2023_WK24 Top Losers

Stock market Data of India from NSE/BSE.
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2023_WK24 Losers

09-06-2023_Fri — to — 16-06-2023_Fri

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Ion Exchange4326.4-90.4 %415.7Ion Exchange
Varun Beverages1591.4-48.4 %821.3Varun Beverages
Maxheights74.0-22.6 %57.3Maxheights
Jyoti Structure9.2-21.3 %7.2Jyoti Structure
Ballarpur Ind0.9-16.7 %0.8Ballarpur Ind
Shyam Telecom8.5-14.8 %7.2Shyam Telecom
Raj Television54.1-14.7 %46.1Raj Television
ILandFS Trans3.6-13.9 %3.1ILandFS Trans
Hindusthan Glass12.9-13.6 %11.1Hindusthan Glass
Lykis122.2-13.1 %106.3Lykis
Reliance Comm1.3-12 %1.1Reliance Comm
Akash Infra-Projects Ltd34.2-11.7 %30.2Akash Infra-Projects Ltd
Ortin Laboratories Ltd27.6-11.2 %24.5Ortin Laboratories Ltd
D. P. Abhushan Ltd275.1-11.1 %244.6D. P. Abhushan Ltd
NIIT98.0-11 %87.2NIIT
Beardsell31.5-10.6 %28.2Beardsell
Bkm Ind1.0-10.5 %0.9Bkm Ind
Rajdarshan Ind42.5-10.5 %38.0Rajdarshan Ind
Country Club Hos7.7-10.4 %6.9Country Club Hos
Sintex Plastics Tech1.5-10.3 %1.3Sintex Plastics Tech
Suumaya Indu Ltd11.2-10.3 %10.1Suumaya Indu Ltd
Alkali Metals128.1-10.2 %115.0Alkali Metals
Loyal Equip133.5-10 %120.1Loyal Equip
Kesar Petro7.6-10 %6.8Kesar Petro
Oil Country21.3-9.9 %19.2Oil Country
Spice Island22.1-9.7 %20.0Spice Island
GVK Power3.1-9.7 %2.8GVK Power
Unitech1.6-9.7 %1.4Unitech
Vakrangee18.7-9.1 %17.0Vakrangee
Accuracy Shipping Ltd13.0-8.8 %11.9Accuracy Shipping Ltd
Next Mediaworks5.9-8.5 %5.4Next Mediaworks
Garnet Intl62.3-8.4 %57.0Garnet Intl
Metalyst Forgin3.1-8.2 %2.8Metalyst Forgin
Kernex Micro358.2-8.2 %329.0Kernex Micro
Arshiya5.6-8.1 %5.1Arshiya
Welspun Invest396.4-8 %364.6Welspun Invest
Ortel Comm1.3-8 %1.2Ortel Comm
Stylam Indu Ltd1731.4-7.9 %1593.9Stylam Indu Ltd
Stylam Ind1731.4-7.9 %1594.4Stylam Ind
NGL Fine Chem1778.4-7.8 %1640.2NGL Fine Chem
Kellton Tech64.1-7.6 %59.2Kellton Tech
Sikko Indu Ltd62.9-7.6 %58.2Sikko Indu Ltd
Simmonds-Marsha59.9-7.5 %55.4Simmonds-Marsha
Binani Ind21.0-7.4 %19.4Binani Ind
Cartrade Tech Ltd527.5-7.3 %488.9Cartrade Tech Ltd
Tarapur Transformers5.6-7.2 %5.2Tarapur Transformers
SSPDL17.0-7.2 %15.8SSPDL
V B Industries5.0-7.2 %4.7V B Industries
MEP Infra14.7-7.1 %13.7MEP Infra
Greenlam Ind475.5-7.1 %441.6Greenlam Ind
Sunshield Chem669.5-6.8 %623.9Sunshield Chem
Kaushalya Infra6.0-6.7 %5.6Kaushalya Infra
DCW Limited46.4-6.7 %43.3DCW Limited
Aksh Optifibre9.0-6.7 %8.4Aksh Optifibre
Country Condo's4.5-6.7 %4.2Country Condo's
Va Tech Wabag493.4-6.5 %461.2Va Tech Wabag
Seya Indu Ltd26.1-6.3 %24.4Seya Indu Ltd
Sri Adhikari1.6-6.3 %1.5Sri Adhikari
Guj Auto Gears130.1-6.2 %122.0Guj Auto Gears
Odyssey Tech94.5-6.2 %88.6Odyssey Tech
Vardhman Steels208.3-6.1 %195.5Vardhman Steels
Hind Constr19.6-6.1 %18.4Hind Constr
Kwality Pharmac293.9-6.1 %276.1Kwality Pharmac
Kinetic Eng118.0-6 %111.0Kinetic Eng
NK Ind41.0-5.9 %38.6NK Ind
Optiemus Infra241.7-5.8 %227.6Optiemus Infra
Vipul15.5-5.8 %14.6Vipul
Cochin Minerals331.5-5.8 %312.3Cochin Minerals
Mazda906.7-5.7 %855.0Mazda
Ultracab India16.9-5.7 %15.9Ultracab India
Elegant Marble175.0-5.6 %165.3Elegant Marble
Seamec654.8-5.5 %618.9Seamec
A2Z Infra Eng8.2-5.5 %7.8A2Z Infra Eng
Soma Textiles Ind28.6-5.4 %27.0Soma Textiles Ind
Zee Media Corp8.3-5.4 %7.9Zee Media Corp
Indiabulls Real65.4-5.4 %61.9Indiabulls Real
Nelcast94.6-5.3 %89.5Nelcast
TGB Banquets11.4-5.3 %10.8TGB Banquets
Ganga Forging Ltd6.8-5.2 %6.4Ganga Forging Ltd
H.G. Infra Eng907.4-5.1 %860.8H.G. Infra Eng
Shree Pushkar196.5-5.1 %186.5Shree Pushkar
Future Consumer1.0-5 %1.0Future Consumer
Nureca Ltd385.1-5 %365.9Nureca Ltd
Astra Microwave366.5-5 %348.3Astra Microwave
KPIT Technologies Ltd1139.7-4.8 %1084.4KPIT Technologies Ltd
Chemplast Sanmar Ltd477.6-4.8 %454.4Chemplast Sanmar Ltd
Rasandik Engg73.5-4.8 %69.9Rasandik Engg
Coromandel Engg43.1-4.8 %41.0Coromandel Engg
Premier Polyfilm94.8-4.6 %90.4Premier Polyfilm
Global Education Ltd216.7-4.6 %206.8Global Education Ltd
Likhitha Infra Ltd271.8-4.5 %259.5Likhitha Infra Ltd
Aimco Pesticide131.1-4.5 %125.2Aimco Pesticide
Lakshmi Prec4.5-4.5 %4.3Lakshmi Prec
Ponni Sugars(E)400.3-4.5 %382.4Ponni Sugars(E)
Ester Ind121.1-4.5 %115.7Ester Ind
Gokul Agro Resources111.7-4.4 %106.8Gokul Agro Resources
SKM Egg Product228.2-4.4 %218.3SKM Egg Product
Kerala Ayur117.0-4.4 %111.9Kerala Ayur
Pricol247.4-4.3 %236.7Pricol
Snowman Logist44.4-4.3 %42.5Snowman Logist
Batliboi74.7-4.3 %71.5Batliboi
Tarmat77.1-4.3 %73.8Tarmat
Vama Ind5.2-4.2 %5.0Vama Ind
Shri Dinesh Mil525.0-4.2 %502.8Shri Dinesh Mil
Patel Integrate14.4-4.2 %13.8Patel Integrate
Maral Overseas58.6-4.2 %56.2Maral Overseas
Pix Transmis968.0-4.2 %927.8Pix Transmis
S.A.L. Steel17.0-4.1 %16.3S.A.L. Steel
Bhansali Eng Poly136.9-4.1 %131.3Bhansali Eng Poly
Kridhan Infra2.5-4.1 %2.4Kridhan Infra
Zomato Ltd77.6-4.1 %74.5Zomato Ltd
Bright Brothers160.2-4.1 %153.7Bright Brothers
Suryaamba Spin209.1-4 %200.6Suryaamba Spin
Bigbloc Construction168.6-4 %161.8Bigbloc Construction
Wipro397.3-4 %381.3Wipro
FIEM Ind1827.8-4 %1754.7FIEM Ind
Kothari Product107.0-4 %102.7Kothari Product
Paisalo Digital52.1-3.9 %50.0Paisalo Digital
SpiceJet28.7-3.9 %27.6SpiceJet
VLS Finance159.4-3.8 %153.3VLS Finance
Lasa Supergenerics23.8-3.8 %22.9Lasa Supergenerics
Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Ltd316.4-3.8 %304.4Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Ltd
Pitti Engineeri378.9-3.8 %364.6Pitti Engineeri
Sakthi Sugars26.7-3.8 %25.7Sakthi Sugars
Pitti Eng379.1-3.7 %365.0Pitti Eng
Veto Switchgears103.6-3.7 %99.8Veto Switchgears
Adani Power276.2-3.7 %266.1Adani Power
Shree Ram Proteins Ltd4.2-3.6 %4.0Shree Ram Proteins Ltd
Bannari A Spg49.9-3.6 %48.1Bannari A Spg
Asian Hotels191.6-3.6 %184.7Asian Hotels
PPAP Automotive196.1-3.6 %189.1PPAP Automotive
Zen Tech425.0-3.6 %409.9Zen Tech
Zee Entertain194.1-3.6 %187.2Zee Entertain
Cigniti Tech899.6-3.6 %867.6Cigniti Tech
Naga Dhunseri Group1799.0-3.4 %1737.7Naga Dhunseri Group
KLRF136.8-3.4 %132.2KLRF
KCP109.9-3.3 %106.3KCP
NR Agarwal297.8-3.3 %287.9NR Agarwal
Tokyo Plast103.0-3.3 %99.6Tokyo Plast
RTS Power Corp117.0-3.3 %113.1RTS Power Corp
IndiaNivesh51.7-3.3 %50.0IndiaNivesh
Gati121.0-3.3 %117.0Gati
Dhampur Sugar278.0-3.3 %269.0Dhampur Sugar
Titan Bio-Tech268.2-3.2 %259.5Titan Bio-Tech
Sharp India60.0-3.2 %58.1Sharp India
Rel Capital9.3-3.2 %9.0Rel Capital
Indowind Energy10.9-3.2 %10.6Indowind Energy
Asahi Songwon234.7-3.2 %227.2Asahi Songwon
Scanpoint Geo9.5-3.2 %9.2Scanpoint Geo
Omkar Special8.0-3.1 %7.7Omkar Special
eClerx Services1712.9-3.1 %1659.2eClerx Services
Punjab & Sind32.1-3.1 %31.1Punjab & Sind
Sumit Woods Ltd35.3-3.1 %34.2Sumit Woods Ltd
Avon Life2.6-3.1 %2.5Avon Life
Capital Trade24.2-3.1 %23.4Capital Trade
Shree Renuka45.1-3.1 %43.7Shree Renuka
Vadilal Ind2503.2-3.1 %2425.7Vadilal Ind
Bhagiradha Chem & indu Ltd1620.9-3.1 %1570.8Bhagiradha Chem & indu Ltd
Take Solutions17.8-3.1 %17.3Take Solutions
Par Drugs And Chem Ltd210.4-3.1 %203.9Par Drugs And Chem Ltd
BGR Energy55.6-3.1 %53.9BGR Energy
Anik Ind33.0-3 %32.0Anik Ind
IOB24.8-3 %24.0IOB
EID Parry480.5-3 %466.0EID Parry
Garware Poly805.8-3 %781.7Garware Poly
Shiva Mills77.2-3 %74.9Shiva Mills
Rubfila Intl73.2-3 %71.0Rubfila Intl
ADC India Comm748.8-3 %726.6ADC India Comm
Jai Corp172.1-3 %167.0Jai Corp
RKEC Projects Ltd56.1-2.9 %54.5RKEC Projects Ltd
Bhandari Hosier5.1-2.9 %5.0Bhandari Hosier
Sarda Plywood233.5-2.9 %226.6Sarda Plywood
AMD Industries71.7-2.9 %69.6AMD Industries
Total Transport Systems Ltd158.8-2.9 %154.2Total Transport Systems Ltd
Sanghi Ind70.2-2.9 %68.2Sanghi Ind
Modi Rubber65.4-2.9 %63.5Modi Rubber
Sharda Crop559.4-2.9 %543.2Sharda Crop
Apollo Sindoori Hotel1372.5-2.9 %1333.0Apollo Sindoori Hotel
Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd535.4-2.9 %520.0Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd
Vaishali Pharma Ltd131.3-2.9 %127.6Vaishali Pharma Ltd
Triveni Eng Ind294.8-2.8 %286.4Triveni Eng Ind
CG-Vak Software365.7-2.8 %355.4CG-Vak Software
India Cements230.4-2.8 %223.9India Cements
Parsvnath8.9-2.8 %8.7Parsvnath
Rapicut Carbide50.9-2.8 %49.4Rapicut Carbide
Touchwood Entertainment Ltd166.1-2.8 %161.5Touchwood Entertainment Ltd
Ausom Enterprise65.7-2.7 %63.9Ausom Enterprise
Uttam Sugar303.3-2.7 %295.0Uttam Sugar
Binny275.7-2.7 %268.2Binny
MPS1208.4-2.7 %1175.7MPS
Valiant Organic573.2-2.7 %557.8Valiant Organic
Invest and Prec425.0-2.7 %413.6Invest and Prec
Pro Fin Capital1.1-2.7 %1.1Pro Fin Capital
Fineotex Chem316.1-2.7 %307.6Fineotex Chem
Lloyds Steels Ind26.5-2.6 %25.8Lloyds Steels Ind
Manaksia186.6-2.6 %181.7Manaksia
Jet Airways51.6-2.6 %50.2Jet Airways
Valiant Organics Ltd573.2-2.6 %558.2Valiant Organics Ltd
Valiant Comm179.6-2.6 %174.9Valiant Comm
Mold Tek Tech333.8-2.6 %325.1Mold Tek Tech
Gujarat Apollo197.1-2.6 %192.0Gujarat Apollo
UCO Bank27.1-2.6 %26.4UCO Bank
Katwa Udyog143.8-2.6 %140.1Katwa Udyog
KM Sugar Mills27.4-2.6 %26.7KM Sugar Mills
Tilaknagar Ind149.5-2.5 %145.7Tilaknagar Ind
HB Stockholdings Ltd49.3-2.5 %48.1HB Stockholdings Ltd
Techno Electric & Engineering Co Ltd369.1-2.5 %359.8Techno Electric & Engineering Co Ltd
Kohinoor Foods39.5-2.5 %38.5Kohinoor Foods
Simplex Infra35.7-2.5 %34.8Simplex Infra
Standard Ind25.9-2.5 %25.2Standard Ind
Donear Ind92.0-2.5 %89.7Donear Ind
HFCL70.2-2.5 %68.4HFCL
Sukhjit Starch451.1-2.5 %439.9Sukhjit Starch
Kovai Medical2219.2-2.5 %2164.6Kovai Medical
Phyto Chem36.6-2.5 %35.7Phyto Chem
Univastu India Ltd93.8-2.5 %91.5Univastu India Ltd
Eveready Ind340.0-2.4 %331.7Eveready Ind
Dynacons Sys Sol472.6-2.4 %461.1Dynacons Sys Sol
Century Extrusions10.3-2.4 %10.1Century Extrusions
Yash Chemex82.0-2.4 %80.1Yash Chemex
Adani Trans830.7-2.4 %810.9Adani Trans
Deep Indu Ltd178.5-2.4 %174.2Deep Indu Ltd
Sakuma Exports14.8-2.4 %14.4Sakuma Exports
Pfizer3949.5-2.4 %3856.2Pfizer
Deccan Gold46.6-2.4 %45.5Deccan Gold
Kanpur Plast96.2-2.4 %94.0Kanpur Plast
Vineet Laboratories Ltd53.1-2.4 %51.8Vineet Laboratories Ltd
Onelife Capital12.8-2.3 %12.5Onelife Capital
Dalmia Sugar371.4-2.3 %362.7Dalmia Sugar
Transpek2184.6-2.3 %2133.4Transpek
Sintercom India Ltd120.0-2.3 %117.2Sintercom India Ltd
Canara Bank311.0-2.3 %303.8Canara Bank
UTI Asset Mgnt Co Ltd709.2-2.3 %692.7UTI Asset Mgnt Co Ltd
KDDL1390.9-2.3 %1358.6KDDL
Fine Organic Ind5034.4-2.3 %4917.4Fine Organic Ind
Hero Motocorp2899.3-2.3 %2832.1Hero Motocorp
Zenith Fibres64.0-2.3 %62.5Zenith Fibres
Intl Travel305.4-2.3 %298.4Intl Travel
Ujaas Energy2.2-2.3 %2.2Ujaas Energy
Tata Elxsi7817.6-2.3 %7640.2Tata Elxsi
Megasoft30.9-2.3 %30.2Megasoft
NACL Ind97.2-2.3 %95.0NACL Ind
Shankara Buildi756.0-2.3 %738.9Shankara Buildi
Kovai Medical Center and Hospital Ltd2221.5-2.3 %2171.3Kovai Medical Center and Hospital Ltd
Trigyn Tech108.9-2.2 %106.5Trigyn Tech
Sadbhav Infra4.5-2.2 %4.4Sadbhav Infra
Jullundur Motor69.6-2.2 %68.0Jullundur Motor
Rana Sugars24.7-2.2 %24.2Rana Sugars
Smartlink Net171.2-2.2 %167.4Smartlink Net
Bhagiradh Chem1614.6-2.2 %1578.9Bhagiradh Chem
Aptus Value Housing Fin India Ltd273.9-2.2 %267.8Aptus Value Housing Fin India Ltd
Chemfab Alkalis333.4-2.2 %326.0Chemfab Alkalis
VEDAVAAG System50.2-2.2 %49.1VEDAVAAG System
Golden Tobacco43.5-2.2 %42.5Golden Tobacco
Solar Ind3884.0-2.2 %3799.2Solar Ind
Orient Electric245.0-2.2 %239.7Orient Electric
Balrampur Chini404.7-2.2 %395.9Balrampur Chini
AYM Syntex73.8-2.2 %72.2AYM Syntex
IRB Infra28.0-2.1 %27.4IRB Infra
Bajaj Auto4743.4-2.1 %4642.0Bajaj Auto
National Plasti58.0-2.1 %56.8National Plasti
Bannariamman2846.3-2.1 %2785.6Bannariamman
Ajooni Biotech Ltd4.7-2.1 %4.6Ajooni Biotech Ltd
Noida Toll7.1-2.1 %7.0Noida Toll
Nitco19.0-2.1 %18.6Nitco
Rudrabhishek Ents Ltd174.3-2.1 %170.7Rudrabhishek Ents Ltd
Quick Heal Tech165.9-2.1 %162.4Quick Heal Tech
Bharat Rasayan9960.0-2.1 %9754.2Bharat Rasayan
Jindal Saw240.9-2.1 %236.0Jindal Saw
Nandan Denim19.7-2 %19.3Nandan Denim
Panama Petro293.5-2 %287.6Panama Petro
Simbhaoli Sugar27.4-2 %26.9Simbhaoli Sugar
Future Retail2.5-2 %2.5Future Retail
Kiri Industries293.1-2 %287.2Kiri Industries
Poddar Pigments315.8-2 %309.5Poddar Pigments
Tanfac Ind1997.6-2 %1958.1Tanfac Ind
Palred Technologies136.6-2 %133.9Palred Technologies
Century798.8-2 %783.1Century
Goldiam Inter132.8-2 %130.2Goldiam Inter
Bank of Mah28.4-1.9 %27.8Bank of Mah
Voltamp Trans4185.3-1.9 %4104.3Voltamp Trans
Kapston Facilities Mgnt Ltd150.5-1.9 %147.6Kapston Facilities Mgnt Ltd
Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd125.3-1.9 %122.9Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd
Royal Orchid340.4-1.9 %333.9Royal Orchid
Banswara Syntex178.4-1.9 %175.0Banswara Syntex
Hindustan Motors15.8-1.9 %15.5Hindustan Motors
TVS Srichakra2914.9-1.9 %2859.8TVS Srichakra
Indian Metals289.3-1.9 %283.9Indian Metals
Alphageo249.4-1.8 %244.8Alphageo
JSW Energy261.4-1.8 %256.6JSW Energy
Modison Metals73.4-1.8 %72.0Modison Metals
Kanpur Plastipack Ltd96.1-1.8 %94.3Kanpur Plastipack Ltd
HMT30.3-1.8 %29.8HMT
Yes Bank16.6-1.8 %16.3Yes Bank
Swan Energy239.6-1.8 %235.3Swan Energy
The Byke Hosp39.2-1.8 %38.5The Byke Hosp
Railtel Corp Of India Ltd129.9-1.8 %127.6Railtel Corp Of India Ltd
ITI110.3-1.8 %108.3ITI
Guj Mineral164.0-1.8 %161.1Guj Mineral
IVP173.2-1.8 %170.2IVP
Hindustan Foods Ltd554.6-1.7 %544.9Hindustan Foods Ltd
KRBL357.1-1.7 %350.9KRBL
Sharda Motor824.3-1.7 %810.0Sharda Motor
Kilitch Drugs205.9-1.7 %202.4Kilitch Drugs
TD Power System217.6-1.7 %213.9TD Power System
Daikaffil Chem25.1-1.7 %24.7Daikaffil Chem
Tainwala Chem128.9-1.7 %126.7Tainwala Chem
Texmaco Rail67.6-1.7 %66.4Texmaco Rail
TataTeleservice79.3-1.7 %78.0TataTeleservice
STL Global14.7-1.7 %14.5STL Global
Avadh Sugar Ene515.2-1.7 %506.5Avadh Sugar Ene
PCS16.0-1.7 %15.8PCS
Welspun India95.9-1.7 %94.3Welspun India
TIL126.0-1.7 %123.9TIL
Genesys Int328.0-1.7 %322.5Genesys Int
Arrow Greentech349.7-1.7 %343.9Arrow Greentech
D P Wires Ltd483.7-1.7 %475.7D P Wires Ltd
Sambhaav Media3.1-1.6 %3.0Sambhaav Media
DCM Shriram874.4-1.6 %860.1DCM Shriram
Mohit Ind15.4-1.6 %15.2Mohit Ind
India Glycols626.8-1.6 %616.6India Glycols
Best Agrolife Ltd1072.5-1.6 %1055.2Best Agrolife Ltd
Aakash Exploration Serv Ltd6.3-1.6 %6.2Aakash Exploration Serv Ltd
Mawana Sugars100.7-1.6 %99.1Mawana Sugars
Surana Telecom Pow9.5-1.6 %9.4Surana Telecom Pow
Wim Plast470.1-1.6 %462.7Wim Plast
Themis Medicare1452.7-1.6 %1429.8Themis Medicare
Niraj Cement Structurals Ltd32.0-1.6 %31.5Niraj Cement Structurals Ltd
Ramky Infra369.3-1.6 %363.5Ramky Infra
Rossell India330.4-1.5 %325.3Rossell India
Nihar Info6.5-1.5 %6.4Nihar Info
Satin Creditcare Net170.3-1.5 %167.7Satin Creditcare Net
Tata Chemicals986.0-1.5 %971.0Tata Chemicals
Bajaj Hind16.5-1.5 %16.2Bajaj Hind
Worth Peripherals Ltd98.9-1.5 %97.4Worth Peripherals Ltd
Kaveri Seed518.6-1.5 %510.9Kaveri Seed
Elgi Rubber40.4-1.5 %39.8Elgi Rubber
Malu Paper Mills33.8-1.5 %33.3Malu Paper Mills
Kothari Sugars40.7-1.5 %40.1Kothari Sugars
Mafatlal Ind55.9-1.5 %55.1Mafatlal Ind
Kamadgiri82.7-1.5 %81.5Kamadgiri
Aarvee Denim20.8-1.4 %20.5Aarvee Denim
Ashiana Housing190.8-1.4 %188.0Ashiana Housing
MBL Infra21.0-1.4 %20.7MBL Infra
TCI Express1648.8-1.4 %1625.3TCI Express
PNB Gilts63.2-1.4 %62.3PNB Gilts
Allcargo296.1-1.4 %291.9Allcargo
Fairchem Organics Ltd1313.6-1.4 %1295.2Fairchem Organics Ltd
NLC India100.0-1.4 %98.6NLC India
Sonata1032.9-1.4 %1018.5Sonata
Astral Poly Tec1987.9-1.4 %1960.2Astral Poly Tec
SBI Cards and Payment Serv Ltd925.8-1.4 %912.9SBI Cards and Payment Serv Ltd
Praj Industries395.2-1.4 %389.7Praj Industries
Torrent Power680.4-1.4 %671.0Torrent Power
Vardhman Acryli54.4-1.4 %53.6Vardhman Acryli
IOL Chemicals453.2-1.4 %446.9IOL Chemicals
Paramount Comm36.6-1.4 %36.1Paramount Comm
Interglobe Avi2462.8-1.4 %2429.5Interglobe Avi
SRF2429.7-1.3 %2397.5SRF
Patels Airtemp240.2-1.3 %237.0Patels Airtemp
Genus Paper15.3-1.3 %15.1Genus Paper
Kanoria Chem115.4-1.3 %113.9Kanoria Chem
ABM Int Ltd54.0-1.3 %53.3ABM Int Ltd
Universus Photo Imagings Ltd390.3-1.3 %385.2Universus Photo Imagings Ltd
Central Bank27.1-1.3 %26.7Central Bank
Dwarikesh Sugar93.0-1.3 %91.8Dwarikesh Sugar
GE T&D India209.4-1.3 %206.7GE T&D India
Ratnamani Metal2359.3-1.3 %2328.9Ratnamani Metal
SBI578.7-1.3 %571.3SBI
IndusInd Bank1331.1-1.3 %1314.0IndusInd Bank
North Eastern Carry19.6-1.3 %19.4North Eastern Carry
Khaitan (Ind)51.7-1.3 %51.0Khaitan (Ind)
Industrial Inv Trust112.9-1.2 %111.5Industrial Inv Trust
Dhunseri Tea211.5-1.2 %208.9Dhunseri Tea
Wanbury57.1-1.2 %56.4Wanbury
Jaysynth Dyestu67.1-1.2 %66.3Jaysynth Dyestu
Chalet Hotels Ltd433.2-1.2 %427.9Chalet Hotels Ltd
Aarti Drugs470.6-1.2 %464.9Aarti Drugs
Indian Hume198.8-1.2 %196.4Indian Hume
Forbes Gokak601.2-1.2 %594.0Forbes Gokak
Iris Business Serv Ltd79.6-1.2 %78.6Iris Business Serv Ltd
Texmaco Infra58.7-1.2 %58.0Texmaco Infra
Vimta Labs420.1-1.2 %415.1Vimta Labs
Ganesha Ecosph1053.0-1.2 %1040.5Ganesha Ecosph
Eicher Motors3581.3-1.2 %3538.9Eicher Motors
Dhanlaxmi Bank17.0-1.2 %16.8Dhanlaxmi Bank
Welspun Corp272.2-1.2 %269.0Welspun Corp
Indian Bank285.3-1.2 %282.0Indian Bank
Inani Marbles20.4-1.2 %20.2Inani Marbles
Som Distillerie248.6-1.2 %245.7Som Distillerie
MAS Financial Ser772.5-1.2 %763.5MAS Financial Ser
HLE Glascoat Ltd675.5-1.2 %667.6HLE Glascoat Ltd
Jamna Auto99.1-1.2 %98.0Jamna Auto
Manugraph Ind17.3-1.2 %17.1Manugraph Ind
CRISIL3930.0-1.2 %3884.4CRISIL
Steelcast496.7-1.2 %491.0Steelcast
Andhra Sugar112.9-1.2 %111.6Andhra Sugar
MT Educare4.4-1.1 %4.3MT Educare
Tyroon Tea83.0-1.1 %82.1Tyroon Tea
Sterling And Wilson Solar Ltd314.8-1.1 %311.3Sterling And Wilson Solar Ltd
Bharat Seats120.5-1.1 %119.2Bharat Seats
Atul Auto352.7-1.1 %348.8Atul Auto
Sunil Health61.7-1.1 %61.0Sunil Health
Aptech509.5-1.1 %503.9Aptech
Indian Toners269.9-1.1 %267.0Indian Toners
Multibase India220.6-1.1 %218.2Multibase India
Federal Bank125.1-1.1 %123.8Federal Bank
TCS3209.3-1.1 %3174.9TCS
Rajnandini Metal Ltd9.5-1.1 %9.4Rajnandini Metal Ltd
SKF India4830.2-1.1 %4779.3SKF India
Mirza Intl52.4-1 %51.9Mirza Intl
Sahyadri Ind417.2-1 %412.8Sahyadri Ind
Insecticides456.5-1 %451.8Insecticides
Banaras Beads82.3-1 %81.5Banaras Beads
Future Market Net4.9-1 %4.8Future Market Net
Orient Abrasive29.3-1 %29.0Orient Abrasive
Damodar Ind44.1-1 %43.7Damodar Ind
Bandhan Bank256.6-1 %254.0Bandhan Bank
HUDCO59.5-1 %58.9HUDCO
Tribhovandas89.3-1 %88.4Tribhovandas
Maheshwari Logistics Ltd79.5-1 %78.7Maheshwari Logistics Ltd
Systematix Corp235.0-1 %232.7Systematix Corp
Elpro Int61.0-1 %60.4Elpro Int
Prime Focus106.3-1 %105.3Prime Focus
Premco Global366.7-1 %363.1Premco Global
MTNL20.6-1 %20.4MTNL
Shakti Pumps593.3-1 %587.6Shakti Pumps
Gokul Refoils31.4-1 %31.1Gokul Refoils

Indian stock market 2023_WK24 Top Losers Stock market Data of India from Nifty – NSE, Sensex – BSE. * Data is Only for educational purpose, not for trading. Please verify Data with latest sources.
* Consult your financial advisor before trading or investing in any stock.

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