2023_WK36 Top Losers

Stock market Data of India from NSE/BSE.
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2023_WK36 Losers

01-09-2023_Fri — to — 08-09-2023_Fri

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NGL Fine Chem2294.3-12.9 %1997.9NGL Fine Chem
Ind-Swift Labs103.7-10.6 %92.7Ind-Swift Labs
Lykis67.4-10.2 %60.5Lykis
Sahara Housing82.9-9.6 %75.0Sahara Housing
PG Electroplast1997.0-9.6 %1805.9PG Electroplast
M.D. Inducto130.7-9.6 %118.2M.D. Inducto
ABM Int Ltd41.9-9.3 %38.0ABM Int Ltd
National Fittin131.7-9.3 %119.5National Fittin
Ndr Auto Components Ltd553.9-9.2 %503.0Ndr Auto Components Ltd
Setco Auto8.2-9.1 %7.5Setco Auto
Akg Exim Ltd28.9-8.8 %26.4Akg Exim Ltd
Pansari Developers Ltd114.1-8.6 %104.3Pansari Developers Ltd
Shree Ram Proteins Ltd1.8-8.6 %1.6Shree Ram Proteins Ltd
Bloom Dekor11.5-8.5 %10.5Bloom Dekor
Gufic Biosciences323.3-8.5 %295.8Gufic Biosciences
Mcleod24.8-8.5 %22.7Mcleod
Madhucon Proj6.0-8.4 %5.5Madhucon Proj
Ravinder Heights Ltd37.9-8.3 %34.8Ravinder Heights Ltd
Optiemus Infra360.3-7.9 %331.9Optiemus Infra
Sikko Indu Ltd65.3-7.8 %60.2Sikko Indu Ltd
EIH272.3-7.7 %251.3EIH
Indraprastha Medical179.0-7.5 %165.5Indraprastha Medical
Valson Ind27.3-7.5 %25.2Valson Ind
Manugraph Ind26.2-7.5 %24.2Manugraph Ind
Nitta Gelatin909.1-7.4 %841.4Nitta Gelatin
Lakshmi Elec1625.7-7.4 %1506.0Lakshmi Elec
Aakash Exploration Serv Ltd6.8-7.4 %6.3Aakash Exploration Serv Ltd
Vascon Engineers62.2-7.2 %57.7Vascon Engineers
Suryoday Small Fin Bank Ltd176.2-7.2 %163.6Suryoday Small Fin Bank Ltd
Supreme Engineering Ltd0.7-7.1 %0.7Supreme Engineering Ltd
Peninsula Land35.1-7.1 %32.6Peninsula Land
Kamadgiri131.8-7 %122.6Kamadgiri
Loyal Equip134.9-6.9 %125.5Loyal Equip
Apollo Sindoori Hotel1729.8-6.9 %1610.0Apollo Sindoori Hotel
Airo Lam Ltd115.6-6.9 %107.6Airo Lam Ltd
Take Solutions23.9-6.9 %22.2Take Solutions
Voltamp Trans5688.4-6.9 %5295.8Voltamp Trans
Apcotex Ind547.5-6.9 %509.8Apcotex Ind
NCC171.0-6.9 %159.2NCC
Skipper241.8-6.9 %225.2Skipper
Shankara Buildi905.7-6.9 %843.6Shankara Buildi
RKEC Projects Ltd75.4-6.8 %70.3RKEC Projects Ltd
Iris Business Serv Ltd110.1-6.6 %102.8Iris Business Serv Ltd
ILandFS Engg17.4-6.6 %16.2ILandFS Engg
MPL Plastics16.5-6.6 %15.4MPL Plastics
Lasa Supergenerics31.2-6.6 %29.2Lasa Supergenerics
Seya Indu Ltd25.5-6.5 %23.8Seya Indu Ltd
Lloyds Steels Ind42.9-6.4 %40.2Lloyds Steels Ind
Auto Corp Goa1545.0-6.3 %1447.1Auto Corp Goa
Ultracab India18.2-6.3 %17.1Ultracab India
Orient Press92.8-6.3 %87.0Orient Press
Singer India108.8-6.2 %102.1Singer India
Asian Hotel (E)158.8-6.1 %149.0Asian Hotel (E)
Premier Explo1149.9-6.1 %1079.8Premier Explo
Shemaroo Ent139.7-6.1 %131.2Shemaroo Ent
Action Const760.7-6.1 %714.4Action Const
KEI Industries2681.4-6.1 %2518.5KEI Industries
Nihar Info6.3-6.1 %5.9Nihar Info
Aaron Indu Ltd269.3-6 %253.0Aaron Indu Ltd
Hind Rectifiers378.8-6 %356.0Hind Rectifiers
Nitco21.0-6 %19.8Nitco
Chemcrux Enterp350.6-5.8 %330.1Chemcrux Enterp
Jet Airways64.4-5.8 %60.7Jet Airways
Hisar Metal Ind185.8-5.8 %175.0Hisar Metal Ind
Orient Cement199.9-5.8 %188.3Orient Cement
V2 Retail145.9-5.7 %137.5V2 Retail
Essar Sec10.2-5.7 %9.6Essar Sec
Balaji Telefilm71.4-5.7 %67.3Balaji Telefilm
Nandani Creation Ltd91.0-5.7 %85.9Nandani Creation Ltd
Oil Country19.6-5.6 %18.5Oil Country
Salzer Electro408.2-5.6 %385.4Salzer Electro
Siti Networks0.9-5.6 %0.9Siti Networks
Dangee Dums Ltd12.7-5.5 %12.0Dangee Dums Ltd
Servotech Power Systems Ltd86.3-5.4 %81.6Servotech Power Systems Ltd
Elecon Eng900.5-5.4 %851.5Elecon Eng
Hind Constr29.0-5.3 %27.5Hind Constr
Omkar Special8.5-5.3 %8.1Omkar Special
Marksans Pharma111.4-5.2 %105.6Marksans Pharma
Sunshield Chem907.1-5.2 %860.0Sunshield Chem
Future Market Net6.8-5.2 %6.4Future Market Net
Jai Corp241.7-5.2 %229.2Jai Corp
Celebrity Fashions19.6-5.1 %18.6Celebrity Fashions
Guj Auto Gears127.5-5.1 %121.0Guj Auto Gears
Oswal Agro Mills31.5-5.1 %29.9Oswal Agro Mills
Nirlon450.8-5.1 %428.0Nirlon
Titan Bio-Tech373.9-5 %355.1Titan Bio-Tech
Techindia Nirman13.3-4.9 %12.6Techindia Nirman
Bharat Bijlee4212.1-4.9 %4006.8Bharat Bijlee
Cera Sanitary9546.3-4.9 %9082.7Cera Sanitary
Indiabulls Hsg197.1-4.8 %187.6Indiabulls Hsg
Manappuram Fin151.8-4.7 %144.6Manappuram Fin
India Cements261.0-4.7 %248.7India Cements
SML Isuzu1304.3-4.7 %1243.4SML Isuzu
SKM Egg Product508.4-4.6 %484.8SKM Egg Product
Ultramarine443.9-4.6 %423.5Ultramarine
Jeevan Scient68.4-4.6 %65.3Jeevan Scient
Sagardeep Alloys Ltd26.2-4.6 %25.0Sagardeep Alloys Ltd
Vidhi Spec455.9-4.6 %435.1Vidhi Spec
Aegis Logistics368.5-4.5 %351.8Aegis Logistics
Lancor Holdings37.6-4.5 %35.9Lancor Holdings
Sanghvi Movers744.3-4.4 %711.4Sanghvi Movers
Shakti Pumps857.4-4.4 %819.6Shakti Pumps
Uflex472.7-4.4 %451.9Uflex
Hercules Hoists351.1-4.3 %335.9Hercules Hoists
Steel Exchange10.4-4.3 %10.0Steel Exchange
Avantel254.0-4.3 %243.0Avantel
Tourism Finance112.6-4.3 %107.8Tourism Finance
Gland Pharma Ltd1768.1-4.3 %1692.4Gland Pharma Ltd
Coral India Fin42.2-4.3 %40.4Coral India Fin
The United Nilgiri Tea343.8-4.3 %329.2The United Nilgiri Tea
Odyssey Tech71.5-4.2 %68.5Odyssey Tech
CG-Vak Software533.2-4.2 %510.6CG-Vak Software
Kerala Ayur134.8-4.2 %129.1Kerala Ayur
VST3652.4-4.2 %3498.3VST
Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Ltd1722.2-4.2 %1649.8Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Ltd
Royal Orchid311.4-4.2 %298.4Royal Orchid
Visaka Ind95.8-4.1 %91.9Visaka Ind
The Motor General Fin39.5-4.1 %37.9The Motor General Fin
63 Moons Tech334.0-4 %320.663 Moons Tech
Pitti Eng655.9-3.9 %630.1Pitti Eng
Confidence Petroleum India Ltd94.6-3.9 %90.9Confidence Petroleum India Ltd
Inditrade Capit53.2-3.9 %51.2Inditrade Capit
S Chand and Co293.5-3.9 %282.1S Chand and Co
IIFL Securities Ltd80.3-3.9 %77.2IIFL Securities Ltd
Lawreshwar Poly172.7-3.9 %166.0Lawreshwar Poly
Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd505.2-3.8 %485.8Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Ltd
Ador Welding1197.1-3.8 %1151.2Ador Welding
Suzlon Energy25.0-3.8 %24.1Suzlon Energy
Indian Hume285.5-3.8 %274.7Indian Hume
Timex Group Ind165.2-3.8 %159.0Timex Group Ind
LKP Finance106.0-3.7 %102.1LKP Finance
Pitti Engineeri654.7-3.7 %630.4Pitti Engineeri
DCM Shriram1034.6-3.7 %996.3DCM Shriram
Alkali Metals121.9-3.7 %117.4Alkali Metals
Anmol India Ltd43.5-3.7 %41.9Anmol India Ltd
Texmaco Infra85.0-3.6 %81.9Texmaco Infra
Kingfa Science2389.3-3.6 %2302.8Kingfa Science
Hindcon Chem Ltd144.5-3.6 %139.3Hindcon Chem Ltd
Ahlada Eng Ltd107.1-3.6 %103.3Ahlada Eng Ltd
Dharamsi Morarj353.8-3.6 %341.2Dharamsi Morarj
Shyam Telecom7.1-3.5 %6.9Shyam Telecom
Plastiblends237.8-3.5 %229.5Plastiblends
Antony Waste Handling Cell Ltd343.7-3.5 %331.8Antony Waste Handling Cell Ltd
Palred Technologies163.8-3.4 %158.2Palred Technologies
Chembond Chem412.0-3.4 %398.0Chembond Chem
Ausom Enterprise79.3-3.4 %76.6Ausom Enterprise
Medicamen Biotech Ltd723.3-3.4 %698.8Medicamen Biotech Ltd
Chembond Chem Ltd411.9-3.4 %397.9Chembond Chem Ltd
LG Balakrishnan1059.3-3.4 %1023.5LG Balakrishnan
Foods & Inns Ltd183.8-3.4 %177.6Foods & Inns Ltd
Generic Eng Const and Projects Ltd47.8-3.3 %46.2Generic Eng Const and Projects Ltd
D P Wires Ltd676.4-3.3 %653.9D P Wires Ltd
Banco Products515.3-3.3 %498.2Banco Products
Indo Tech Trans446.0-3.3 %431.2Indo Tech Trans
Lyka Labs117.0-3.3 %113.2Lyka Labs
Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd172.6-3.3 %166.9Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd
Share India Securities Ltd1403.6-3.3 %1357.9Share India Securities Ltd
A2Z Infra Eng10.8-3.3 %10.4A2Z Infra Eng
Kokuyo Camlin150.5-3.3 %145.6Kokuyo Camlin
Wall Street Fin52.9-3.3 %51.2Wall Street Fin
Tips Industries330.2-3.2 %319.5Tips Industries
Zota Health Care Ltd437.2-3.2 %423.2Zota Health Care Ltd
Kirloskar Ind3553.7-3.2 %3439.5Kirloskar Ind
Jagatjit Ind129.5-3.2 %125.4Jagatjit Ind
Windlas Biotech Ltd388.6-3.2 %376.2Windlas Biotech Ltd
STEL Holdings214.4-3.2 %207.6STEL Holdings
Everest Ind1210.1-3.2 %1171.8Everest Ind
NCL Industries238.2-3.1 %230.7NCL Industries
Multibase India249.9-3.1 %242.0Multibase India
Tyroon Tea92.5-3.1 %89.7Tyroon Tea
Railtel Corp Of India Ltd241.8-3.1 %234.3Railtel Corp Of India Ltd
NK Ind40.5-3.1 %39.2NK Ind
Prestige Estate668.5-3.1 %647.8Prestige Estate
SNL Bearings343.9-3.1 %333.3SNL Bearings
Tasty Bite Eatables16913.8-3 %16399.7Tasty Bite Eatables
KPIT Technologies Ltd1200.7-3 %1164.5KPIT Technologies Ltd
Motilal Oswal908.7-3 %881.4Motilal Oswal
Godavari Drugs108.6-3 %105.3Godavari Drugs
Spandana Sphoorty Fin Ltd819.5-3 %795.0Spandana Sphoorty Fin Ltd
Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd576.5-3 %559.3Shivalik Bimetal Controls Ltd
Bigbloc Construction171.0-3 %166.0Bigbloc Construction
Tamboli Capital157.8-2.9 %153.1Tamboli Capital
Pricol332.7-2.9 %322.9Pricol
Tarapur Transformers5.1-2.9 %5.0Tarapur Transformers
Foseco India3642.4-2.9 %3535.6Foseco India
S P Apparels583.3-2.9 %566.2S P Apparels
India Glycols769.7-2.9 %747.3India Glycols
Talbros Auto1050.8-2.9 %1020.4Talbros Auto
TVS Electronics385.8-2.9 %374.6TVS Electronics
Borosil Ltd431.3-2.9 %418.9Borosil Ltd
Krebs Biochem66.3-2.9 %64.4Krebs Biochem
Caplin Labs1096.3-2.9 %1064.9Caplin Labs
Kaya Limited368.9-2.8 %358.4Kaya Limited
Vesuvius India3364.4-2.8 %3269.2Vesuvius India
Jindal Poly Inv486.1-2.8 %472.4Jindal Poly Inv
Kajaria Ceramic1459.0-2.8 %1418.4Kajaria Ceramic
GRP Limited4021.7-2.8 %3910.0GRP Limited
Shivalik Bimeta577.0-2.8 %561.0Shivalik Bimeta
Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd481.0-2.7 %467.8Shyam Metalics and Energy Ltd
Flex Foods114.8-2.7 %111.7Flex Foods
Arvind175.5-2.7 %170.7Arvind
Sangam India345.2-2.7 %335.8Sangam India
Bajaj Holdings7340.8-2.7 %7141.8Bajaj Holdings
Shalibhadra Fin333.0-2.7 %324.0Shalibhadra Fin
JagranPrakashan107.9-2.7 %105.0JagranPrakashan
Archies28.3-2.7 %27.6Archies
Inox Wind206.1-2.6 %200.6Inox Wind
Reliance Home Fin1.9-2.6 %1.9Reliance Home Fin
Security Intelligence465.3-2.6 %453.1Security Intelligence
Patel Integrate17.3-2.6 %16.9Patel Integrate
Salasar Techno Eng54.1-2.6 %52.7Salasar Techno Eng
Gulf Oil Lubric585.1-2.6 %570.0Gulf Oil Lubric
Arvind SmartSpaces356.5-2.6 %347.3Arvind SmartSpaces
Indian Toners291.0-2.6 %283.5Indian Toners
Sarda Plywood180.7-2.6 %176.0Sarda Plywood
Cenlub298.7-2.6 %291.1Cenlub
Va Tech Wabag495.0-2.6 %482.4Va Tech Wabag
Man Industries179.1-2.5 %174.5Man Industries
Indag Rubber152.9-2.5 %149.1Indag Rubber
Bambino Agro329.4-2.5 %321.1Bambino Agro
Radha Madhav2.0-2.5 %2.0Radha Madhav
Sadbhav Infra4.0-2.5 %3.9Sadbhav Infra
Finolex Ind248.1-2.5 %241.9Finolex Ind
Pokarna578.1-2.5 %563.7Pokarna
DB Corp227.7-2.5 %222.0DB Corp
Makers Labs106.9-2.5 %104.3Makers Labs
Pondy Oxides485.4-2.5 %473.4Pondy Oxides
Suryaamba Spin182.5-2.5 %178.0Suryaamba Spin
Endurance Techn1659.6-2.5 %1618.9Endurance Techn
GSFC177.6-2.4 %173.3GSFC
Viji Finance Limited2.1-2.4 %2.0Viji Finance Limited
Neuland Lab3792.0-2.4 %3699.6Neuland Lab
Premier2.1-2.4 %2.1Premier
Avon Life3.0-2.4 %2.9Avon Life
Vikram Thermo117.1-2.3 %114.3Vikram Thermo
Solar Ind4753.4-2.3 %4641.8Solar Ind
Geojit Fin57.9-2.3 %56.5Geojit Fin
Mindteck146.2-2.3 %142.8Mindteck
Pasupati Acrylon Ltd38.7-2.3 %37.8Pasupati Acrylon Ltd
Sawaca Fin0.9-2.3 %0.8Sawaca Fin
Paushak Ltd6763.3-2.3 %6606.1Paushak Ltd
Natco Pharma902.6-2.3 %881.8Natco Pharma
RBL Bank238.1-2.3 %232.6RBL Bank
Heidelberg Cem192.3-2.3 %187.9Heidelberg Cem
TGB Banquets11.1-2.3 %10.8TGB Banquets
Repro India831.9-2.2 %813.4Repro India
Lokesh Machines183.8-2.2 %179.7Lokesh Machines
JK Tyre & Ind267.7-2.2 %261.8JK Tyre & Ind
Raj Television48.4-2.2 %47.4Raj Television
Taneja Aerospac290.6-2.2 %284.3Taneja Aerospac
Orchid Pharma555.5-2.2 %543.5Orchid Pharma
Accuracy Shipping Ltd9.4-2.1 %9.2Accuracy Shipping Ltd
Sterling And Wilson Solar Ltd378.0-2.1 %370.0Sterling And Wilson Solar Ltd
Ceat2256.1-2.1 %2208.7Ceat
Ador Fontech117.5-2.1 %115.0Ador Fontech
Anupam Rasayan India Ltd1005.2-2.1 %984.3Anupam Rasayan India Ltd
Kilburn Engg162.2-2.1 %158.8Kilburn Engg
Remsons Ind426.0-2.1 %417.2Remsons Ind
Phyto Chem44.1-2.1 %43.2Phyto Chem
Dynacons Sys Sol727.0-2 %712.2Dynacons Sys Sol
GNA Axles545.6-2 %534.5GNA Axles
BPL73.9-2 %72.4BPL
Mangalore Chem111.1-2 %108.8Mangalore Chem
Angel One Ltd1915.3-2 %1876.8Angel One Ltd
Rajshree Sugars57.7-2 %56.5Rajshree Sugars
WPIL3055.7-2 %2995.0WPIL
Ashiana Housing211.6-2 %207.4Ashiana Housing
Shanthi Gears492.2-2 %482.5Shanthi Gears
Agri-Tech (Ind)198.9-2 %195.0Agri-Tech (Ind)
DIC India473.2-1.9 %464.1DIC India
Rexnord Electro143.6-1.9 %140.8Rexnord Electro
Zydus Wellness1633.5-1.9 %1602.3Zydus Wellness
Centum Electron1652.4-1.9 %1621.0Centum Electron
Mayur Uniquoter563.5-1.9 %552.8Mayur Uniquoter
Concord Drugs36.5-1.9 %35.8Concord Drugs
Mukand186.0-1.9 %182.5Mukand
RS Software54.0-1.9 %53.0RS Software
Lakshmi Machine15132.4-1.8 %14855.1Lakshmi Machine
KNR Construct274.4-1.8 %269.4KNR Construct
Bhartiya International222.0-1.8 %218.0Bhartiya International
Essar Shipping14.0-1.8 %13.8Essar Shipping
Triton Valves1790.6-1.8 %1758.7Triton Valves
Rushil Decor308.4-1.8 %302.9Rushil Decor
Ramco System285.2-1.8 %280.2Ramco System
Apar Ind4957.4-1.7 %4870.8Apar Ind
Vama Ind4.6-1.7 %4.5Vama Ind
UFO Moviez112.1-1.7 %110.2UFO Moviez
Terai Tea Co73.1-1.7 %71.8Terai Tea Co
Ester Ind95.8-1.7 %94.1Ester Ind
HBL Power274.3-1.7 %269.6HBL Power
Patel Eng56.5-1.7 %55.6Patel Eng
VEDAVAAG System51.8-1.7 %51.0VEDAVAAG System
Sterling Tools375.1-1.7 %368.8Sterling Tools
MRPL96.4-1.7 %94.8MRPL
Swan Energy306.2-1.6 %301.2Swan Energy
Diligent Media Corp3.1-1.6 %3.0Diligent Media Corp
Kiri Industries276.6-1.6 %272.1Kiri Industries
Madhav Marbles49.3-1.6 %48.5Madhav Marbles
Gabriel India318.0-1.6 %312.9Gabriel India
Country Club Hos9.4-1.6 %9.2Country Club Hos
T T Limited100.0-1.6 %98.4T T Limited
Banaras Beads93.8-1.6 %92.3Banaras Beads
Bliss GVS97.6-1.6 %96.0Bliss GVS
Diamines Chem535.6-1.6 %527.1Diamines Chem
Craftsman Automation Ltd4895.3-1.6 %4817.8Craftsman Automation Ltd
Esab India5400.1-1.6 %5314.8Esab India
Jash Engineering Ltd1490.0-1.6 %1466.5Jash Engineering Ltd
Fino Payments Bank Ltd355.6-1.6 %350.0Fino Payments Bank Ltd
Narayana Hruda1024.3-1.6 %1008.2Narayana Hruda
VLS Finance214.1-1.6 %210.7VLS Finance
WH Brady366.2-1.6 %360.5WH Brady
Time Techno145.9-1.5 %143.6Time Techno
J Kumar Infra419.9-1.5 %413.5J Kumar Infra
Shree Hari Chem52.8-1.5 %52.0Shree Hari Chem
M&M1592.0-1.5 %1567.6M&M
Compuage Info13.4-1.5 %13.2Compuage Info
Menon Bearings153.9-1.5 %151.6Menon Bearings
Chemplast Sanmar Ltd528.6-1.5 %520.7Chemplast Sanmar Ltd
Sumit Woods Ltd30.5-1.5 %30.0Sumit Woods Ltd
Albert David795.4-1.5 %783.7Albert David
Simran Farms133.9-1.5 %131.9Simran Farms
Jullundur Motor79.6-1.4 %78.5Jullundur Motor
Premco Global443.9-1.4 %437.5Premco Global
Tanfac Ind1880.1-1.4 %1853.0Tanfac Ind
Ugro Capital Ltd299.6-1.4 %295.3Ugro Capital Ltd
Noida Toll7.0-1.4 %6.9Noida Toll
Tilaknagar Ind215.9-1.4 %212.9Tilaknagar Ind
B and A301.5-1.4 %297.3B and A
Panache Digilife Ltd81.9-1.4 %80.8Panache Digilife Ltd
Just Dial765.7-1.4 %754.9Just Dial
Ramky Infra557.4-1.4 %549.7Ramky Infra
Kriti Indu (India) Ltd110.3-1.4 %108.8Kriti Indu (India) Ltd
Madhya Bharat Agro Products Ltd635.9-1.4 %627.3Madhya Bharat Agro Products Ltd
Accelya Kale1594.6-1.4 %1573.0Accelya Kale
Seamec638.0-1.3 %629.4Seamec
TTK Healthcare1171.8-1.3 %1156.1TTK Healthcare
Shoppers Stop724.6-1.3 %715.0Shoppers Stop
NDTV215.8-1.3 %213.0NDTV
Grindwell Norto2251.1-1.3 %2222.3Grindwell Norto
RDB Realty50.2-1.3 %49.5RDB Realty
V-Mart Retail2254.7-1.3 %2226.4V-Mart Retail
ISMT Limited81.0-1.2 %80.0ISMT Limited
Krishana Phoschem Ltd430.9-1.2 %425.6Krishana Phoschem Ltd
Shree Pushkar217.6-1.2 %214.9Shree Pushkar
DCM78.1-1.2 %77.2DCM
MOIL242.6-1.2 %239.7MOIL
Insecticides506.0-1.2 %499.9Insecticides
EPC Irrigation127.8-1.2 %126.3EPC Irrigation
Prime Focus88.8-1.2 %87.8Prime Focus
Vaibhav Global449.4-1.2 %444.1Vaibhav Global
Patels Airtemp356.1-1.2 %351.9Patels Airtemp
Maxheights43.0-1.2 %42.5Maxheights
Apollo Pipes Ltd675.4-1.2 %667.6Apollo Pipes Ltd
Fluidomat359.1-1.1 %355.0Fluidomat
Blue Chip Tex145.0-1.1 %143.4Blue Chip Tex
Nitiraj Engineers Ltd107.1-1.1 %105.9Nitiraj Engineers Ltd
SVP Global Ventures Ltd9.0-1.1 %8.9SVP Global Ventures Ltd
J. K. Cement3341.0-1.1 %3303.9J. K. Cement
Intellect Desig733.1-1.1 %724.9Intellect Desig
BLB Limited22.7-1.1 %22.5BLB Limited
Axis Bank991.2-1.1 %980.3Axis Bank
NACL Ind82.3-1.1 %81.4NACL Ind
Akzo Nobel India2736.6-1.1 %2707.5Akzo Nobel India
India Pesticides Ltd296.6-1.1 %293.4India Pesticides Ltd
Pioneer52.1-1.1 %51.5Pioneer
La Opala RG432.2-1.1 %427.7La Opala RG
Aptech310.1-1 %306.9Aptech
Welspun Enter286.7-1 %283.7Welspun Enter
Shree Digvijay Cement Co.Ltd97.3-1 %96.3Shree Digvijay Cement Co.Ltd
Somi Conveyor68.4-1 %67.7Somi Conveyor
Mahindra EPC Irrigation Ltd127.7-1 %126.4Mahindra EPC Irrigation Ltd
CL Educate79.0-1 %78.2CL Educate
Polyplex Corp1223.4-1 %1211.1Polyplex Corp
Allcargo273.4-1 %270.8Allcargo
Equitas Small Fin Bank Ltd88.8-1 %88.0Equitas Small Fin Bank Ltd
Trigyn Tech130.7-1 %129.5Trigyn Tech
Bajaj Steel1087.7-1 %1077.3Bajaj Steel

Indian stock market 2023_WK36 Top Losers Stock market Data of India from Nifty – NSE, Sensex – BSE. * Data is Only for educational purpose, not for trading. Please verify Data with latest sources.
* Consult your financial advisor before trading or investing in any stock.

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