2023_WK35 Top Losers

Stock market Data of India from NSE/BSE.
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2023_WK35 Losers

25-08-2023_Fri — to — 01-09-2023_Fri

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GNA Axles1029.4-47 %545.6GNA Axles
Shree Ram Proteins Ltd2.0-12.5 %1.8Shree Ram Proteins Ltd
Soma Textiles Ind21.8-12.2 %19.2Soma Textiles Ind
Kuantum Papers Ltd213.7-11.8 %188.4Kuantum Papers Ltd
Autoline Ind102.6-11.8 %90.5Autoline Ind
Kuantum Papers212.1-11.3 %188.1Kuantum Papers
Walchand People211.4-11 %188.3Walchand People
Newgen Software921.1-10.4 %825.0Newgen Software
Maxheights48.0-10.4 %43.0Maxheights
GE T&D India351.2-10 %316.1GE T&D India
TCNS Clothing Co.409.7-9.8 %369.7TCNS Clothing Co.
IndiaNivesh39.9-9.7 %36.0IndiaNivesh
Jet Airways71.2-9.6 %64.4Jet Airways
Krebs Biochem73.3-9.5 %66.3Krebs Biochem
Sahara Housing91.6-9.5 %82.9Sahara Housing
Vardhman Poly67.1-9.5 %60.7Vardhman Poly
Jain Irrig (D)37.5-9.5 %34.0Jain Irrig (D)
Goldstone Tech98.3-9.5 %89.0Goldstone Tech
Anmol India Ltd48.0-9.4 %43.5Anmol India Ltd
Sadbhav Engg12.8-9.4 %11.6Sadbhav Engg
Golden Tobacco54.5-9.4 %49.4Golden Tobacco
JHS Svendgaard Lab26.3-9.3 %23.8JHS Svendgaard Lab
Oil Country21.6-9.3 %19.6Oil Country
Visagar Polytex1.1-9.1 %1.0Visagar Polytex
Pansari Developers Ltd125.4-9.1 %114.1Pansari Developers Ltd
Shradha Infraprojects Ltd45.8-8.4 %41.9Shradha Infraprojects Ltd
Steel Exchange11.4-8.4 %10.4Steel Exchange
Bilcare80.0-8.1 %73.5Bilcare
Techindia Nirman14.4-8 %13.3Techindia Nirman
Arfin India44.4-7.9 %40.9Arfin India
Torrent Pharma1937.8-7.8 %1785.8Torrent Pharma
Precot Meridian201.5-7.7 %186.0Precot Meridian
Baid Leasing39.0-7.6 %36.0Baid Leasing
Reliance Home Fin2.1-7.3 %1.9Reliance Home Fin
Coromandel Engg40.0-7.3 %37.1Coromandel Engg
Eurotex Ind and Exp11.2-7.1 %10.4Eurotex Ind and Exp
High Energy527.5-7.1 %490.0High Energy
Raunaq Auto1377.1-7.1 %1279.8Raunaq Auto
Lykis72.5-7 %67.4Lykis
MSR India10.0-7 %9.3MSR India
Indian Toners312.9-7 %291.0Indian Toners
Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Ltd245.7-6.8 %228.9Bombay Super Hybrid Seeds Ltd
Sharp India56.9-6.8 %53.1Sharp India
Gayatri Highways0.8-6.7 %0.7Gayatri Highways
Ganga Forging Ltd7.7-6.5 %7.2Ganga Forging Ltd
Orbit Exports176.5-6.1 %165.7Orbit Exports
Akar Auto Indus93.5-6 %87.9Akar Auto Indus
Megasoft46.7-6 %43.9Megasoft
Sadbhav Infra4.3-5.9 %4.0Sadbhav Infra
TIL290.5-5.8 %273.7TIL
Daikaffil Chem36.1-5.7 %34.0Daikaffil Chem
Niraj Cement Structurals Ltd37.2-5.6 %35.1Niraj Cement Structurals Ltd
ADC India Comm763.0-5.6 %720.2ADC India Comm
Suryalata Spg578.4-5.6 %546.2Suryalata Spg
Suvidhaa Infoserve Ltd4.6-5.5 %4.3Suvidhaa Infoserve Ltd
Marine Electricals (India) Ltd67.8-5.4 %64.2Marine Electricals (India) Ltd
Kamat Hotels214.8-5.4 %203.2Kamat Hotels
Jain Irrigation65.8-5.2 %62.3Jain Irrigation
Asahi Songwon242.1-5.2 %229.6Asahi Songwon
DB Realty158.3-5.1 %150.2DB Realty
Inditrade Capit56.1-5.1 %53.2Inditrade Capit
Jyoti Structure10.8-5.1 %10.3Jyoti Structure
Chaman Lal Seti213.2-5.1 %202.4Chaman Lal Seti
Veto Switchgears142.7-5 %135.5Veto Switchgears
Wall Street Fin55.7-5 %52.9Wall Street Fin
Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd212.9-5 %202.3Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd
Bhandari Hosier7.1-4.9 %6.8Bhandari Hosier
Freshtrop Fruit191.4-4.9 %182.0Freshtrop Fruit
Centum Electron1734.3-4.7 %1652.4Centum Electron
Power Finance270.1-4.7 %257.4Power Finance
Orient Bell475.3-4.7 %453.1Orient Bell
Kewal Kiran706.2-4.7 %673.3Kewal Kiran
One 97 Communications Ltd899.2-4.6 %857.4One 97 Communications Ltd
Majestic Auto191.8-4.6 %182.9Majestic Auto
ABB Power Products and Systems India Ltd4593.2-4.6 %4380.9ABB Power Products and Systems India Ltd
Arnold Holdings18.6-4.6 %17.8Arnold Holdings
Indian Bank395.3-4.6 %377.1Indian Bank
Deccan Gold87.8-4.6 %83.7Deccan Gold
Generic Eng Const and Projects Ltd50.1-4.6 %47.8Generic Eng Const and Projects Ltd
Deep Indu Ltd255.6-4.5 %244.1Deep Indu Ltd
Tijaria Polypipes5.6-4.5 %5.3Tijaria Polypipes
Airo Lam Ltd121.1-4.5 %115.6Airo Lam Ltd
Phyto Chem46.2-4.5 %44.1Phyto Chem
Ashima Limited13.5-4.4 %12.9Ashima Limited
Hisar Metal Ind194.3-4.4 %185.8Hisar Metal Ind
Elgi Rubber52.4-4.4 %50.1Elgi Rubber
Vimta Labs597.4-4.3 %571.5Vimta Labs
HPCL261.5-4.3 %250.3HPCL
Esab India5636.6-4.2 %5400.1Esab India
Rollatainers1.2-4.2 %1.2Rollatainers
Fervent Synergi18.4-4.1 %17.6Fervent Synergi
Premier Polyfilm112.8-4.1 %108.1Premier Polyfilm
Pritika Auto Indu Ltd22.1-4.1 %21.2Pritika Auto Indu Ltd
Loyal Equip140.6-4.1 %134.9Loyal Equip
Rishiroop139.8-4 %134.1Rishiroop
Flexituff Intl38.6-4 %37.1Flexituff Intl
Hitech Corp245.7-4 %235.9Hitech Corp
ICRA5943.3-3.9 %5708.7ICRA
Pressman Advt225.7-3.9 %216.9Pressman Advt
Ind-Swift Labs107.8-3.8 %103.7Ind-Swift Labs
Pro Fin Capital1.0-3.8 %1.0Pro Fin Capital
D-Link India339.5-3.8 %326.4D-Link India
Nagreeka Capital Infra17.0-3.8 %16.3Nagreeka Capital Infra
South (I) Paper117.5-3.8 %113.0South (I) Paper
Neuland Lab3942.3-3.8 %3792.0Neuland Lab
Sakar Healthcare Ltd366.4-3.8 %352.5Sakar Healthcare Ltd
Nandani Creation Ltd94.6-3.8 %91.0Nandani Creation Ltd
Union Bank89.5-3.8 %86.1Union Bank
Suryoday Small Fin Bank Ltd183.2-3.8 %176.2Suryoday Small Fin Bank Ltd
V2 Retail151.6-3.8 %145.9V2 Retail
Lyka Labs121.6-3.8 %117.0Lyka Labs
Munjal Auto Ind61.0-3.8 %58.7Munjal Auto Ind
Dynamic Ind65.4-3.7 %62.9Dynamic Ind
Dish TV18.8-3.7 %18.1Dish TV
Aries Agro191.8-3.7 %184.7Aries Agro
Surana Telecom Pow12.2-3.7 %11.8Surana Telecom Pow
Astral Poly Tec1984.2-3.7 %1911.1Astral Poly Tec
IOB31.3-3.7 %30.1IOB
Xchanging Sol94.5-3.7 %91.0Xchanging Sol
Indoco Remedies323.7-3.6 %311.9Indoco Remedies
Sandhar Technologie402.2-3.6 %387.5Sandhar Technologie
Yash Chemex72.5-3.6 %69.9Yash Chemex
Kamdhenu314.5-3.6 %303.1Kamdhenu
Kirloskar Bros861.4-3.6 %830.0Kirloskar Bros
Hindustan Media71.5-3.6 %68.9Hindustan Media
Apollo Pipes699.2-3.6 %673.8Apollo Pipes
Apollo Pipes Ltd700.3-3.6 %675.4Apollo Pipes Ltd
Tasty Bite Eatables17525.9-3.5 %16913.8Tasty Bite Eatables
Dr Reddys Labs5779.3-3.5 %5578.6Dr Reddys Labs
Oil India282.7-3.4 %273.1Oil India
UCO Bank32.3-3.4 %31.2UCO Bank
India Home Loan27.2-3.4 %26.3India Home Loan
Sawaca Fin0.9-3.4 %0.9Sawaca Fin
Sarda Plywood186.9-3.3 %180.7Sarda Plywood
Karnataka Bank225.6-3.3 %218.1Karnataka Bank
Int Conveyors Ltd87.3-3.3 %84.4Int Conveyors Ltd
Oriental Trimex7.6-3.3 %7.3Oriental Trimex
Intl Conveyor87.4-3.3 %84.5Intl Conveyor
Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd1999.1-3.3 %1933.6Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd
Fino Payments Bank Ltd367.6-3.3 %355.6Fino Payments Bank Ltd
Simplex Casting60.2-3.3 %58.3Simplex Casting
SMS Pharma132.9-3.2 %128.6SMS Pharma
Panacea Biotec139.4-3.2 %134.9Panacea Biotec
Globus Spirits921.8-3.2 %892.4Globus Spirits
VIP Industries682.0-3.2 %660.4VIP Industries
Jindal Worldwide401.4-3.2 %388.7Jindal Worldwide
STEL Holdings221.3-3.1 %214.4STEL Holdings
Prima Plastics146.5-3.1 %142.0Prima Plastics
Adani Green En979.5-3.1 %949.1Adani Green En
The Motor General Fin40.7-3.1 %39.5The Motor General Fin
Tanla Solutions997.3-3 %967.3Tanla Solutions
Greenlam Ind457.4-3 %443.7Greenlam Ind
Smartlink Net180.0-3 %174.6Smartlink Net
Star Paper215.2-3 %208.8Star Paper
IOC91.8-3 %89.1IOC
Pudumjee Paper Prod50.1-3 %48.6Pudumjee Paper Prod
Shree Rama Newspri13.5-3 %13.1Shree Rama Newspri
Mangalore Chem114.5-3 %111.1Mangalore Chem
HBL Power282.6-2.9 %274.3HBL Power
Indo Tech Trans459.2-2.9 %446.0Indo Tech Trans
Kingfa Science2458.3-2.8 %2389.3Kingfa Science
WPIL3143.8-2.8 %3055.7WPIL
63 Moons Tech343.6-2.8 %334.063 Moons Tech
Balkrishna Pap Mills28.7-2.8 %27.9Balkrishna Pap Mills
Essar Shipping14.4-2.8 %14.0Essar Shipping
Radaan Mediaworks1.8-2.8 %1.8Radaan Mediaworks
Xpro India953.5-2.8 %927.1Xpro India
Orient Paper50.8-2.8 %49.4Orient Paper
Rajesh Exports514.2-2.7 %500.1Rajesh Exports
Fortis Health333.5-2.7 %324.4Fortis Health
BDH Industries201.1-2.7 %195.7BDH Industries
HDFC Asset Mgmt Co2498.6-2.7 %2431.3HDFC Asset Mgmt Co
Mangalam Organics Ltd400.5-2.7 %389.8Mangalam Organics Ltd
Swelect Energy547.5-2.7 %532.8Swelect Energy
Insecticides519.8-2.6 %506.0Insecticides
ALLSEC Tech604.8-2.6 %588.8ALLSEC Tech
Wonderla639.9-2.6 %623.2Wonderla
Prakash Woollen27.7-2.6 %27.0Prakash Woollen
Vesuvius India3454.2-2.6 %3364.4Vesuvius India
DB Corp233.7-2.6 %227.7DB Corp
Apollo Micro Syst56.2-2.6 %54.7Apollo Micro Syst
Goodricke Group200.8-2.6 %195.6Goodricke Group
Vadilal Ind2698.5-2.5 %2631.4Vadilal Ind
Kohinoor Foods36.2-2.5 %35.3Kohinoor Foods
Archidply Ind68.7-2.5 %67.0Archidply Ind
Greenply Ind167.6-2.5 %163.5Greenply Ind
Samtex Fashions2.0-2.5 %2.0Samtex Fashions
ABC India98.4-2.4 %96.0ABC India
Satia Indu Ltd133.8-2.4 %130.6Satia Indu Ltd
Godrej Consumer1030.4-2.4 %1005.4Godrej Consumer
Computer Age Mgnt Serv Ltd2414.6-2.4 %2356.1Computer Age Mgnt Serv Ltd
Khadim India281.9-2.4 %275.1Khadim India
TRF235.9-2.4 %230.2TRF
Ingersoll Rand3265.7-2.4 %3187.8Ingersoll Rand
Viji Finance Limited2.1-2.4 %2.1Viji Finance Limited
Capital Trust94.9-2.4 %92.6Capital Trust
Alankit10.6-2.4 %10.3Alankit
N. B. I. Industrial Fin1783.7-2.4 %1741.4N. B. I. Industrial Fin
Prakash Pipes Ltd271.2-2.4 %264.8Prakash Pipes Ltd
Coastal Corp Ltd285.0-2.4 %278.3Coastal Corp Ltd
Premier2.2-2.3 %2.1Premier
De Nora India1666.5-2.3 %1627.8De Nora India
Aarvee Denim23.8-2.3 %23.2Aarvee Denim
Vipul15.2-2.3 %14.9Vipul
OK Play115.1-2.3 %112.5OK Play
Usha Martin Edu Sol4.4-2.3 %4.3Usha Martin Edu Sol
Gati150.5-2.3 %147.1Gati
HUL2563.6-2.3 %2504.8HUL
Supreme Ind4498.2-2.3 %4395.8Supreme Ind
Reliance2468.4-2.3 %2412.7Reliance
Ujjivan Financi489.7-2.3 %478.7Ujjivan Financi
Punjab Chemical1175.9-2.3 %1149.4Punjab Chemical
Keerti Knowledge and Skills Ltd71.4-2.2 %69.8Keerti Knowledge and Skills Ltd
Central Bank35.8-2.2 %35.0Central Bank
Shreyas Shippin346.0-2.2 %338.3Shreyas Shippin
Abbott India23221.0-2.2 %22704.7Abbott India
NDTV220.7-2.2 %215.8NDTV
Parsvnath9.2-2.2 %9.0Parsvnath
Stove Kraft Ltd537.3-2.2 %525.7Stove Kraft Ltd
Denis Chem Lab117.3-2.1 %114.8Denis Chem Lab
Sahyadri Ind430.5-2.1 %421.3Sahyadri Ind
Parag Milk Food203.5-2.1 %199.2Parag Milk Food
Malu Paper Mills35.9-2.1 %35.2Malu Paper Mills
Gold Line0.5-2.1 %0.5Gold Line
Swarnasarita28.8-2.1 %28.2Swarnasarita
Surana Solar24.4-2.1 %23.9Surana Solar
Bank of Mah39.2-2 %38.4Bank of Mah
Dynamatic Tech3944.0-2 %3863.9Dynamatic Tech
Honeywell Autom40207.3-2 %39397.6Honeywell Autom
SML Isuzu1331.1-2 %1304.3SML Isuzu
Ujjivan Small Fin Bank Ltd49.8-2 %48.8Ujjivan Small Fin Bank Ltd
Avon Life3.0-2 %3.0Avon Life
Intrasoft Tech131.5-2 %128.9Intrasoft Tech
Pioneer53.1-2 %52.1Pioneer
Umang Dairies76.3-2 %74.8Umang Dairies
Shri Dinesh Mil514.8-2 %504.7Shri Dinesh Mil
Ipca Labs884.0-1.9 %866.8Ipca Labs
Selan Explore355.1-1.9 %348.3Selan Explore
Ceat2299.8-1.9 %2256.1Ceat
Roto Pumps358.3-1.9 %351.5Roto Pumps
Kirl Electric113.5-1.9 %111.4Kirl Electric
Dynemic Product398.0-1.8 %390.7Dynemic Product
Touchwood Entertainment Ltd168.0-1.8 %164.9Touchwood Entertainment Ltd
Solara Active Pharma365.2-1.8 %358.5Solara Active Pharma
21st Cen Mgt19.1-1.8 %18.821st Cen Mgt
Adani Enterpris2495.8-1.8 %2450.1Adani Enterpris
Saksoft324.4-1.8 %318.6Saksoft
Ice Make Refrigeration Ltd500.1-1.8 %491.1Ice Make Refrigeration Ltd
Himatsingka Sei150.3-1.8 %147.6Himatsingka Sei
Globe Textiles (India) Ltd2.8-1.8 %2.8Globe Textiles (India) Ltd
Voltamp Trans5791.1-1.8 %5688.4Voltamp Trans
GeeCee Ventures186.2-1.8 %182.9GeeCee Ventures
Artson Engg144.7-1.8 %142.2Artson Engg
Blue Dart6394.5-1.8 %6282.3Blue Dart
Virat Crane40.4-1.7 %39.7Virat Crane
Kesar Petro5.8-1.7 %5.7Kesar Petro
BPCL350.3-1.7 %344.2BPCL
Prime Focus90.4-1.7 %88.8Prime Focus
Alkem Lab3677.8-1.7 %3614.8Alkem Lab
Religare Enterp234.2-1.7 %230.2Religare Enterp
Indag Rubber155.6-1.7 %152.9Indag Rubber
Colgate1972.4-1.7 %1939.4Colgate
JBM Auto1526.9-1.7 %1501.4JBM Auto
PC Jeweller27.0-1.7 %26.6PC Jeweller
PBM Polytex91.0-1.6 %89.5PBM Polytex
Elantas Beck7288.7-1.6 %7169.8Elantas Beck
PCS14.8-1.6 %14.5PCS
AU Small Financ737.6-1.6 %725.7AU Small Financ
JB Chemicals2841.9-1.6 %2796.2JB Chemicals
Hatsun Agro1199.9-1.6 %1180.9Hatsun Agro
Venus Remedies233.2-1.6 %229.6Venus Remedies
Bella Casa163.0-1.6 %160.5Bella Casa
Nila Spaces Ltd3.2-1.6 %3.2Nila Spaces Ltd
Ugro Capital Ltd304.3-1.5 %299.6Ugro Capital Ltd
Mirza Intl45.6-1.5 %44.9Mirza Intl
Vaishali Pharma Ltd127.3-1.5 %125.4Vaishali Pharma Ltd
Nahar Spinning275.7-1.5 %271.5Nahar Spinning
Novartis India722.6-1.5 %711.6Novartis India
Tanfac Ind1909.0-1.5 %1880.1Tanfac Ind
Oriental Aromatics Ltd394.0-1.5 %388.2Oriental Aromatics Ltd
Ganesh Housing434.7-1.5 %428.2Ganesh Housing
Ahluwalia720.7-1.5 %710.1Ahluwalia
TPL Plastech41.3-1.5 %40.7TPL Plastech
Hindustan Composites427.5-1.4 %421.4Hindustan Composites
Jayant Agro-Org207.7-1.4 %204.7Jayant Agro-Org
Ramky Infra565.3-1.4 %557.4Ramky Infra
Monte Carlo760.2-1.4 %749.6Monte Carlo
Castrol145.0-1.4 %143.0Castrol
Yuken India Ltd762.7-1.4 %752.2Yuken India Ltd
Pradeep Metals163.7-1.4 %161.5Pradeep Metals
Tyche Ind175.5-1.4 %173.1Tyche Ind
Nath Bio-Genes212.3-1.4 %209.4Nath Bio-Genes
Tamil Newsprint262.4-1.4 %258.8Tamil Newsprint
Metroglobal94.0-1.3 %92.7Metroglobal
Bannariamman2750.6-1.3 %2714.6Bannariamman
Divis Labs3636.5-1.3 %3589.3Divis Labs
Narayana Hruda1037.7-1.3 %1024.3Narayana Hruda
Avantel257.3-1.3 %254.0Avantel
Bombay Burmah992.2-1.3 %979.5Bombay Burmah
VBC Ferro46.4-1.3 %45.8VBC Ferro
Andrew Yule & Co Ltd27.7-1.3 %27.4Andrew Yule & Co Ltd
Jenburkt Pharma712.0-1.3 %703.0Jenburkt Pharma
Poly Medicure1412.0-1.3 %1394.4Poly Medicure
Dhanlaxmi Bank24.1-1.2 %23.8Dhanlaxmi Bank
Nestle22188.5-1.2 %21915.6Nestle
Univastu India Ltd94.7-1.2 %93.5Univastu India Ltd
Rupa and Comp268.9-1.2 %265.6Rupa and Comp
Zee Entertain265.8-1.2 %262.6Zee Entertain
Sandu Pharma56.8-1.2 %56.2Sandu Pharma
Cheviot Company1204.3-1.2 %1190.0Cheviot Company
Madras Fertilizers76.2-1.2 %75.3Madras Fertilizers
Mold-Tek Pack979.2-1.2 %967.7Mold-Tek Pack
Affle (India) Ltd1090.7-1.2 %1077.9Affle (India) Ltd
Pidilite Ind2527.9-1.2 %2498.3Pidilite Ind
Elegant Marble167.0-1.2 %165.1Elegant Marble
IDBI Bank60.8-1.2 %60.1IDBI Bank
Gujarat Apollo227.0-1.1 %224.4Gujarat Apollo
ILandFS Engg17.6-1.1 %17.4ILandFS Engg
Apollo Tyres389.2-1.1 %384.8Apollo Tyres
Godfrey Phillip2156.5-1.1 %2132.4Godfrey Phillip
Keerthi Ind134.0-1.1 %132.5Keerthi Ind
Jaysynth Dyestu78.1-1.1 %77.2Jaysynth Dyestu
Prakash Ind121.2-1.1 %119.8Prakash Ind
SNL Bearings347.7-1.1 %343.9SNL Bearings
Prime Securities149.7-1.1 %148.1Prime Securities
TTK Healthcare1184.8-1.1 %1171.8TTK Healthcare
Kaveri Seed550.9-1.1 %544.9Kaveri Seed
Bata India1702.4-1.1 %1684.2Bata India
Orchid Pharma561.5-1.1 %555.5Orchid Pharma
Orient Green PowerCo14.2-1.1 %14.0Orient Green PowerCo
Alpa Lab80.8-1.1 %80.0Alpa Lab
Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Ltd1740.4-1 %1722.2Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Ltd
Mahindra Holida401.7-1 %397.6Mahindra Holida
Isgec Heavy Engineering Ltd701.6-1 %694.4Isgec Heavy Engineering Ltd
Scooters India29.5-1 %29.2Scooters India
Akzo Nobel India2764.7-1 %2736.6Akzo Nobel India
ISGEC Heavy Eng702.5-1 %695.4ISGEC Heavy Eng
Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd138.9-1 %137.5Grauer & Weil (India) Ltd
Bharat Immuno22.9-1 %22.7Bharat Immuno
Ami Organics Ltd1329.3-1 %1316.0Ami Organics Ltd
Mrs. Bectors Food Specialities Ltd1051.5-1 %1041.0Mrs. Bectors Food Specialities Ltd
Themis Medicare1611.0-1 %1595.5Themis Medicare
Anupam Rasayan India Ltd1014.9-1 %1005.2Anupam Rasayan India Ltd
Vakrangee15.7-1 %15.6Vakrangee

Indian stock market 2023_WK35 Top Losers Stock market Data of India from Nifty – NSE, Sensex – BSE. * Data is Only for educational purpose, not for trading. Please verify Data with latest sources.
* Consult your financial advisor before trading or investing in any stock.

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