey Phillip
Vedanta297.7-5.9 %280.1Vedanta
Siti Networks0.9-5.9 %0.8Siti Networks
Seya Indu Ltd27.2-5.9 %25.6Seya Indu Ltd
Seamec696.1-5.8 %656.0Seamec
Taneja Aerospac145.7-5.7 %137.4Taneja Aerospac
Compuage Info13.2-5.7 %12.4Compuage Info
Finolex Cables843.3-5.7 %795.4Finolex Cables
Asahi Songwon204.3-5.7 %192.7Asahi Songwon
Wim Plast480.3-5.6 %453.2Wim Plast
Scanpoint Geo10.5-5.6 %9.9Scanpoint Geo
ILandFS Trans3.6-5.6 %3.4ILandFS Trans
SMS Lifesciences Ind557.8-5.5 %526.9SMS Lifesciences Ind
ONGC163.8-5.5 %154.7ONGC
Guj Ind Power99.1-5.5 %93.6Guj Ind Power
Sterling Tools356.3-5.4 %336.9Sterling Tools
Dharamsi Morarj257.6-5.4 %243.6Dharamsi Morarj
Remi Edelstahl36.6-5.4 %34.7Remi Edelstahl
Kellton Tech66.3-5.4 %62.7Kellton Tech
Dhunseri Tea209.6-5.3 %198.4Dhunseri Tea
Prima Plastics142.5-5.3 %134.9Prima Plastics
Flexituff Intl28.2-5.3 %26.7Flexituff Intl
Donear Ind98.8-5.3 %93.6Donear Ind
Honda Siel2261.6-5.2 %2142.9Honda Siel
Supreme Infra24.1-5.2 %22.8Supreme Infra
Lawreshwar Poly131.2-5.2 %124.5Lawreshwar Poly
Gandhi Spl Tube574.8-5.2 %545.2Gandhi Spl Tube
Flex Foods90.0-5.1 %85.4Flex Foods
Haldyn Glass78.6-5.1 %74.6Haldyn Glass
Elpro Int63.3-5.1 %60.1Elpro Int
Tejnaksh70.1-5 %66.5Tejnaksh
Lumax Inds2020.9-5 %1919.6Lumax Inds
Nihar Info6.0-5 %5.7Nihar Info
GTL Limited6.1-5 %5.8GTL Limited
Astron Paper25.4-4.9 %24.2Astron Paper
Strides Shasun378.1-4.9 %359.5Strides Shasun
Chaman Lal Seti184.8-4.9 %175.7Chaman Lal Seti
V B Industries4.5-4.9 %4.3V B Industries
Pokarna376.3-4.8 %358.1Pokarna
Pro Fin Capital1.3-4.8 %1.2Pro Fin Capital
Sahara Housing46.5-4.8 %44.3Sahara Housing
Kriti Indu (India) Ltd109.5-4.8 %104.3Kriti Indu (India) Ltd
Palred Technologies141.1-4.8 %134.3Palred Technologies
Oriental Veneer41.2-4.8 %39.2Oriental Veneer
Bharat Rasayan10302.7-4.7 %9815.6Bharat Rasayan
Astec Life1479.4-4.7 %1409.9Astec Life
Allied Digital89.6-4.7 %85.4Allied Digital
Capacit'e Infra proj171.2-4.7 %163.2Capacit'e Infra proj
Gujarat Gas Limited498.3-4.7 %475.0Gujarat Gas Limited
Skipper119.4-4.6 %113.9Skipper
Techno Electric & Engineering Co Ltd400.5-4.6 %382.1Techno Electric & Engineering Co Ltd
Emami Paper123.8-4.6 %118.1Emami Paper
Wallfort Fin51.9-4.6 %49.5Wallfort Fin
Emami Paper Mills Ltd123.8-4.6 %118.2Emami Paper Mills Ltd
MT Educare4.4-4.5 %4.2MT Educare
Veto Switchgears106.9-4.5 %102.1Veto Switchgears
Deep Indu Ltd184.1-4.5 %175.8Deep Indu Ltd
Harrisons Malay125.2-4.5 %119.5Harrisons Malay
Finolex Ind180.0-4.5 %171.9Finolex Ind
Remsons Ind249.9-4.5 %238.7Remsons Ind
Shradha Infraprojects Ltd45.8-4.5 %43.8Shradha Infraprojects Ltd
Shree Rama Newspri13.6-4.4 %13.0Shree Rama Newspri
Ion Exchange4013.6-4.4 %3836.0Ion Exchange
Sikko Indu Ltd66.8-4.4 %63.9Sikko Indu Ltd
Coal India241.5-4.4 %230.9Coal India
Cerebra Integ Tech6.9-4.4 %6.6Cerebra Integ Tech
Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd184.0-4.4 %175.9Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd
Lakshmi Elec1109.2-4.4 %1060.8Lakshmi Elec
Shree Renuka43.5-4.4 %41.6Shree Renuka
Mysore Petro118.2-4.4 %113.1Mysore Petro
21st Cen Mgt18.5-4.3 %17.721st Cen Mgt
Sukhjit Starch437.1-4.3 %418.2Sukhjit Starch
IGL480.1-4.3 %459.3IGL
Future Market Net4.7-4.3 %4.5Future Market Net
Zee Media Corp8.2-4.3 %7.9Zee Media Corp
Themis Medicare1533.8-4.3 %1468.6Themis Medicare
D-Link India241.1-4.3 %230.8D-Link India
MRO-TEK Realty54.3-4.2 %52.0MRO-TEK Realty
Atul Auto356.7-4.2 %341.6Atul Auto
D. P. Abhushan Ltd293.7-4.2 %281.3D. P. Abhushan Ltd
Salasar Techno Eng45.3-4.2 %43.4Salasar Techno Eng
Sunteck Realty294.2-4.2 %282.0Sunteck Realty
Mangalam Drugs108.2-4.2 %103.7Mangalam Drugs
TARC Ltd55.3-4.2 %53.0TARC Ltd
Damodar Ind42.6-4.1 %40.8Damodar Ind
Gufic Biosciences207.6-4 %199.2Gufic Biosciences
Shree Digvijay Cement Co.Ltd85.5-4 %82.0Shree Digvijay Cement Co.Ltd
Jubilant Ind483.3-4 %463.8Jubilant Ind
Oil India260.5-4 %250.0Oil India
Manugraph Ind17.5-4 %16.8Manugraph Ind
DCM Shriram Ind75.3-4 %72.3DCM Shriram Ind
Orbit Exports156.7-4 %150.5Orbit Exports
Phyto Chem36.6-3.9 %35.1Phyto Chem
Apex Frozen Foods207.4-3.9 %199.2Apex Frozen Foods
JHS Svendgaard Lab17.9-3.9 %17.2JHS Svendgaard Lab
Adani Enterpris2544.4-3.9 %2445.1Adani Enterpris
Hubtown45.0-3.9 %43.2Hubtown
Williamson Mago20.6-3.9 %19.8Williamson Mago
Libas Consumer Products Ltd12.9-3.9 %12.4Libas Consumer Products Ltd
Fortis Health287.3-3.8 %276.3Fortis Health
Dangee Dums Ltd14.3-3.8 %13.8Dangee Dums Ltd
Lokesh Machines154.7-3.8 %148.8Lokesh Machines
DCW Limited45.5-3.8 %43.8DCW Limited
TIL130.2-3.8 %125.2TIL
PC Jeweller25.2-3.8 %24.3PC Jeweller
Sanghi Ind69.7-3.7 %67.1Sanghi Ind
Tarmat73.9-3.7 %71.1Tarmat
Virat Crane31.2-3.7 %30.0Virat Crane
VLS Finance168.2-3.7 %162.0VLS Finance
Malu Paper Mills35.1-3.7 %33.8Malu Paper Mills
Religare Enterp172.7-3.7 %166.3Religare Enterp
Kothari Product113.6-3.7 %109.5Kothari Product
Advani Hot (Ind)90.9-3.6 %87.6Advani Hot (Ind)
Tokyo Plast94.0-3.6 %90.6Tokyo Plast
B and A265.2-3.6 %255.8B and A
PPAP Automotive170.7-3.5 %164.7PPAP Automotive
VEDAVAAG System42.4-3.5 %40.9VEDAVAAG System
Hind Aluminium37.1-3.5 %35.8Hind Aluminium
Chennai Petro393.8-3.5 %379.9Chennai Petro
Indian Card238.2-3.5 %229.8Indian Card
KM Sugar Mills27.1-3.5 %26.1KM Sugar Mills
Career Point243.7-3.5 %235.2Career Point
Everest Kanto Cylin105.3-3.5 %101.7Everest Kanto Cylin
BGR Energy53.5-3.5 %51.7BGR Energy
TVS Srichakra2964.9-3.5 %2862.5TVS Srichakra
KELTECH Energ1722.6-3.4 %1663.2KELTECH Energ
Trigyn Tech113.4-3.4 %109.5Trigyn Tech
Vama Ind4.7-3.4 %4.6Vama Ind
Jamna Auto103.9-3.4 %100.4Jamna Auto
OK Play120.6-3.4 %116.5OK Play
South (I) Paper108.8-3.4 %105.1South (I) Paper
NIIT404.7-3.3 %391.1NIIT
Elnet Tech185.0-3.3 %178.9Elnet Tech
Binani Ind22.8-3.3 %22.1Binani Ind
Liberty Shoes241.9-3.3 %234.0Liberty Shoes
MIRC Electronics13.7-3.3 %13.3MIRC Electronics
Morarjee Text18.5-3.3 %17.9Morarjee Text
GeeCee Ventures150.4-3.2 %145.5GeeCee Ventures
Bambino Agro314.8-3.2 %304.9Bambino Agro
Uniphos Ent158.2-3.2 %153.2Uniphos Ent
20 Microns93.4-3.2 %90.520 Microns
Nahar Capital280.7-3.2 %271.8Nahar Capital
Indigo Paints Ltd1507.4-3.1 %1460.5Indigo Paints Ltd
Mangalore Chem95.3-3.1 %92.4Mangalore Chem
Daikaffil Chem26.6-3.1 %25.8Daikaffil Chem
S.A.L. Steel16.3-3.1 %15.8S.A.L. Steel
Ambika Cotton1510.4-3.1 %1464.3Ambika Cotton
Galaxy Surfactants2540.2-3 %2463.1Galaxy Surfactants
North Eastern Carry21.6-3 %20.9North Eastern Carry
KG Denim27.5-2.9 %26.7KG Denim
Ajmera Realty343.5-2.9 %333.4Ajmera Realty
Milkfood590.3-2.9 %573.0Milkfood
Global Education Ltd202.0-2.9 %196.1Global Education Ltd
Keerthi Ind137.0-2.9 %133.0Keerthi Ind
Triveni Turbine400.1-2.9 %388.4Triveni Turbine
Optiemus Infra233.1-2.9 %226.3Optiemus Infra
Xpro India750.5-2.9 %728.8Xpro India
Aksh Optifibre8.7-2.9 %8.4Aksh Optifibre
Cosco India168.1-2.9 %163.3Cosco India
Ganges Securities106.2-2.9 %103.1Ganges Securities
Techindia Nirman8.8-2.9 %8.5Techindia Nirman
IFB Industries834.5-2.9 %810.7IFB Industries
Universal Cables377.8-2.8 %367.0Universal Cables
Arihant Super184.1-2.8 %178.9Arihant Super
Acrysil India573.6-2.8 %557.4Acrysil India
DIC India409.4-2.8 %397.9DIC India
Vindhya Telelin2036.7-2.8 %1979.3Vindhya Telelin
Tiger Logistics377.9-2.8 %367.4Tiger Logistics
Polyplex Corp1366.4-2.8 %1328.5Polyplex Corp
Kovai Medical2237.2-2.8 %2175.2Kovai Medical
GE Power India135.9-2.8 %132.2GE Power India
Kovai Medical Center and Hospital Ltd2241.9-2.7 %2180.6Kovai Medical Center and Hospital Ltd
NLC India95.2-2.7 %92.6NLC India
Vipul16.5-2.7 %16.1Vipul
Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd1604.0-2.7 %1560.5Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd
MRPL66.5-2.7 %64.7MRPL
Dai-Ichi Karkar387.9-2.7 %377.5Dai-Ichi Karkar
Paramount Comm39.2-2.7 %38.2Paramount Comm
Total Transport Systems Ltd145.4-2.6 %141.6Total Transport Systems Ltd
Sumit Woods Ltd35.9-2.6 %35.0Sumit Woods Ltd
NFL70.0-2.6 %68.1NFL
Sarda Plywood216.2-2.6 %210.5Sarda Plywood
Kewal Kiran499.0-2.6 %485.9Kewal Kiran
Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd303.0-2.6 %295.0Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd
DPSC Limited11.5-2.6 %11.2DPSC Limited
Andrew Yule & Co Ltd22.9-2.6 %22.3Andrew Yule & Co Ltd
Inventure Growth Sec2.0-2.6 %1.9Inventure Growth Sec
Emkay Global Fin74.4-2.6 %72.5Emkay Global Fin
Deccan Cements461.8-2.5 %450.1Deccan Cements
CSB Bank Ltd280.3-2.5 %273.2CSB Bank Ltd
GNA Axles758.1-2.5 %738.9GNA Axles
Vardhman Steels214.0-2.5 %208.6Vardhman Steels
Arshiya6.0-2.5 %5.8Arshiya
Steelcast501.5-2.5 %489.0Steelcast
The United Nilgiri Tea272.0-2.5 %265.2The United Nilgiri Tea
Onelife Capital12.1-2.5 %11.8Onelife Capital
Asian Hotel (E)122.6-2.5 %119.6Asian Hotel (E)
Lemon Tree Hotels95.1-2.5 %92.7Lemon Tree Hotels
Goodricke Group180.1-2.5 %175.7Goodricke Group
Orient Press62.9-2.5 %61.3Orient Press
Reliance Infra138.0-2.5 %134.6Reliance Infra
Shree Ram Proteins Ltd4.1-2.4 %4.0Shree Ram Proteins Ltd
Suprajit Eng396.1-2.4 %386.5Suprajit Eng
Salona Cotspin249.5-2.4 %243.5Salona Cotspin
Krishana Phoschem Ltd467.6-2.4 %456.4Krishana Phoschem Ltd
RITES Limited383.9-2.4 %374.7RITES Limited
TeamLease Ser.2241.0-2.3 %2188.4TeamLease Ser.
FIEM Ind1831.9-2.3 %1789.2FIEM Ind
Lypsa Gems4.3-2.3 %4.2Lypsa Gems
India Glycols631.0-2.3 %616.4India Glycols
Best Agrolife Ltd1045.7-2.3 %1021.6Best Agrolife Ltd
FCS Software Sol2.2-2.3 %2.2FCS Software Sol
Akar Auto Indus83.4-2.2 %81.5Akar Auto Indus
Timex Group Ind151.7-2.2 %148.3Timex Group Ind
HOV Services47.0-2.2 %45.9HOV Services
Sharp India59.5-2.2 %58.2Sharp India
Swarnasarita19.0-2.2 %18.6Swarnasarita
Wockhardt172.2-2.2 %168.4Wockhardt
Apcotex Ind503.2-2.2 %492.1Apcotex Ind
Heranba Indu Ltd337.8-2.2 %330.4Heranba Indu Ltd
Shiva Mills79.7-2.2 %78.0Shiva Mills
Majestic Auto146.9-2.2 %143.7Majestic Auto
Anmol India Ltd252.0-2.2 %246.5Anmol India Ltd
Oriental Trimex7.0-2.2 %6.8Oriental Trimex
ABM Int Ltd58.1-2.2 %56.8ABM Int Ltd
Multibase India239.8-2.1 %234.7Multibase India
Aaron Indu Ltd226.6-2.1 %221.7Aaron Indu Ltd
Guj Heavy Chem497.5-2.1 %487.0Guj Heavy Chem
Akg Exim Ltd29.1-2.1 %28.5Akg Exim Ltd
Suryalakshmi Co61.1-2 %59.8Suryalakshmi Co
Reliance2506.5-2 %2455.2Reliance
Chambal Fert286.6-2 %280.8Chambal Fert
Future Life4.9-2 %4.8Future Life
GVK Power2.5-2 %2.4GVK Power
TTK Prestige687.8-2 %673.8TTK Prestige
HP Cotton96.8-2 %94.9HP Cotton
Apollo Micro Syst35.1-2 %34.4Apollo Micro Syst
Indian Energy Exchang155.8-2 %152.8Indian Energy Exchang
JSW Energy255.9-2 %250.9JSW Energy
Transpek2027.6-2 %1988.0Transpek
Mishka Exim79.6-1.9 %78.0Mishka Exim
TPL Plastech44.3-1.9 %43.5TPL Plastech
Vishal Fabrics Ltd18.3-1.9 %18.0Vishal Fabrics Ltd
ISMT Limited74.0-1.9 %72.6ISMT Limited
Nila Spaces Ltd2.7-1.9 %2.6Nila Spaces Ltd
Bodal Chemicals66.6-1.9 %65.3Bodal Chemicals
Precision Camsh160.0-1.9 %157.0Precision Camsh
Hind Tin Works93.2-1.9 %91.4Hind Tin Works
Solara Active Pharma360.7-1.9 %354.0Solara Active Pharma
JK Paper336.3-1.8 %330.1JK Paper
Lancor Holdings38.0-1.8 %37.3Lancor Holdings
Akzo Nobel India2499.1-1.8 %2453.1Akzo Nobel India
Panache Digilife Ltd62.6-1.8 %61.5Panache Digilife Ltd
Share India Securities Ltd1297.6-1.8 %1273.9Share India Securities Ltd
PSP Projects737.3-1.8 %723.9PSP Projects
Sambhaav Media2.8-1.8 %2.7Sambhaav Media
Universus Photo Imagings Ltd399.0-1.8 %391.7Universus Photo Imagings Ltd
Paushak Ltd7056.3-1.8 %6929.1Paushak Ltd
PB Fintech Ltd605.0-1.8 %594.1PB Fintech Ltd
Auto Stampings324.8-1.8 %318.9Auto Stampings
Atlanta13.9-1.8 %13.7Atlanta
Cords Cable Ind95.3-1.8 %93.6Cords Cable Ind
SIL Investments312.1-1.8 %306.5SIL Investments
Pansari Developers Ltd90.1-1.8 %88.5Pansari Developers Ltd
Him Fibres5.1-1.8 %5.0Him Fibres
Kerala Ayur120.5-1.7 %118.4Kerala Ayur
Cubex Tubings37.5-1.7 %36.9Cubex Tubings
Balkrishna Pap Mills26.3-1.7 %25.8Balkrishna Pap Mills
Max Healthcare Institute Ltd540.2-1.7 %531.0Max Healthcare Institute Ltd
Clean Science and Technology Ltd1434.3-1.7 %1409.9Clean Science and Technology Ltd
Vikas Lifecare Ltd3.0-1.7 %2.9Vikas Lifecare Ltd
BN Rathi Sec39.7-1.7 %39.0BN Rathi Sec
Nilkamal2302.8-1.7 %2264.7Nilkamal
Raunaq Auto965.3-1.7 %949.4Raunaq Auto
CPSEETF42.5-1.6 %41.8CPSEETF
GAIL106.4-1.6 %104.6GAIL
Sagardeep Alloys Ltd21.4-1.6 %21.0Sagardeep Alloys Ltd
Global Vectra61.3-1.6 %60.3Global Vectra
Apar Ind2751.5-1.6 %2706.7Apar Ind
Bharat Road Network30.8-1.6 %30.3Bharat Road Network
Vesuvius India2403.0-1.6 %2364.0Vesuvius India
Kuantum Papers154.1-1.6 %151.6Kuantum Papers
Hindcon Chem Ltd90.9-1.6 %89.4Hindcon Chem Ltd
Generic Eng Const and Projects Ltd59.6-1.6 %58.7Generic Eng Const and Projects Ltd
CG Power387.0-1.6 %380.9CG Power
Gujarat Apollo199.0-1.6 %195.9Gujarat Apollo
Poddar Housing111.0-1.6 %109.3Poddar Housing
Ami Organics Ltd1232.3-1.6 %1212.9Ami Organics Ltd
Ramky Infra393.2-1.6 %387.0Ramky Infra
Coastal Corp Ltd200.2-1.5 %197.1Coastal Corp Ltd
Panasonic Energ232.5-1.5 %228.9Panasonic Energ
MRF97881.8-1.5 %96368.5MRF
Bata India1581.9-1.5 %1557.9Bata India
Digjam Ltd85.8-1.5 %84.5Digjam Ltd
Alkyl Amines Chem2478.6-1.5 %2441.4Alkyl Amines Chem
Lactose India51.0-1.5 %50.2Lactose India
Monarch Net205.1-1.5 %202.1Monarch Net
NGL Fine Chem1469.4-1.5 %1447.5NGL Fine Chem
Bajaj Holdings7095.3-1.5 %6989.9Bajaj Holdings
Cartrade Tech Ltd428.5-1.5 %422.2Cartrade Tech Ltd
India Home Loan33.8-1.5 %33.3India Home Loan
Sundaram Brake325.9-1.5 %321.1Sundaram Brake
KCP Sugar24.4-1.4 %24.0KCP Sugar
Panacea Biotec122.3-1.4 %120.6Panacea Biotec
Oriental Hotels91.0-1.4 %89.7Oriental Hotels
Shyam Century Ferr17.6-1.4 %17.4Shyam Century Ferr
Emami401.8-1.4 %396.1Emami
Tasty Bite Eatables11718.0-1.4 %11552.0Tasty Bite Eatables
Jullundur Motor70.8-1.4 %69.8Jullundur Motor
Dish TV14.2-1.4 %14.0Dish TV
Nagarjuna Fertilizers10.7-1.4 %10.5Nagarjuna Fertilizers
STL Global14.3-1.4 %14.1STL Global
Infosys1317.5-1.4 %1299.0Infosys
GNFC593.7-1.4 %585.4GNFC
Arihant Capital Markets Ltd35.8-1.4 %35.3Arihant Capital Markets Ltd
Banaras Beads82.4-1.4 %81.2Banaras Beads
Ingersoll Rand2747.6-1.4 %2709.3Ingersoll Rand
Banka BioLoo Ltd72.7-1.4 %71.7Banka BioLoo Ltd
Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd539.2-1.4 %531.8Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd
EID Parry493.0-1.3 %486.3EID Parry
Blue Star1461.2-1.3 %1441.5Blue Star
Indo-National357.6-1.3 %352.8Indo-National
Hinduja Global1156.8-1.3 %1141.4Hinduja Global
Likhitha Infra Ltd270.9-1.3 %267.3Likhitha Infra Ltd
Suumaya Indu Ltd11.4-1.3 %11.2Suumaya Indu Ltd
ICICI Bank950.7-1.3 %938.2ICICI Bank
VIP Industries614.4-1.3 %606.3VIP Industries
IFB Agro489.7-1.3 %483.2IFB Agro
Automotive Axle2228.0-1.3 %2198.7Automotive Axle
Vippy Spinpro172.3-1.3 %170.0Vippy Spinpro
Railtel Corp Of India Ltd119.5-1.3 %118.0Railtel Corp Of India Ltd
Sawaca Fin0.8-1.3 %0.8Sawaca Fin
Nahar Spinning266.0-1.3 %262.6Nahar Spinning
HB Stockholdings Ltd47.2-1.3 %46.6HB Stockholdings Ltd
Andhra Sugar114.8-1.3 %113.3Andhra Sugar
Maheshwari Logistics Ltd80.0-1.3 %79.0Maheshwari Logistics Ltd
Dhunseri Invest695.6-1.2 %687.0Dhunseri Invest
Southern PetroChem65.7-1.2 %64.9Southern PetroChem
Hester Bio1656.9-1.2 %1636.9Hester Bio
Touchwood Entertainment Ltd162.2-1.2 %160.3Touchwood Entertainment Ltd
Whirlpool1436.5-1.2 %1419.3Whirlpool
Inani Marbles20.0-1.2 %19.8Inani Marbles
Jindal Worldwide343.4-1.2 %339.3Jindal Worldwide
Greenpanel Indu Ltd323.0-1.2 %319.2Greenpanel Indu Ltd
Camlin Fine170.3-1.2 %168.3Camlin Fine
BPCL364.3-1.2 %360.1BPCL
Patel Integrate12.9-1.2 %12.8Patel Integrate
Subros331.9-1.2 %328.0Subros
Medicamen Biotech Ltd714.4-1.2 %706.1Medicamen Biotech Ltd
Rubfila Intl75.8-1.1 %75.0Rubfila Intl
Ratnamani Metal2327.5-1.1 %2300.8Ratnamani Metal
Power Grid Corp237.3-1.1 %234.6Power Grid Corp
Uflex415.7-1.1 %411.1Uflex
Alankit9.0-1.1 %8.9Alankit
Johnson Control1039.9-1.1 %1028.4Johnson Control
Shalimar Paints154.0-1.1 %152.3Shalimar Paints
Kuantum Papers Ltd154.3-1.1 %152.6Kuantum Papers Ltd
Pudumjee Paper Prod42.0-1.1 %41.5Pudumjee Paper Prod
Gati117.0-1.1 %115.8Gati
Sakuma Exports14.1-1.1 %13.9Sakuma Exports
Filatex India37.6-1.1 %37.2Filatex India
Concord Drugs28.3-1.1 %28.0Concord Drugs
Mittal Life Style Ltd14.2-1.1 %14.0Mittal Life Style Ltd
BLB Limited19.0-1.1 %18.8BLB Limited
AYM Syntex76.6-1 %75.8AYM Syntex
VTM52.7-1 %52.1VTM
Bella Casa124.9-1 %123.6Bella Casa
Alphageo245.6-1 %243.1Alphageo
Sangam India234.7-1 %232.3Sangam India
Kohinoor Foods39.3-1 %38.9Kohinoor Foods
Lakshmi Machine11604.4-1 %11486.3Lakshmi Machine
Unichem Labs375.1-1 %371.3Unichem Labs
Nelcast94.1-1 %93.1Nelcast
Bosch18941.7-1 %18751.0Bosch
Elgi Rubber39.9-1 %39.5Elgi Rubber
Ashok Alco-Chem93.1-1 %92.2Ashok Alco-Chem
Cholamandalam1049.7-1 %1039.3Cholamandalam
Heidelberg Cem171.7-1 %170.0Heidelberg Cem
Petronet LNG224.9-1 %222.7Petronet LNG
Ashapura Mine128.8-1 %127.5Ashapura Mine
Suryoday Small Fin Bank Ltd146.5-1 %145.1Suryoday Small Fin Bank Ltd
Summit Sec701.2-1 %694.5Summit Sec
Valson Ind20.0-1 %19.8Valson Ind

Indian stock market 2023_WK22 Top Losers Stock market Data of India from Nifty – NSE, Sensex – BSE. * Data is Only for educational purpose, not for trading. Please verify Data with latest sources.
* Consult your financial advisor before trading or investing in any stock.

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