2023_WK26 Top Losers

Stock market Data of India from NSE/BSE.
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2023_WK26 Losers

23-06-2023_Fri — to — 30-06-2023_Fri

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Suryalata Spg1230.4-16.9 %1022.0Suryalata Spg
Euro India Fresh Foods Ltd182.1-14 %156.7Euro India Fresh Foods Ltd
V B Industries4.6-13.9 %4.0V B Industries
Vishwaraj Sugar Indu Ltd18.8-13.8 %16.2Vishwaraj Sugar Indu Ltd
Shree Ram Proteins Ltd3.8-13.3 %3.3Shree Ram Proteins Ltd
IZMO216.1-12 %190.1IZMO
MSR India11.1-11.7 %9.8MSR India
VBC Ferro49.3-11.6 %43.6VBC Ferro
HOV Services56.5-11.2 %50.1HOV Services
Generic Eng Const and Projects Ltd60.4-11.2 %53.6Generic Eng Const and Projects Ltd
PVP Ventures11.3-11.1 %10.1PVP Ventures
TIL120.3-10.9 %107.2TIL
Rollatainers1.4-10.7 %1.3Rollatainers
Servotech Power Systems Ltd172.7-10 %155.5Servotech Power Systems Ltd
Eros Intl21.1-10 %19.0Eros Intl
Oil Country26.8-9.7 %24.2Oil Country
Lykis100.8-9.6 %91.1Lykis
Spice Island19.9-9.5 %18.0Spice Island
Shrenik Ltd1.1-9.5 %1.0Shrenik Ltd
Ram Ratna Wires305.8-9.5 %276.8Ram Ratna Wires
Shiva Global68.6-9.4 %62.2Shiva Global
Tayo Rolls82.9-9.1 %75.4Tayo Rolls
Responsive Ind178.3-8.6 %163.0Responsive Ind
TPL Plastech44.9-8.5 %41.1TPL Plastech
Avon Life2.5-8.3 %2.3Avon Life
Reliance Comm1.2-8.3 %1.1Reliance Comm
Bambino Agro328.5-8.2 %301.6Bambino Agro
Radaan Mediaworks1.9-7.9 %1.8Radaan Mediaworks
SEL Manufacturing Co Ltd142.6-7.7 %131.6SEL Manufacturing Co Ltd
Sab Eve Gov Now Me3.9-7.7 %3.6Sab Eve Gov Now Me
Soma Textiles Ind28.8-7.6 %26.6Soma Textiles Ind
Valson Ind23.6-7.6 %21.8Valson Ind
Blue Chip Tex149.9-7.3 %139.0Blue Chip Tex
Shemaroo Ent166.6-7.2 %154.6Shemaroo Ent
PSP Projects768.4-7.2 %713.4PSP Projects
Signet Ind50.7-7.1 %47.1Signet Ind
Dhampur Sugar290.2-7 %269.8Dhampur Sugar
Arvee Laboratories (India) Ltd128.7-6.9 %119.8Arvee Laboratories (India) Ltd
Dharamsi Morarj337.0-6.9 %313.7Dharamsi Morarj
Alok indu Ltd17.6-6.8 %16.4Alok indu Ltd
Reliance Home Fin3.0-6.8 %2.8Reliance Home Fin
Mcleod19.4-6.7 %18.1Mcleod
Usha Martin Edu Sol3.8-6.7 %3.5Usha Martin Edu Sol
Cerebra Integ Tech6.4-6.3 %6.0Cerebra Integ Tech
Subros467.1-6.2 %438.0Subros
Peninsula Land25.2-6.2 %23.7Peninsula Land
Puravankara98.3-6.1 %92.4Puravankara
Shreyans Ind224.9-6 %211.3Shreyans Ind
Welspun Invest383.0-6 %360.0Welspun Invest
Arnold Holdings23.7-5.9 %22.3Arnold Holdings
Revathi CP1722.9-5.7 %1624.8Revathi CP
Future Consumer0.9-5.6 %0.9Future Consumer
Indian Terrain59.9-5.5 %56.6Indian Terrain
MEP Infra12.9-5.4 %12.2MEP Infra
Capital Trade22.9-5.4 %21.6Capital Trade
Technocraft Ind1646.5-5.3 %1558.7Technocraft Ind
Ashapura Mine133.7-5.3 %126.6Ashapura Mine
A2Z Infra Eng7.6-5.3 %7.2A2Z Infra Eng
Jagatjit Ind130.1-5.2 %123.3Jagatjit Ind
Mrs. Bectors Food Specialities Ltd850.4-5.1 %807.0Mrs. Bectors Food Specialities Ltd
Kamadgiri79.7-5.1 %75.6Kamadgiri
BSL194.7-5 %184.9BSL
Shree Cements25145.3-5 %23886.5Shree Cements
Richa Ind1.6-5 %1.5Richa Ind
Coromandel Engg41.4-5 %39.3Coromandel Engg
Duke Offshore6.8-4.9 %6.4Duke Offshore
Nandani Creation Ltd98.3-4.8 %93.6Nandani Creation Ltd
Choice Financia379.2-4.7 %361.2Choice Financia
Reliance Power14.8-4.7 %14.1Reliance Power
Ashima Limited15.0-4.7 %14.3Ashima Limited
IndiaNivesh49.5-4.6 %47.2IndiaNivesh
Ortel Comm1.1-4.5 %1.1Ortel Comm
FCS Software Sol2.2-4.5 %2.1FCS Software Sol
Silgo Retail Ltd22.1-4.5 %21.1Silgo Retail Ltd
Nile778.9-4.5 %743.6Nile
Dynacons Sys Sol515.2-4.5 %492.0Dynacons Sys Sol
Asian Granito50.2-4.5 %47.9Asian Granito
Sundaram Multi Pap2.3-4.3 %2.2Sundaram Multi Pap
Arrow Greentech334.2-4.3 %319.7Arrow Greentech
VEDAVAAG System48.6-4.3 %46.5VEDAVAAG System
Mindteck146.9-4.3 %140.6Mindteck
Career Point203.0-4.3 %194.3Career Point
Hathway Cable15.4-4.2 %14.7Hathway Cable
EID Parry482.8-4.2 %462.4EID Parry
MCX India1566.1-4.2 %1500.4MCX India
Gujarat FluoroChem Ltd3059.1-4.1 %2932.4Gujarat FluoroChem Ltd
SVP Global Ventures Ltd10.9-4.1 %10.5SVP Global Ventures Ltd
De Nora India1795.7-4.1 %1722.6De Nora India
eClerx Services1694.0-4.1 %1625.0eClerx Services
Swan Energy271.3-4 %260.4Swan Energy
Madhya Bharat Agro Products Ltd617.3-4 %592.6Madhya Bharat Agro Products Ltd
Guj State Petro296.3-4 %284.5Guj State Petro
3i Infotech Ltd35.2-4 %33.83i Infotech Ltd
Torrent Power640.8-4 %615.3Torrent Power
Ultracab India15.0-3.9 %14.4Ultracab India
Bilcare53.5-3.9 %51.4Bilcare
Jet Airways50.1-3.9 %48.2Jet Airways
Antony Waste Handling Cell Ltd330.2-3.9 %317.4Antony Waste Handling Cell Ltd
Genus Paper14.5-3.8 %14.0Genus Paper
Sadbhav Infra4.0-3.8 %3.9Sadbhav Infra
Intrasoft Tech140.4-3.7 %135.2Intrasoft Tech
Paramount Comm36.6-3.7 %35.2Paramount Comm
Lakshmi Machine13154.0-3.7 %12669.1Lakshmi Machine
Den Networks35.4-3.7 %34.1Den Networks
PNB Housing Fin588.9-3.6 %567.4PNB Housing Fin
Supreme Infra22.1-3.6 %21.3Supreme Infra
Flex Foods89.6-3.6 %86.4Flex Foods
Global Education Ltd201.0-3.6 %193.9Global Education Ltd
Suumaya Indu Ltd9.9-3.6 %9.5Suumaya Indu Ltd
Hindustan Foods Ltd534.9-3.6 %515.9Hindustan Foods Ltd
Wim Plast484.0-3.5 %466.9Wim Plast
MT Educare4.3-3.5 %4.1MT Educare
Macpower CNC Machines Ltd327.4-3.5 %316.0Macpower CNC Machines Ltd
Reliance Infra143.3-3.5 %138.3Reliance Infra
Galaxy Surfactants2744.6-3.4 %2650.0Galaxy Surfactants
Metalyst Forgin2.9-3.4 %2.8Metalyst Forgin
Sri Adhikari1.5-3.4 %1.4Sri Adhikari
Nila Infras5.8-3.4 %5.6Nila Infras
Ajooni Biotech Ltd4.4-3.4 %4.2Ajooni Biotech Ltd
Ashok Alco-Chem99.2-3.4 %95.8Ashok Alco-Chem
Elegant Marble175.6-3.4 %169.6Elegant Marble
Jain Irrig (D)20.6-3.4 %19.9Jain Irrig (D)
PTC India Fin20.7-3.4 %20.0PTC India Fin
GPT Infra65.3-3.4 %63.1GPT Infra
Sagar Cement221.6-3.4 %214.1Sagar Cement
AIA Engineering3311.6-3.4 %3200.5AIA Engineering
Ansal Prop Infra9.0-3.4 %8.7Ansal Prop Infra
Schaeffler India3204.9-3.3 %3097.6Schaeffler India
Punj Comm32.3-3.3 %31.2Punj Comm
Valiant Comm165.7-3.3 %160.3Valiant Comm
Akg Exim Ltd30.8-3.2 %29.8Akg Exim Ltd
Krebs Biochem73.1-3.2 %70.8Krebs Biochem
Foseco India2639.0-3.2 %2554.5Foseco India
Premco Global369.6-3.2 %357.8Premco Global
Diligent Media Corp3.2-3.2 %3.1Diligent Media Corp
Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Ltd287.1-3.2 %278.0Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Ltd
Cyber Media (Ind)17.4-3.2 %16.9Cyber Media (Ind)
Jayaswal Neco Ind23.8-3.2 %23.0Jayaswal Neco Ind
Speciality Rest234.5-3.2 %227.1Speciality Rest
Optiemus Infra217.4-3.2 %210.5Optiemus Infra
Indiamart Intermesh Ltd2905.5-3.1 %2814.2Indiamart Intermesh Ltd
Ingersoll Rand2951.6-3.1 %2859.2Ingersoll Rand
Kanani Ind8.0-3.1 %7.8Kanani Ind
Landmark Property6.5-3.1 %6.3Landmark Property
SSPDL17.2-3.1 %16.7SSPDL
Kesoram65.0-3.1 %63.0Kesoram
Akar Auto Indus98.4-3.1 %95.3Akar Auto Indus
Sterling Tools372.9-3 %361.6Sterling Tools
Vikas EcoTech3.3-3 %3.2Vikas EcoTech
Tarmat69.5-3 %67.4Tarmat
GKW Limited887.2-3 %860.4GKW Limited
Nagreeka Export49.7-3 %48.2Nagreeka Export
Vindhya Telelin1911.0-3 %1853.3Vindhya Telelin
Malu Paper Mills33.2-3 %32.2Malu Paper Mills
TataTeleservice73.4-3 %71.2TataTeleservice
Iris Business Serv Ltd78.6-3 %76.2Iris Business Serv Ltd
Agri-Tech (Ind)103.8-3 %100.7Agri-Tech (Ind)
Madras Fertilizers74.1-3 %71.9Madras Fertilizers
Mahamaya Steel74.4-3 %72.2Mahamaya Steel
Next Mediaworks5.1-2.9 %5.0Next Mediaworks
Asian Hotels185.4-2.9 %180.0Asian Hotels
Jindal Drilling351.8-2.9 %341.6Jindal Drilling
Shivam Auto25.9-2.9 %25.2Shivam Auto
GP Petroleums39.9-2.9 %38.8GP Petroleums
Concord Drugs27.8-2.9 %27.0Concord Drugs
Simmonds-Marsha52.8-2.9 %51.3Simmonds-Marsha
SNL Bearings348.4-2.9 %338.5SNL Bearings
Precot Meridian186.0-2.9 %180.7Precot Meridian
Sagardeep Alloys Ltd21.5-2.8 %20.9Sagardeep Alloys Ltd
Ortin Laboratories Ltd23.5-2.8 %22.8Ortin Laboratories Ltd
Hi-Tech Pipes74.1-2.8 %72.1Hi-Tech Pipes
Websol Energy88.7-2.8 %86.3Websol Energy
Xpro India849.4-2.7 %826.1Xpro India
Jindal Worldwide322.8-2.7 %313.9Jindal Worldwide
Magadh Sugar Energy421.3-2.7 %409.8Magadh Sugar Energy
Industrial Inv Trust116.2-2.7 %113.0Industrial Inv Trust
Binani Ind18.5-2.7 %18.0Binani Ind
NCL Industries205.5-2.7 %199.9NCL Industries
Lyka Labs115.0-2.7 %111.9Lyka Labs
Natural Capsule400.2-2.7 %389.5Natural Capsule
Sundaram-Clayto4793.2-2.7 %4664.7Sundaram-Clayto
Ratnamani Metal2333.4-2.6 %2272.2Ratnamani Metal
Megasoft30.6-2.6 %29.8Megasoft
Lotus Eye Hospital82.7-2.6 %80.6Lotus Eye Hospital
Tera Software50.1-2.6 %48.8Tera Software
Meghmani Finechem Ltd1136.5-2.6 %1107.0Meghmani Finechem Ltd
Swiss Glascoat665.0-2.6 %647.8Swiss Glascoat
Rexnord Electro133.5-2.6 %130.0Rexnord Electro
Greaves Cotton138.3-2.6 %134.8Greaves Cotton
KLRF132.6-2.6 %129.2KLRF
Fairchem Organics Ltd1263.7-2.6 %1231.3Fairchem Organics Ltd
Kakatiya Cement221.0-2.6 %215.4Kakatiya Cement
India Pesticides Ltd223.9-2.5 %218.2India Pesticides Ltd
Gayatri Project5.9-2.5 %5.8Gayatri Project
Country Condo's4.0-2.5 %3.9Country Condo's
Chemfab Alkalis317.4-2.5 %309.4Chemfab Alkalis
Sanghi Ind74.0-2.5 %72.1Sanghi Ind
Cheviot Company1212.1-2.5 %1181.8Cheviot Company
Mirza Intl50.2-2.5 %48.9Mirza Intl
TV18 Broadcast38.3-2.5 %37.4TV18 Broadcast
Ruchira Papers115.2-2.5 %112.3Ruchira Papers
Nandan Denim20.4-2.5 %19.9Nandan Denim
Aimco Pesticide120.7-2.4 %117.8Aimco Pesticide
TCI Express1611.0-2.4 %1571.7TCI Express
Odyssey Tech87.9-2.4 %85.7Odyssey Tech
Lovable Lingeri116.5-2.4 %113.7Lovable Lingeri
Morarjee Text18.8-2.4 %18.3Morarjee Text
Apollo Sindoori Hotel1430.6-2.4 %1396.4Apollo Sindoori Hotel
The Byke Hosp39.8-2.4 %38.8The Byke Hosp
Blue Star785.9-2.4 %767.1Blue Star
APL Apollo1337.2-2.4 %1305.3APL Apollo
Hindustan Motors14.9-2.3 %14.6Hindustan Motors
Dish TV15.0-2.3 %14.6Dish TV
South (I) Paper109.0-2.3 %106.5South (I) Paper
Sahyadri Ind389.2-2.3 %380.1Sahyadri Ind
Sudarshan Chem497.2-2.3 %485.6Sudarshan Chem
Energy Devp Co17.2-2.3 %16.8Energy Devp Co
Pidilite Ind2658.3-2.3 %2597.1Pidilite Ind
Cybertech139.4-2.3 %136.2Cybertech
Oswal Agro Mills30.6-2.3 %29.9Oswal Agro Mills
Walchand People124.7-2.3 %121.9Walchand People
Igarashi Motors497.1-2.3 %485.8Igarashi Motors
Kothari Product103.4-2.3 %101.0Kothari Product
SREI Infra2.2-2.3 %2.2SREI Infra
Prime Securities127.7-2.3 %124.8Prime Securities
Murudeshwar Cer41.9-2.3 %41.0Murudeshwar Cer
Bengal Tea80.3-2.3 %78.5Bengal Tea
Manaksia Coated Met17.7-2.3 %17.3Manaksia Coated Met
Singer India74.7-2.3 %73.0Singer India
Cineline India86.9-2.2 %84.9Cineline India
PBM Polytex87.5-2.2 %85.5PBM Polytex
Reliance Naval 2.3-2.2 %2.2Reliance Naval 
Apollo Tyres415.9-2.2 %406.7Apollo Tyres
Maheshwari Logistics Ltd72.5-2.2 %70.9Maheshwari Logistics Ltd
Pasupati Acrylon Ltd31.8-2.2 %31.1Pasupati Acrylon Ltd
Noida Toll6.9-2.2 %6.7Noida Toll
Sandu Pharma57.0-2.2 %55.7Sandu Pharma
Oriental Carbon801.0-2.2 %783.7Oriental Carbon
PTC India117.8-2.2 %115.2PTC India
Banswara Syntex171.4-2.2 %167.7Banswara Syntex
Genesys Int320.3-2.2 %313.4Genesys Int
PCS15.8-2.1 %15.5PCS
Diamines Chem643.8-2.1 %630.1Diamines Chem
IFCI11.8-2.1 %11.6IFCI
Sahara Housing47.9-2.1 %46.8Sahara Housing
Mangalam Drugs110.6-2.1 %108.3Mangalam Drugs
Arshiya4.9-2 %4.8Arshiya
T T Limited76.6-2 %75.0T T Limited
SpiceJet27.8-2 %27.3SpiceJet
Guj Amb Exports243.5-2 %238.6Guj Amb Exports
HLE Glascoat Ltd661.8-2 %648.6HLE Glascoat Ltd
KCP Sugar25.2-2 %24.7KCP Sugar
The Investment Trust83.1-2 %81.5The Investment Trust
Lokesh Machines196.9-2 %193.0Lokesh Machines
CL Educate65.7-2 %64.4CL Educate
RITES Limited379.5-2 %372.0RITES Limited
Consol Finvest144.4-2 %141.6Consol Finvest
MPS1071.9-1.9 %1051.0MPS
Indowind Energy10.4-1.9 %10.2Indowind Energy
Panasonic Energ261.5-1.9 %256.5Panasonic Energ
Nahar Capital303.1-1.9 %297.2Nahar Capital
Menon Pistons59.8-1.9 %58.6Menon Pistons
HMT29.0-1.9 %28.4HMT
Gold Line0.5-1.9 %0.5Gold Line
Nirlon407.0-1.9 %399.4Nirlon
Esab India4051.8-1.9 %3976.2Esab India
TGB Banquets10.8-1.9 %10.6TGB Banquets
Visaka Ind91.9-1.8 %90.2Visaka Ind
Astec Life1352.7-1.8 %1327.9Astec Life
Orbit Exports179.7-1.8 %176.4Orbit Exports
Omax Autos54.5-1.8 %53.5Omax Autos
Madhucon Proj5.5-1.8 %5.4Madhucon Proj
WH Brady346.9-1.8 %340.5WH Brady
GVK Power2.8-1.8 %2.7GVK Power
Mazda895.8-1.8 %879.6Mazda
Meghmani Organics Ltd91.0-1.8 %89.4Meghmani Organics Ltd
MSP Steel Power8.6-1.7 %8.5MSP Steel Power
Dwarikesh Sugar91.9-1.7 %90.3Dwarikesh Sugar
ISMT Limited77.7-1.7 %76.4ISMT Limited
Tokyo Plast95.1-1.7 %93.5Tokyo Plast
Kansai Nerolac458.4-1.7 %450.5Kansai Nerolac
Marksans Pharma92.8-1.7 %91.2Marksans Pharma
Remsons Ind235.2-1.7 %231.2Remsons Ind
Ambika Cotton1647.6-1.7 %1619.3Ambika Cotton
Uttam Sugar343.1-1.7 %337.2Uttam Sugar
Jupiter Infomed20.9-1.7 %20.6Jupiter Infomed
Deepak Nitrite2211.7-1.7 %2173.8Deepak Nitrite
Vishal Fabrics Ltd17.5-1.7 %17.2Vishal Fabrics Ltd
Butterfly1155.2-1.7 %1135.5Butterfly
Jindal PolyFilm666.0-1.7 %654.7Jindal PolyFilm
Rushil Decor303.8-1.7 %298.7Rushil Decor
Tamboli Capital149.3-1.7 %146.8Tamboli Capital
Mangalam Cement318.8-1.7 %313.5Mangalam Cement
Niraj Cement Structurals Ltd30.1-1.7 %29.6Niraj Cement Structurals Ltd
Kanoria Chem112.0-1.7 %110.2Kanoria Chem
CG-Vak Software349.1-1.6 %343.3CG-Vak Software
HPL Electric & 133.7-1.6 %131.5HPL Electric & 
Cubex Tubings36.7-1.6 %36.1Cubex Tubings
NIIT86.1-1.6 %84.7NIIT
Shivalik Bimeta627.5-1.6 %617.3Shivalik Bimeta
PanasonicCarbon374.7-1.6 %368.7PanasonicCarbon
DCM Shriram917.4-1.6 %902.8DCM Shriram
Sakthi Sugars25.1-1.6 %24.7Sakthi Sugars
Alankit9.5-1.6 %9.3Alankit
Bannari A Spg47.5-1.6 %46.7Bannari A Spg
Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd627.1-1.6 %617.2Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd
Nahar Poly Film250.7-1.6 %246.7Nahar Poly Film
DCM69.9-1.6 %68.8DCM
Flexituff Intl28.6-1.6 %28.2Flexituff Intl
Borosil Ltd429.1-1.5 %422.5Borosil Ltd
Kiran Vyapar145.8-1.5 %143.6Kiran Vyapar
Neogen Chem Ltd1639.0-1.5 %1613.8Neogen Chem Ltd
Balrampur Chini390.7-1.5 %384.7Balrampur Chini
Virat Crane28.9-1.5 %28.5Virat Crane
Banka BioLoo Ltd69.1-1.5 %68.1Banka BioLoo Ltd
Nahar Spinning275.4-1.5 %271.3Nahar Spinning
West Coast Pap508.1-1.5 %500.4West Coast Pap
Bang Overseas40.2-1.5 %39.6Bang Overseas
Lawreshwar Poly134.0-1.5 %132.0Lawreshwar Poly
Arvind135.1-1.5 %133.1Arvind
Shree Renuka44.0-1.5 %43.4Shree Renuka
Patels Airtemp248.4-1.5 %244.7Patels Airtemp
Man Infra115.7-1.5 %114.0Man Infra
Emmbi Ind88.6-1.5 %87.3Emmbi Ind
Sakuma Exports13.7-1.5 %13.5Sakuma Exports
Divyashakti67.6-1.5 %66.7Divyashakti
Lloyds Steels Ind24.0-1.5 %23.6Lloyds Steels Ind
Adani Green En959.9-1.5 %945.9Adani Green En
Manugraph Ind17.4-1.4 %17.1Manugraph Ind
Deepak Fert570.9-1.4 %562.7Deepak Fert
Mukand126.5-1.4 %124.7Mukand
Mold Tek Tech306.2-1.4 %301.9Mold Tek Tech
Bhagiradh Chem1551.2-1.4 %1529.2Bhagiradh Chem
DHP826.3-1.4 %814.6DHP
Ponni Sugars(E)388.6-1.4 %383.1Ponni Sugars(E)
Raj Television46.1-1.4 %45.5Raj Television
Marine Electricals (India) Ltd49.8-1.4 %49.1Marine Electricals (India) Ltd
Tribhovandas85.4-1.4 %84.2Tribhovandas
Terai Tea Co72.0-1.4 %71.0Terai Tea Co
Kaya Limited336.8-1.4 %332.1Kaya Limited
SRF2321.4-1.4 %2289.5SRF
FDC314.6-1.4 %310.3FDC
Vippy Spinpro162.1-1.4 %159.9Vippy Spinpro
ASM Tech526.9-1.4 %519.8ASM Tech
Windlas Biotech Ltd303.0-1.4 %298.9Windlas Biotech Ltd
Bharat Immuno23.0-1.3 %22.7Bharat Immuno
IOL Chemicals423.4-1.3 %417.7IOL Chemicals
Guj Mineral167.7-1.3 %165.5Guj Mineral
Sikko Indu Ltd56.0-1.3 %55.3Sikko Indu Ltd
Kiri Industries281.3-1.3 %277.6Kiri Industries
Sasta Sundar289.4-1.3 %285.6Sasta Sundar
Rajshree Sugars42.0-1.3 %41.4Rajshree Sugars
DPSC Limited11.6-1.3 %11.5DPSC Limited
Kwality Pharmac302.1-1.3 %298.2Kwality Pharmac
Trigyn Tech105.0-1.3 %103.7Trigyn Tech
Haldyn Glass74.3-1.3 %73.4Haldyn Glass
Xelpmoc Design And Tech Ltd90.5-1.3 %89.3Xelpmoc Design And Tech Ltd
Suvidhaa Infoserve Ltd4.0-1.3 %3.9Suvidhaa Infoserve Ltd
Star Cement142.7-1.3 %140.9Star Cement
Compucom Software19.9-1.3 %19.6Compucom Software
Vama Ind4.8-1.2 %4.8Vama Ind
Madhav Copper Ltd28.5-1.2 %28.2Madhav Copper Ltd
Scanpoint Geo9.0-1.2 %8.9Scanpoint Geo
Akash Infra-Projects Ltd28.9-1.2 %28.5Akash Infra-Projects Ltd
HUDCO57.8-1.2 %57.1HUDCO
Kavveri Telecom Prod8.3-1.2 %8.2Kavveri Telecom Prod
Hindcon Chem Ltd94.9-1.2 %93.8Hindcon Chem Ltd
Laxmi Cotspin Ltd20.7-1.2 %20.4Laxmi Cotspin Ltd
GM Breweries588.9-1.2 %581.8GM Breweries
Linde India4368.8-1.2 %4316.6Linde India
SMS Pharma92.2-1.2 %91.1SMS Pharma
KEI Industries2343.3-1.2 %2315.6KEI Industries
Dai-Ichi Karkar383.6-1.2 %379.1Dai-Ichi Karkar
EIH Assoc Hotel527.6-1.2 %521.4EIH Assoc Hotel
SBI Cards and Payment Serv Ltd857.1-1.2 %847.2SBI Cards and Payment Serv Ltd
Kalyani Invest1847.2-1.2 %1826.0Kalyani Invest
Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd174.0-1.1 %172.0Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd
Aro Granite43.7-1.1 %43.2Aro Granite
Assoc Alcohol402.0-1.1 %397.4Assoc Alcohol
Tarapur Transformers4.4-1.1 %4.4Tarapur Transformers
Paushak Ltd6969.8-1.1 %6890.7Paushak Ltd
Roto Pumps762.6-1.1 %754.0Roto Pumps
Birla Tyres Ltd4.5-1.1 %4.4Birla Tyres Ltd
Texmaco Infra58.2-1.1 %57.5Texmaco Infra
Balkrishna Ind2397.1-1.1 %2370.4Balkrishna Ind
Cochin Shipyard572.1-1.1 %565.8Cochin Shipyard
Pricol231.9-1.1 %229.3Pricol
Lypsa Gems4.6-1.1 %4.5Lypsa Gems
MMTC Ltd31.9-1.1 %31.6MMTC Ltd
Associated Alcohols & Breweries Ltd.401.7-1.1 %397.3Associated Alcohols & Breweries Ltd.
HCL Info13.8-1.1 %13.6HCL Info
Bhagiradha Chem & indu Ltd1547.6-1.1 %1530.8Bhagiradha Chem & indu Ltd
Triveni Eng Ind286.2-1.1 %283.1Triveni Eng Ind
Tamilnadu PetroProd79.0-1.1 %78.2Tamilnadu PetroProd
aurionPro Sol986.1-1.1 %975.5aurionPro Sol
Timex Group Ind159.0-1.1 %157.3Timex Group Ind
KELTECH Energ1552.6-1.1 %1536.0KELTECH Energ
Golden Tobacco42.2-1.1 %41.8Golden Tobacco
Indian Toners246.9-1.1 %244.3Indian Toners
Dalmia Sugar375.9-1.1 %372.0Dalmia Sugar
India Home Loan30.6-1 %30.3India Home Loan
Heritage Foods212.5-1 %210.3Heritage Foods
Bhandari Hosier4.9-1 %4.8Bhandari Hosier
Nagarjuna Fertilizers9.8-1 %9.7Nagarjuna Fertilizers
Apcotex Ind536.9-1 %531.4Apcotex Ind
Ausom Enterprise63.5-1 %62.9Ausom Enterprise
Apollo Pipes709.7-1 %702.5Apollo Pipes
Simbhaoli Sugar25.4-1 %25.1Simbhaoli Sugar
Indo Thai Securities258.9-1 %256.3Indo Thai Securities
Pudumjee Paper Prod41.1-1 %40.7Pudumjee Paper Prod
Dredging Corp339.4-1 %336.1Dredging Corp
Century Enka438.5-1 %434.2Century Enka
Bank of Baroda192.2-1 %190.4Bank of Baroda
Orient Bell525.6-1 %520.5Orient Bell
National Perox1501.4-1 %1487.0National Perox
Bharat Road Network31.4-1 %31.1Bharat Road Network
Globus Spirits1272.1-1 %1259.9Globus Spirits
Lemon Tree Hotels94.6-1 %93.7Lemon Tree Hotels
Accelya Kale1336.7-1 %1324.0Accelya Kale

Indian stock market 2023_WK26 Top Losers Stock market Data of India from Nifty – NSE, Sensex – BSE. * Data is Only for educational purpose, not for trading. Please verify Data with latest sources.
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