2023_WK31 Top Losers

Stock market Data of India from NSE/BSE.
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2023_WK31 Losers

28-07-2023_Fri — to — 04-08-2023_Fri

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Sarda Energy1877.9-89.5 %196.5Sarda Energy
Cochin Minerals343.1-29.5 %242.0Cochin Minerals
Mishka Exim52.8-22 %41.2Mishka Exim
De Nora India2092.5-20.8 %1658.2De Nora India
Reliance Home Fin3.4-17.6 %2.8Reliance Home Fin
MSP Steel Power12.8-16 %10.8MSP Steel Power
Rollatainers1.1-13.6 %1.0Rollatainers
Ador Fontech124.6-13.6 %107.7Ador Fontech
Ador Welding1259.8-13.4 %1091.6Ador Welding
Country Condo's5.0-13.1 %4.3Country Condo's
Zenotech Labs62.1-12.9 %54.1Zenotech Labs
Excel Realty N Infra0.4-12.5 %0.4Excel Realty N Infra
Maan Aluminium97.3-12.3 %85.3Maan Aluminium
Godrej Prop1752.0-12.3 %1535.9Godrej Prop
Thangamayil Jewelle1315.1-12.3 %1153.1Thangamayil Jewelle
Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd714.0-12.2 %626.7Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd
Shivalik Bimeta713.1-12.1 %626.7Shivalik Bimeta
Redington181.4-12.1 %159.5Redington
Vedanta278.8-11.4 %247.1Vedanta
Bhagiradh Chem1337.3-11.3 %1186.1Bhagiradh Chem
Max Healthcare Institute Ltd606.1-11.2 %538.3Max Healthcare Institute Ltd
Equitas Small Fin Bank Ltd98.7-10.9 %88.0Equitas Small Fin Bank Ltd
Bhagiradha Chem & indu Ltd1331.5-10.6 %1190.6Bhagiradha Chem & indu Ltd
Bajaj Hind18.3-10.4 %16.4Bajaj Hind
Radha Madhav1.5-10.3 %1.3Radha Madhav
Revathi CP1633.0-10.2 %1466.6Revathi CP
SSPDL15.5-10 %13.9SSPDL
Vimta Labs496.4-10 %446.8Vimta Labs
Piramal Enter1073.0-9.9 %966.3Piramal Enter
Mindteck133.1-9.8 %120.0Mindteck
Tarapur Transformers5.1-9.8 %4.6Tarapur Transformers
Duke Offshore8.9-9.8 %8.0Duke Offshore
Suryalata Spg990.1-9.6 %895.1Suryalata Spg
Odyssey Tech76.2-9.6 %68.9Odyssey Tech
Geekay Wires Ltd293.8-9.6 %265.7Geekay Wires Ltd
Goldstone Tech101.6-9.5 %91.9Goldstone Tech
20 Microns119.0-9.5 %107.620 Microns
Tera Software47.9-9.5 %43.4Tera Software
Anmol India Ltd58.5-9.5 %52.9Anmol India Ltd
Keerti Knowledge and Skills Ltd69.0-9.4 %62.5Keerti Knowledge and Skills Ltd
Oil Country24.8-9.3 %22.5Oil Country
Diamines Chem585.7-9.3 %531.3Diamines Chem
Blue Dart6926.8-9.1 %6294.5Blue Dart
Kiran Vyapar156.5-8.8 %142.7Kiran Vyapar
Ansal Prop Infra9.1-8.8 %8.3Ansal Prop Infra
Bliss GVS100.3-8.7 %91.6Bliss GVS
Somi Conveyor59.9-8.3 %54.9Somi Conveyor
Seya Indu Ltd25.2-8.1 %23.2Seya Indu Ltd
Cummins1955.1-8.1 %1796.1Cummins
Arvee Laboratories (India) Ltd118.5-7.8 %109.3Arvee Laboratories (India) Ltd
Lawreshwar Poly144.2-7.7 %133.1Lawreshwar Poly
Cerebra Integ Tech6.5-7.7 %6.0Cerebra Integ Tech
RBL Bank234.1-7.7 %216.1RBL Bank
DCB Bank128.8-7.7 %118.9DCB Bank
Ganga Forging Ltd6.6-7.6 %6.1Ganga Forging Ltd
Modison Metals87.2-7.5 %80.6Modison Metals
Adani Green En1092.6-7.3 %1012.6Adani Green En
Jindal Drilling410.1-7.3 %380.2Jindal Drilling
Hero Motocorp3172.5-7.2 %2944.7Hero Motocorp
MEP Infra12.6-7.2 %11.7MEP Infra
Prime Focus115.1-7.2 %106.8Prime Focus
Repro India794.0-7.1 %737.6Repro India
Wheels762.6-7 %709.4Wheels
SBI616.1-6.9 %573.3SBI
Apollo Hospital5347.0-6.9 %4980.3Apollo Hospital
Sab Eve Gov Now Me3.7-6.8 %3.4Sab Eve Gov Now Me
Vishnu Chemical378.4-6.8 %352.6Vishnu Chemical
JBM Auto1412.0-6.8 %1315.7JBM Auto
Nilkamal2744.9-6.8 %2558.7Nilkamal
Tamboli Capital141.7-6.8 %132.1Tamboli Capital
Eimco Elecon (Ind)769.0-6.8 %717.0Eimco Elecon (Ind)
Caprihans220.1-6.7 %205.3Caprihans
Ausom Enterprise70.7-6.4 %66.1Ausom Enterprise
Windlas Biotech Ltd332.0-6.4 %310.8Windlas Biotech Ltd
ABM Int Ltd48.1-6.3 %45.0ABM Int Ltd
Automotive Axle2220.7-6.3 %2080.1Automotive Axle
Gujarat Gas Limited481.3-6.3 %450.9Gujarat Gas Limited
Jocil200.4-6.3 %187.7Jocil
Iris Business Serv Ltd101.0-6.3 %94.6Iris Business Serv Ltd
Greenlam Ind478.8-6.2 %448.9Greenlam Ind
Bajaj Finserv1584.9-6.2 %1486.3Bajaj Finserv
Bombay Burmah1125.3-6.2 %1055.3Bombay Burmah
Technocraft Ind1688.0-6.2 %1583.3Technocraft Ind
Moksh Ornaments Ltd13.8-6.2 %13.0Moksh Ornaments Ltd
Nagreeka Capital Infra18.9-6.1 %17.8Nagreeka Capital Infra
Bharat Seats131.7-6 %123.7Bharat Seats
Gokaldas Export529.4-6 %497.5Gokaldas Export
Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd1961.5-6 %1843.9Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd
Gala Global Prd6.9-6 %6.5Gala Global Prd
Aditya Birla F223.1-5.9 %209.8Aditya Birla F
IZMO194.9-5.9 %183.3IZMO
Standard Ind23.7-5.9 %22.3Standard Ind
Foseco India3496.1-5.9 %3290.0Foseco India
Jagatjit Ind157.2-5.9 %148.0Jagatjit Ind
Macrotech Developers Ltd746.9-5.9 %703.0Macrotech Developers Ltd
Edelweiss47.9-5.9 %45.1Edelweiss
Steel Exchange13.7-5.8 %12.9Steel Exchange
Seshasayee Paper273.9-5.8 %258.0Seshasayee Paper
R Systems Intl461.7-5.8 %434.8R Systems Intl
Cubex Tubings41.9-5.7 %39.5Cubex Tubings
Manaksia141.2-5.7 %133.1Manaksia
Elgi Equipments541.5-5.7 %510.7Elgi Equipments
Arshiya4.4-5.7 %4.2Arshiya
Techno Electric & Engineering Co Ltd490.5-5.7 %462.7Techno Electric & Engineering Co Ltd
Jaysynth Dyestu84.0-5.7 %79.3Jaysynth Dyestu
V2 Retail137.6-5.5 %130.0V2 Retail
Bigbloc Construction154.9-5.4 %146.6Bigbloc Construction
Max Financial814.7-5.4 %771.1Max Financial
Indo-National459.5-5.3 %435.0Indo-National
ISMT Limited87.6-5.3 %83.0ISMT Limited
Apar Ind3858.2-5.2 %3655.9Apar Ind
Divyashakti71.2-5.2 %67.5Divyashakti
HDFC Asset Mgmt Co2538.3-5.2 %2406.3HDFC Asset Mgmt Co
Raunaq Auto1420.6-5.2 %1347.0Raunaq Auto
Sobha627.4-5.2 %594.9Sobha
Jeevan Scient61.9-5.2 %58.7Jeevan Scient
Rane Holdings1019.8-5.1 %967.7Rane Holdings
Walchand People155.7-5.1 %147.8Walchand People
63 Moons Tech243.6-5.1 %231.263 Moons Tech
IFB Agro558.7-5.1 %530.4IFB Agro
5Paisa Capital472.2-5.1 %448.35Paisa Capital
Tokyo Plast101.2-5 %96.1Tokyo Plast
DLF515.6-5 %489.7DLF
Mahanagar Gas1112.1-5 %1056.3Mahanagar Gas
Delta Corp196.5-5 %186.7Delta Corp
Next Mediaworks5.0-5 %4.8Next Mediaworks
PC Jeweller30.1-5 %28.6PC Jeweller
Rasandik Engg77.0-5 %73.2Rasandik Engg
Ion Exchange521.2-5 %495.4Ion Exchange
Tanla Solutions1221.5-4.9 %1161.2Tanla Solutions
Ducon Infratech7.1-4.9 %6.8Ducon Infratech
Gulshan Poly218.4-4.9 %207.6Gulshan Poly
Metalyst Forgin3.1-4.9 %2.9Metalyst Forgin
Vadilal Ind2857.5-4.9 %2718.1Vadilal Ind
Prakash Woollen26.0-4.9 %24.7Prakash Woollen
Bank of Baroda201.1-4.8 %191.4Bank of Baroda
Tata Comm1771.9-4.8 %1686.3Tata Comm
ADC India Comm879.6-4.8 %837.4ADC India Comm
Anupam Rasayan India Ltd976.8-4.8 %930.2Anupam Rasayan India Ltd
EngineersInd154.6-4.8 %147.2EngineersInd
S P Apparels464.7-4.7 %442.7S P Apparels
Aimco Pesticide120.2-4.7 %114.5Aimco Pesticide
Intl Travel340.6-4.7 %324.5Intl Travel
Tiger Logistics377.6-4.7 %359.8Tiger Logistics
SNL Bearings353.3-4.7 %336.7SNL Bearings
Sakuma Exports14.9-4.7 %14.2Sakuma Exports
Ganesh Housing459.9-4.7 %438.3Ganesh Housing
Cholamandalam1137.6-4.6 %1085.3Cholamandalam
Wanbury52.4-4.6 %50.0Wanbury
Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd159.5-4.6 %152.2Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd
Hindustan Aeronautics3929.0-4.6 %3750.0Hindustan Aeronautics
HPCL279.4-4.5 %266.7HPCL
Guj Mineral178.5-4.5 %170.4Guj Mineral
Ganesha Ecosph1038.4-4.5 %991.9Ganesha Ecosph
Dai-Ichi Karkar390.0-4.5 %372.5Dai-Ichi Karkar
MAS Financial Ser798.3-4.5 %762.6MAS Financial Ser
Heritage Foods264.6-4.5 %252.8Heritage Foods
Intrasoft Tech129.7-4.4 %124.0Intrasoft Tech
Kirloskar Ferro512.2-4.4 %489.5Kirloskar Ferro
Zee Entertain245.2-4.4 %234.4Zee Entertain
BASF2740.1-4.4 %2619.4BASF
Emmbi Ind91.8-4.4 %87.8Emmbi Ind
Accuracy Shipping Ltd10.4-4.3 %10.0Accuracy Shipping Ltd
Confidence Petroleum India Ltd78.7-4.3 %75.3Confidence Petroleum India Ltd
Munjal Showa147.2-4.3 %140.8Munjal Showa
Valson Ind23.3-4.3 %22.3Valson Ind
Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd1929.3-4.3 %1846.8Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd
Ganges Securities120.3-4.2 %115.2Ganges Securities
Canara Bank343.3-4.2 %328.8Canara Bank
Power Grid Corp258.2-4.2 %247.4Power Grid Corp
Astra Microwave372.9-4.1 %357.5Astra Microwave
Asahi India556.8-4.1 %533.8Asahi India
Kirloskar Ferrous Indu Ltd512.3-4.1 %491.2Kirloskar Ferrous Indu Ltd
Sharda Crop450.0-4.1 %431.5Sharda Crop
Devyani Int Ltd196.9-4.1 %188.9Devyani Int Ltd
Xchanging Sol102.4-4.1 %98.2Xchanging Sol
BHEL103.1-4 %99.0BHEL
Skipper175.4-4 %168.3Skipper
Va Tech Wabag523.9-4 %502.9Va Tech Wabag
Hindustan Composites387.1-4 %371.6Hindustan Composites
Gold Line0.5-4 %0.5Gold Line
Career Point194.3-4 %186.6Career Point
Kotak PSU Bank459.2-4 %440.9Kotak PSU Bank
Vardhman Text362.0-4 %347.6Vardhman Text
Interglobe Avi2617.0-4 %2512.9Interglobe Avi
Rossari Biotech Ltd874.8-4 %840.1Rossari Biotech Ltd
Servotech Power Systems Ltd90.9-4 %87.3Servotech Power Systems Ltd
Glenmark Life Sciences Ltd660.4-3.9 %634.5Glenmark Life Sciences Ltd
HT Media23.1-3.9 %22.2HT Media
Steel Str Wheel253.4-3.9 %243.6Steel Str Wheel
Auto Corp Goa1362.5-3.9 %1309.7Auto Corp Goa
Cupid292.0-3.9 %280.7Cupid
Bright Brothers181.1-3.9 %174.1Bright Brothers
Bharat Gears132.2-3.9 %127.1Bharat Gears
Indsil Hydro44.0-3.8 %42.3Indsil Hydro
UCO Bank28.8-3.8 %27.7UCO Bank
Guj State Petro286.9-3.8 %275.9Guj State Petro
Kovai Medical2746.7-3.8 %2642.1Kovai Medical
Ashima Limited13.3-3.8 %12.8Ashima Limited
Kovai Medical Center and Hospital Ltd2743.6-3.7 %2640.8Kovai Medical Center and Hospital Ltd
Ndr Auto Components Ltd436.2-3.7 %420.0Ndr Auto Components Ltd
Bajaj Auto4892.5-3.7 %4712.0Bajaj Auto
S.J.S. Ents Ltd646.6-3.7 %622.8S.J.S. Ents Ltd
Bosch18952.9-3.7 %18256.7Bosch
EIH Assoc Hotel511.0-3.7 %492.3EIH Assoc Hotel
L&T Finance132.5-3.6 %127.7L&T Finance
Kothari PetroChem102.3-3.6 %98.6Kothari PetroChem
MT Educare4.2-3.6 %4.0MT Educare
Sheela Foam1190.1-3.6 %1147.5Sheela Foam
Shree Ram Proteins Ltd2.8-3.6 %2.7Shree Ram Proteins Ltd
Garnet Intl47.0-3.6 %45.3Garnet Intl
IFB Industries861.3-3.5 %831.0IFB Industries
Aptus Value Housing Fin India Ltd276.1-3.5 %266.4Aptus Value Housing Fin India Ltd
BPCL373.5-3.5 %360.4BPCL
Essar Sec7.2-3.5 %6.9Essar Sec
UPL625.2-3.5 %603.4UPL
Zodiac Clothing121.9-3.4 %117.7Zodiac Clothing
Indbank Merchant27.7-3.4 %26.8Indbank Merchant
OK Play119.9-3.4 %115.8OK Play
Aspinwall and Co252.7-3.4 %244.1Aspinwall and Co
VST3699.4-3.4 %3573.5VST
Cenlub273.7-3.4 %264.5Cenlub
Godfrey Phillip2073.0-3.4 %2003.0Godfrey Phillip
Mangalore Chem108.9-3.4 %105.3Mangalore Chem
Austin Eng184.3-3.3 %178.2Austin Eng
The Hi-Tech Gea407.9-3.3 %394.3The Hi-Tech Gea
Lakshmi Machine13916.3-3.3 %13454.7Lakshmi Machine
21st Cen Mgt21.2-3.3 %20.521st Cen Mgt
Pennar Inds82.2-3.3 %79.5Pennar Inds
Maharashtra Scooters5818.3-3.3 %5627.5Maharashtra Scooters
Asahi Songwon233.6-3.3 %226.0Asahi Songwon
Texmaco Infra80.0-3.3 %77.4Texmaco Infra
Angel One Ltd1554.5-3.2 %1504.0Angel One Ltd
Rico Auto98.8-3.2 %95.6Rico Auto
Autoline Ind81.8-3.2 %79.2Autoline Ind
Balkrishna Pap Mills26.3-3.2 %25.4Balkrishna Pap Mills
PNB62.0-3.2 %60.0PNB
India Pesticides Ltd218.9-3.2 %211.9India Pesticides Ltd
Tata Motors635.3-3.2 %615.0Tata Motors
Manaksia Steels43.9-3.2 %42.5Manaksia Steels
Vakrangee15.7-3.2 %15.2Vakrangee
Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Ltd290.8-3.2 %281.6Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Ltd
Gillanders Arbu73.9-3.2 %71.6Gillanders Arbu
Bajaj Finance7381.6-3.2 %7148.7Bajaj Finance
M&M Financial299.6-3.2 %290.2M&M Financial
Finolex Cables1039.3-3.2 %1006.5Finolex Cables
Chennai Petro397.5-3.1 %385.1Chennai Petro
Nectar Life25.6-3.1 %24.8Nectar Life
VTM59.2-3.1 %57.4VTM
Fervent Synergi18.3-3.1 %17.7Fervent Synergi
Onward Tech579.2-3.1 %561.2Onward Tech
IOC95.3-3.1 %92.3IOC
Bella Casa175.4-3.1 %170.0Bella Casa
TCI Express1573.4-3.1 %1525.0TCI Express
HOV Services50.4-3.1 %48.9HOV Services
Bharat Dynamics1201.1-3.1 %1164.3Bharat Dynamics
Kopran186.4-3.1 %180.7Kopran
Virat Crane36.7-3 %35.6Virat Crane
Pasupati Acrylon Ltd31.4-3 %30.5Pasupati Acrylon Ltd
Pro Fin Capital1.0-3 %1.0Pro Fin Capital
Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Eng Ltd618.7-3 %600.2Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Eng Ltd
Dodla Dairy Ltd778.6-3 %755.3Dodla Dairy Ltd
Arnold Holdings20.9-3 %20.3Arnold Holdings
Den Networks42.2-3 %40.9Den Networks
Associated Alcohols & Breweries Ltd.473.9-2.9 %459.9Associated Alcohols & Breweries Ltd.
Viji Finance Limited1.7-2.9 %1.7Viji Finance Limited
Peninsula Land32.4-2.9 %31.4Peninsula Land
Hindustan Media64.9-2.9 %63.0Hindustan Media
Hisar Metal Ind152.1-2.9 %147.6Hisar Metal Ind
Assoc Alcohol473.7-2.9 %459.8Assoc Alcohol
Manaksia Coated Met17.3-2.9 %16.8Manaksia Coated Met
Anant Raj200.6-2.9 %194.8Anant Raj
AIA Engineering3514.0-2.9 %3412.7AIA Engineering
ITC468.5-2.9 %455.0ITC
Aavas Financiers Ltd1605.3-2.8 %1559.8Aavas Financiers Ltd
Mah Seamless510.7-2.8 %496.2Mah Seamless
Lumax Inds2121.1-2.8 %2061.3Lumax Inds
Cantabil Retail984.4-2.8 %956.7Cantabil Retail
Rane Madras642.0-2.8 %624.0Rane Madras
Aditya Birla Cap194.0-2.8 %188.5Aditya Birla Cap
IRB Infra26.7-2.8 %26.0IRB Infra
Tata Motors (D)413.4-2.8 %401.8Tata Motors (D)
Shivam Auto26.9-2.8 %26.1Shivam Auto
ICICI Securities637.4-2.8 %619.7ICICI Securities
Prestige Estate590.3-2.8 %574.0Prestige Estate
Salasar Techno Eng50.6-2.8 %49.2Salasar Techno Eng
Simplex Casting51.7-2.8 %50.3Simplex Casting
Titan Company2987.0-2.8 %2904.4Titan Company
Polycab India Ltd4745.8-2.8 %4614.9Polycab India Ltd
Lambodhara Text147.8-2.7 %143.8Lambodhara Text
Texmaco Rail104.2-2.7 %101.3Texmaco Rail
Tata Coffee251.0-2.7 %244.2Tata Coffee
Saregama India403.4-2.7 %392.5Saregama India
Sundaram Fin2649.6-2.7 %2578.3Sundaram Fin
Kakatiya Cement210.2-2.7 %204.6Kakatiya Cement
Scanpoint Geo9.0-2.7 %8.7Scanpoint Geo
Strides Shasun460.0-2.7 %447.7Strides Shasun
Zydus Wellness1470.0-2.7 %1430.8Zydus Wellness
MRO-TEK Realty60.3-2.7 %58.7MRO-TEK Realty
Kalyan Jewellers India Ltd175.3-2.7 %170.6Kalyan Jewellers India Ltd
Kanani Ind7.6-2.6 %7.4Kanani Ind
T T Limited79.4-2.6 %77.3T T Limited
Dalmia Sugar373.9-2.6 %364.0Dalmia Sugar
Bambino Agro307.6-2.6 %299.5Bambino Agro
Colgate2049.3-2.6 %1995.5Colgate
LG Balakrishnan1051.4-2.6 %1023.8LG Balakrishnan
Cambridge Tech59.1-2.6 %57.5Cambridge Tech
Pansari Developers Ltd87.7-2.6 %85.4Pansari Developers Ltd
Par Drugs And Chem Ltd192.5-2.6 %187.4Par Drugs And Chem Ltd
Procter & Gamble Hyg15970.6-2.6 %15554.1Procter & Gamble Hyg
NLC India118.9-2.6 %115.8NLC India
HUDCO63.3-2.6 %61.7HUDCO
Spandana Sphoorty Fin Ltd844.1-2.6 %822.1Spandana Sphoorty Fin Ltd
HDFC Std Life Ins Co659.3-2.6 %642.2HDFC Std Life Ins Co
Swarnasarita21.6-2.6 %21.1Swarnasarita
Rane Engine Valve313.1-2.6 %305.0Rane Engine Valve
TVS Srichakra3139.8-2.6 %3058.6TVS Srichakra
ICICI Bank996.2-2.6 %970.5ICICI Bank
Manappuram Fin138.0-2.6 %134.4Manappuram Fin
Minda Corp307.4-2.6 %299.6Minda Corp
BN Rathi Sec43.3-2.5 %42.2BN Rathi Sec
Milkfood642.7-2.5 %626.4Milkfood
Kinetic Eng124.3-2.5 %121.2Kinetic Eng
Batliboi74.1-2.5 %72.2Batliboi
Damodar Ind47.8-2.5 %46.6Damodar Ind
Eastern Silk Ind2.0-2.5 %2.0Eastern Silk Ind
Home First Fin Co India Ltd854.6-2.5 %833.3Home First Fin Co India Ltd
TV18 Broadcast40.3-2.5 %39.3TV18 Broadcast
India Motor Parts795.4-2.5 %775.7India Motor Parts
Artemis Medicare Serv Ltd127.3-2.4 %124.2Artemis Medicare Serv Ltd
ITI113.0-2.4 %110.2ITI
PNB Gilts65.8-2.4 %64.2PNB Gilts
Lykis75.8-2.4 %74.0Lykis
EIH214.6-2.4 %209.4EIH
Gandhi Spl Tube650.6-2.4 %634.9Gandhi Spl Tube
Lancor Holdings51.5-2.4 %50.3Lancor Holdings
Rolex Rings Ltd2198.9-2.4 %2146.1Rolex Rings Ltd
Arman Financial2288.4-2.4 %2233.7Arman Financial
Mastek2020.8-2.4 %1972.6Mastek
B L Kashyap Sons42.0-2.4 %41.0B L Kashyap Sons
Bannariamman2780.9-2.4 %2715.2Bannariamman
Zen Tech628.2-2.3 %613.5Zen Tech
Sundaram Multi Pap2.2-2.3 %2.1Sundaram Multi Pap
Mayur Uniquoter517.2-2.3 %505.2Mayur Uniquoter
La Opala RG456.9-2.3 %446.3La Opala RG
Sarda Plywood204.8-2.3 %200.0Sarda Plywood
Systematix Corp250.5-2.3 %244.7Systematix Corp
Kohinoor Foods36.9-2.3 %36.1Kohinoor Foods
Yuken India Ltd639.1-2.3 %624.4Yuken India Ltd
Asian Oilfield131.0-2.3 %128.0Asian Oilfield
JM Financial76.8-2.3 %75.1JM Financial
Umang Dairies68.2-2.3 %66.7Umang Dairies
Sapphire Foods India Ltd1389.9-2.3 %1358.5Sapphire Foods India Ltd
Cyber Media (Ind)15.5-2.3 %15.2Cyber Media (Ind)
Metropolis Healthcare Ltd1390.6-2.3 %1359.3Metropolis Healthcare Ltd
Hubtown46.7-2.3 %45.6Hubtown
Adani Trans814.8-2.2 %796.7Adani Trans
Petronet LNG229.2-2.2 %224.1Petronet LNG
Nagarjuna Fertilizers9.0-2.2 %8.8Nagarjuna Fertilizers
Euro India Fresh Foods Ltd150.9-2.2 %147.6Euro India Fresh Foods Ltd
Signet Ind45.4-2.2 %44.4Signet Ind
Rishiroop111.7-2.2 %109.3Rishiroop
Narayana Hruda1047.1-2.2 %1024.2Narayana Hruda
MCX India1670.5-2.2 %1633.9MCX India
Paushak Ltd6788.6-2.2 %6639.9Paushak Ltd
Esab India4828.2-2.2 %4724.0Esab India
Britannia4903.4-2.1 %4798.5Britannia
Tejas Networks827.6-2.1 %809.9Tejas Networks
Mcleod18.8-2.1 %18.4Mcleod
STL Global14.2-2.1 %13.9STL Global
Siemens3857.7-2.1 %3776.0Siemens
Union Bank90.1-2.1 %88.2Union Bank
Maruti Suzuki9670.3-2.1 %9470.4Maruti Suzuki
Aarti Drugs585.7-2.1 %573.6Aarti Drugs
Menon Pistons56.2-2.1 %55.0Menon Pistons
Oriental Veneer65.9-2.1 %64.5Oriental Veneer
Dabur India581.7-2.1 %569.7Dabur India
VRL Logistics734.2-2 %719.1VRL Logistics
Kotak Mahindra1876.9-2 %1838.5Kotak Mahindra
Beardsell29.4-2 %28.8Beardsell
Superb Papers121.2-2 %118.8Superb Papers
Greenpanel Indu Ltd341.1-2 %334.3Greenpanel Indu Ltd
Shiva Texyarn149.2-2 %146.3Shiva Texyarn
Sonata1061.4-2 %1040.5Sonata
VIP Industries596.7-2 %585.0VIP Industries
Bharat Elec130.2-2 %127.6Bharat Elec
Good Luck496.9-2 %487.2Good Luck
Ahlada Eng Ltd115.3-2 %113.1Ahlada Eng Ltd
SMC Global Securities Ltd74.4-2 %72.9SMC Global Securities Ltd
Relaxo Footwear952.1-1.9 %933.8Relaxo Footwear
Saint-Gobain106.9-1.9 %104.9Saint-Gobain
Jayant Agro-Org222.0-1.9 %217.7Jayant Agro-Org
Cheviot Company1249.2-1.9 %1225.3Cheviot Company
Garware Poly976.4-1.9 %957.8Garware Poly
Speciality Rest221.5-1.9 %217.3Speciality Rest
Jindal Steel665.3-1.9 %652.7Jindal Steel
Bajaj Holdings7536.7-1.9 %7394.6Bajaj Holdings
Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd367.8-1.9 %360.9Nuvoco Vistas Corp Ltd
GAIL117.5-1.9 %115.3GAIL
GMM Pfaudler1480.4-1.9 %1452.7GMM Pfaudler
Genus Paper16.2-1.9 %15.9Genus Paper
Blue Chip Tex140.6-1.8 %138.0Blue Chip Tex
India Home Loan26.2-1.8 %25.7India Home Loan
Mold-Tek Pack1021.2-1.8 %1002.6Mold-Tek Pack
Zee Media Corp11.0-1.8 %10.8Zee Media Corp
Rossell India451.8-1.8 %443.6Rossell India
Sun TV Network543.1-1.8 %533.2Sun TV Network
Alkyl Amines Chem2467.1-1.8 %2422.6Alkyl Amines Chem
UltraTechCement8306.8-1.8 %8158.2UltraTechCement
Shradha Infraprojects Ltd45.0-1.8 %44.2Shradha Infraprojects Ltd
Godrej Consumer1036.0-1.8 %1017.6Godrej Consumer
Usha Martin338.1-1.8 %332.1Usha Martin
IndoStar Capital Fin166.8-1.8 %163.8IndoStar Capital Fin
Solara Active Pharma400.3-1.8 %393.2Solara Active Pharma
Savita Oil Technologi309.6-1.8 %304.1Savita Oil Technologi
IndiGrid InvIT 138.2-1.8 %135.8IndiGrid InvIT 
Sukhjit Starch432.8-1.8 %425.2Sukhjit Starch
GMM Pfaudler1479.5-1.8 %1453.5GMM Pfaudler
WH Brady320.4-1.7 %314.8WH Brady
ABB India4516.2-1.7 %4438.1ABB India
Galaxy Surfactants2670.0-1.7 %2623.8Galaxy Surfactants
Ortin Laboratories Ltd20.3-1.7 %20.0Ortin Laboratories Ltd
Trent1730.7-1.7 %1701.0Trent
Syngene Intl824.9-1.7 %810.9Syngene Intl
AstraZeneca3867.3-1.7 %3801.7AstraZeneca
Nagpur Power66.6-1.7 %65.5Nagpur Power
Airan Ltd20.7-1.7 %20.3Airan Ltd
SBI Life Insurance Co1289.8-1.7 %1267.9SBI Life Insurance Co
Suprajit Eng417.5-1.7 %410.4Suprajit Eng
Innovative Tech17.3-1.7 %17.0Innovative Tech
Oriental Trimex6.0-1.7 %5.9Oriental Trimex
Avenue Supermar3713.9-1.7 %3652.1Avenue Supermar
MRPL84.2-1.7 %82.8MRPL
PPAP Automotive208.1-1.7 %204.7PPAP Automotive
Rashtriya Chem114.7-1.7 %112.8Rashtriya Chem
Tarmat64.0-1.6 %63.0Tarmat
Madras Fertilizers79.6-1.6 %78.3Madras Fertilizers
Alembic82.7-1.6 %81.4Alembic
Rallis India218.6-1.6 %215.0Rallis India
Suven Life Sci64.7-1.6 %63.7Suven Life Sci
Tasty Bite Eatables14330.4-1.6 %14098.2Tasty Bite Eatables
Vikas EcoTech3.1-1.6 %3.1Vikas EcoTech
Sanghvi Movers609.4-1.6 %599.6Sanghvi Movers
Akar Auto Indus88.9-1.6 %87.5Akar Auto Indus
NHPC50.3-1.6 %49.5NHPC
Kriti Indu (India) Ltd113.4-1.6 %111.6Kriti Indu (India) Ltd
Sakthi Sugars25.2-1.6 %24.8Sakthi Sugars
Ultramarine376.6-1.6 %370.7Ultramarine
GM Breweries595.4-1.6 %586.1GM Breweries
Advani Hot (Ind)90.4-1.5 %89.0Advani Hot (Ind)
Donear Ind94.1-1.5 %92.6Donear Ind
Oriental Hotels88.2-1.5 %86.9Oriental Hotels
Cochin Shipyard681.1-1.5 %670.7Cochin Shipyard
Asian Paints3390.7-1.5 %3339.7Asian Paints
SKF India5312.5-1.5 %5233.1SKF India
HUL2584.6-1.5 %2546.0HUL
Novartis India737.6-1.5 %726.6Novartis India
Elpro Int63.0-1.5 %62.1Elpro Int
Nila Spaces Ltd3.4-1.5 %3.4Nila Spaces Ltd
ILandFS Engg17.1-1.5 %16.9ILandFS Engg
Indo Borax175.6-1.5 %173.1Indo Borax
Max Ventures and Ind200.5-1.4 %197.6Max Ventures and Ind
CenturyPlyboard660.5-1.4 %651.1CenturyPlyboard
IGL461.9-1.4 %455.4IGL
Shree Hari Chem47.7-1.4 %47.0Shree Hari Chem
Atlanta14.3-1.4 %14.1Atlanta
Globus Spirits975.0-1.4 %961.4Globus Spirits
Universus Photo Imagings Ltd415.0-1.4 %409.2Universus Photo Imagings Ltd
Kilburn Engg157.5-1.4 %155.3Kilburn Engg
Shiva Global62.6-1.4 %61.7Shiva Global
Coral Labs256.5-1.3 %253.0Coral Labs
Bharat Bijlee3762.2-1.3 %3711.9Bharat Bijlee
Sadbhav Infra3.8-1.3 %3.7Sadbhav Infra
J. K. Cement3252.5-1.3 %3209.3J. K. Cement
BANKBEES463.0-1.3 %456.9BANKBEES
SPL Ind64.0-1.3 %63.2SPL Ind
Tata Steel120.6-1.3 %119.0Tata Steel
Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd565.1-1.3 %557.8Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd
ROUTE MOBILE Ltd1500.8-1.3 %1481.3ROUTE MOBILE Ltd
Suvidhaa Infoserve Ltd3.9-1.3 %3.8Suvidhaa Infoserve Ltd
ZF Steering Gea815.7-1.3 %805.2ZF Steering Gea
Rajratan Global747.8-1.3 %738.3Rajratan Global
Simbhaoli Sugar24.0-1.3 %23.7Simbhaoli Sugar
Warren Tea52.1-1.2 %51.4Warren Tea
Biocon256.8-1.2 %253.6Biocon
Chambal Fert274.9-1.2 %271.5Chambal Fert
Williamson Mago20.8-1.2 %20.5Williamson Mago
Idea Cellular8.4-1.2 %8.3Idea Cellular
Jindal Saw325.7-1.2 %321.8Jindal Saw
Dwarikesh Sugar92.4-1.2 %91.3Dwarikesh Sugar
Machino Plastic169.5-1.2 %167.5Machino Plastic
Thyrocare Techn579.6-1.2 %572.9Thyrocare Techn
Sawaca Fin0.9-1.2 %0.9Sawaca Fin
Geojit Fin47.6-1.2 %47.0Geojit Fin
IIFL Securities Ltd65.4-1.1 %64.7IIFL Securities Ltd
Ram Ratna Wires313.1-1.1 %309.5Ram Ratna Wires
Mangalam Drugs110.6-1.1 %109.4Mangalam Drugs
Kewal Kiran690.8-1.1 %683.1Kewal Kiran
Indian Card227.1-1.1 %224.6Indian Card
SVP Global Ventures Ltd9.1-1.1 %9.0SVP Global Ventures Ltd
Suven Pharma Ltd494.4-1.1 %489.0Suven Pharma Ltd
Supreme Infra22.9-1.1 %22.7Supreme Infra
Mohit Ind13.8-1.1 %13.7Mohit Ind
ICICINF100214.8-1.1 %212.5ICICINF100
Gallantt Metal88.2-1.1 %87.2Gallantt Metal
Rain Industries168.1-1.1 %166.3Rain Industries
NELCO792.2-1.1 %783.8NELCO
Avadh Sugar Ene579.8-1.1 %573.7Avadh Sugar Ene
Indian Terrain56.6-1.1 %56.0Indian Terrain
Eros Intl18.9-1.1 %18.7Eros Intl
Oriental Aromatics Ltd449.2-1.1 %444.4Oriental Aromatics Ltd
Wallfort Fin59.7-1.1 %59.1Wallfort Fin
TV TodayNetwork205.5-1 %203.4TV TodayNetwork
North Eastern Carry19.2-1 %19.0North Eastern Carry
PTL Enterprises33.6-1 %33.3PTL Enterprises
Coastal Corp Ltd245.9-1 %243.4Coastal Corp Ltd
Westlife Devp Ltd939.5-1 %929.8Westlife Devp Ltd
Uflex426.3-1 %421.9Uflex
Allcargo305.8-1 %302.7Allcargo
Bengal & Assam 4950.0-1 %4900.0Bengal & Assam 
South Ind Bk19.8-1 %19.6South Ind Bk
Kesar Petro6.0-1 %5.9Kesar Petro
Computer Age Mgnt Serv Ltd2333.6-1 %2310.3Computer Age Mgnt Serv Ltd
Greenply Ind169.9-1 %168.2Greenply Ind
Marksans Pharma116.1-1 %114.9Marksans Pharma
Future Market Net5.1-1 %5.0Future Market Net
NFL70.8-1 %70.1NFL
UTINEXT5047.6-1 %47.1UTINEXT50
Mawana Sugars101.6-1 %100.6Mawana Sugars
Morepen Laboratories30.8-1 %30.5Morepen Laboratories
Nila Infras5.2-1 %5.1Nila Infras
Macpower CNC Machines Ltd283.4-1 %280.6Macpower CNC Machines Ltd
Guj Amb Exports258.6-1 %256.1Guj Amb Exports
JagsonpalPharma452.2-1 %447.8JagsonpalPharma
Cigniti Tech791.6-1 %784.0Cigniti Tech

Indian stock market 2023_WK31 Top Losers Stock market Data of India from Nifty – NSE, Sensex – BSE. * Data is Only for educational purpose, not for trading. Please verify Data with latest sources.
* Consult your financial advisor before trading or investing in any stock.

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